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RP Max Reviews

By: EHPlabs

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RP Max is a Thermogenic Weight Loss Product manufactured by EHPlabs. It increases the body's temperature and raises metabolism, helping to burn more calories and assist with fat loss.
(Out of 10, after 1 review)


  May 17, 2018

  • Excellent Focus
  • Good Energy
  • Half-decent Pump
  • Increased Energy
  • Good Value
  • Prop Blend
  • Taste Gets Bad
Quick summary:

An underwhelming profile stuck in the almost-extinct prop blend world that surprisingly delivers excellent focus and a decent pump.


Good evening SR community, today I will be reviewing my first bounty product which is an EHP Labs preworkout product called RP Max. There's currently a bit of a void in the EHP Labs section of, so I thought seeing I found a decent deal on RP Max I would pick it up and help out. To be honest the profile of RP Max did not excite me at all, I mean 4215mg of a prop blend as a pre workout in 2018, no one should really get excited about that these days. On the other hand, I like to give stuff a chance, and I had a bit of a gap between PWOs in my supp cabinet so why not hey?


You really cant give RP Max much more than that based on the back of the label. They've done the old list the amount of sodium, a few vitamins n stuff at the top, then bang out the prop blend and throw all the stuff that does something in there with no amounts. I do find it amusing that for all the ingredients they've actually listed the amounts on, they've done the amounts per serving and also per 100g, just in case you wanted to know how much you'd be taking if you wanted to die, or something. Anyway, about the prop blend. Well it's 4215mg, and you look at the first 2 ingredients (Carnosyn and Taurine) and you instantly think yup, this gon be under-dosed hard. Without knowing how much of each ingredient is in there it's impossible to confirm, but you do the sums and it works out (or doesn't). Anyway, the stuff that's in there is good, Carnosyn and Taurine as mentioned above, Choline Bitartrate, L-Tryosine, Caffeine and a few stim/focus things like guarana, yerba mate and black pepper extract. The interesting this is that Vit C, Biotin, Niacin, B6, Thiamin, Riboflavin, B12 and Folic Acid are listed in the prop blend, but their amounts are listed above the prop blend. Strange and I don't really have an answer as to why that's be done like that. In closing, underwhelming.

TASTE - 6/10

I had the Citrus Margarita flavour. It was very chemical and seemed to get worse and worse as I went through the tub. It was average to start with, and was a chore to down by the end of the tub. I was happy to move on from it. There was a slight chemical after taste.


When mixed in a shaker cup I found there was a few undissolved bits at the bottom, which was unfortunate. I also found that the product would froth up a little bit, despite there being no Leucine in the formulation, so you needed to wait a minute or 2 before downing to get the whole purchase down.


I have an accurate set of scales in the kitchen, so I always weight out my stuff. The scoop size is spot on, 6.5g was a level scoop. I started with just under a scoop, and ended up on a heaped scoop, which got me in the spot. I would take RP Max about 20-30mins before working out, although I did seem to get better results if I gave it an extra 5-10mins to kick in before I hit the gym.


FOCUS - 9.5/10

So RP Max is legit when it comes to focus. This is without doubt the most impressive component to this PWO, and surprisingly so. The combination of stimulants and focus ingredients really dialled me in to my workouts. I was zoned into whatever I had to do in that particular workout, in a way I haven't felt from a PWO for a while. I wouldn't say it was DMAA type focus, but certainly punching well above its weight in terms of what the ingredient profile offered on face value. Focus was sustained throughout the workout and beyond, excellent.

ENERGY - 8/10

Whilst the focus was really impressive, the energy was just good. 20-30mins after taking RP Max I could feel myself 'wake up' and be ready for gym. The energy was probably not as long-lasting as I would have liked, I would get about an hour out of it before I would start to wind down, which wasn't too bad as my focus was still firing, but I could feel the energy levels slowly dying down.

PUMP - 8/10

This was really surprising to be honest. I had a half-decent pump from RP Max. Now, I will admit that at times I did mix up my PWOs, so I would take RP Max on most days but some days I would take a full-spectrum PWO which included significant pump ingredients, so potentially there may be some carryover there, but the pump was so consistent through the tub of RP Max I have to attribute at least some of this to it. I also think the Focus element helped a lot with the pump, as I was dialled in to bashing my muscles and that always helps with a good pump regardless of if there are pump ingredients or not.

ENDURANCE - 8.5/10

Taking into account Focus and Energy and endurance was pretty good. It wasn't outstanding and after 90mins of hard work I was pretty shot and didn't really feel like going back for more, but RP Max did get me through the 90mins I needed to be there. There was some drop off towards the end of my workout through.

VALUE - 8.8/10

RP Max can be found in a few places online for around the $50 mark, less with discount coupons and deals. Based on that price and the fact you get 50 servings from a tub (and don't need to double dose really) that's pretty good value. I wanted to give value a 9/10 but with the profile I just couldn't, so 8.8 it is. In Australia you're paying around $60-70 a tub.


None to report, no issues with the toilet after taking or anything else nasty. If I took too much I'd over stim myself but that's my issue not a fault of the product.

RP Max really surprised me with its effectiveness in terms of focus and unbelievably, pump. I have not felt the kind of focus RP Max gave me for a while, and all from a prop blend profile that seemed seriously under-dosed. For the price you pay for RP Max you're looking at close to $1/serving, which is pretty good value in my opinion. RP Max would be a great PWO to keep in your stash for when you want something different, or when you need some serious focus for that big squat or deadlift day. It would also be a really good base to stack with a pure pump product to really push you in your workout. Would I buy RP Max with my own money? As a backup PWO or something to switch it up, yeah I would. It would be a good tub to have in the stash for when I needed something different and 50 servings means it'll last ages. Would I recommend this product to a friend? Yes, it's a great product that gives you 50 servings and even though it's in a prop blend it really works.
  • Citrus Margarita: 7/10

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