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Buzz is a Pre-Workout manufactured by EHPlabs. It is designed to help provide a pre-training advantage by increasing mental focus, muscle performance, endurance and blood flow. This creates an environment optimal for increasing muscle mass and losing body fat.

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Rep: +111
Trust: 100%
  November 16, 2013

Hey everyone, I'm super late in writing this review! I started graduate school this fall, and I've been adjusting to a new school and new city since the end of July. I was graciously given the opportunity to review this supplement by Stas Christos of EHP Labs, and I certainly owe him a shout out. Just to put this out there, I wasn't paid or swayed to write this review or to say any scripted lines. He wanted my honest opinion, and even sent me two tubs of BUZZ to make sure I could give a thorough opinion. All right, let's cut to the chase!

Results (8.5/10): Many of us know that it is difficult to measure the effects of most supplements, so I decided to measure my results with the success that I experienced whilst taking this PWO. I had a number of PR's during the 2 months that I ran this. Granted, I was also bulking, but the numbers speak for themselves I suppose. The most noteworthy PR was in the deadlift department with about 20lbs added to the bar overall. I also finally reached my goal of a 315lb squat, which was a goal I had been chasing unsuccessfully for a few months.

Taste (9.5/10): Taste is going to be something that varies between people, but I loved the Raging Red Raspberry flavor. It was strong and tangy, which I know not everyone will like. The important things that everyone can probably appreciate is that it is not chalky, underwhelming in flavor, or plagued with foam/residue.

Since I've tried this flavor they have come out with more, so now there are options to fit everyone's taste preferences. The new flavors are Watermelon and Blueberry Magic.

Mixability (10/10): There were no issue mixing this product, although that's not too surprising these days. It seems like the days of clumps are dissipating, and no one is mad about that!

Value (9/10): Well, I'm giving this supplement a high score in value because I was sent two tubs for free. However, EHP Labs is a smaller company, so it looks like a tub will run you about $50. As this company grows, and I'm sure they will as they are repping some great athletes and making big EXPO appearances, the prices will come down as they expand. But, hey PWOs tend to be pricy as it is.

Overall (8/10): I liked this product because it provided a "clean" energy for my workouts. This honestly came as a surprise to me because I am very stimulant tolerant, so I tend to use more potent PWO's, but the mental focus was good enough to negate my need for stimulants. This is certainly product that avoided being chock full of overwhelming stimulants. I know some people prefer the stimmed out feeling, but if you prefer more of a mental focus, then give BUZZ a shot. If I had one critique, I would add more beta-alanine, but that's strictly a personal preference because I love the tingles. I never experienced a crash or lapse in focus while taking this, and I would easily refer this product to a friend and try it again myself.

Keep you eyes out for EHP labs. They've grown a lot in the short period of time since I was taking BUZZ. Once again, I have to give big thank you to Stas Christos for giving me this opportunity. This is a nice product that I don't mind putting my name behind due to the great results I experienced, and I can't say that about every product out there.

  • No Crash
  • Zero Sugars And Carbs
  • Tunnel Vision Focus
  • Huge Strength
  • Good Taste
  • Clean Energy
  • But Good Servings
  • Pricey
Rep: +36
Trust: 32%
  February 16, 2013

I enjoy using my supplements from test boosters, tribulus, whey proteins, zma, gaba, pre workouts, fat burners, amino acids at various stages of my training. I heard a lot about this pre workout and had to give it a go. After trying it I had to log my opinion. I have gone through a few pre workouts Jack3d, Black Powder, DY Knox Pump, Mesomorph, Neurocore, Craze, ON Amino Energy, No-xplode, Superpump Max, Xpand, coffee's even done the old red bulls before training trick few times. All had their pro"˜s and con's. I like cycling my pre workouts so I don't get immune to the stimulants and caffeine. I was on Keto so I wanted something strong to pick me up before a session and 0cal 0sugar 0carb etc so my local supplement shop advised me to try this new product on the market because the ingredients looked great with added DAA for pre workout testosterone stimulation, good energy ingredients but also quality nitric oxide pump ingredients too. Also being a big fan of Max Philisaire who was on the BUZZ poster made it an easy decision to say yes :)

----Taste / Mixability----: 9/10
I bought the Red Rasberry flavor, 2 scoop straight up in my shaker bottle with 200mL water, quick shake. No residue around bottle, powder mixed good no clump or hard balls / grains. Took one sip to taste to check for bitter after taste. There was no after taste, not too sweet, yellowie dark colour. Drank the rest, went down no trouble. Taste was not bad for a pre workout, I just have to look back to the no-xplod, knox pump, mesomorph, craze disgusting flavors and after taste. This was easy.

----Energy-----: 9/10
Took this about 20min before session, after about 10-15min I felt up beat, the energy kicking in, picked up my mood and was itching to go train. It didn't come on like a ton of bricks, it just picked up nicely. Energy really kicked in during session, felt like I was flying good energy hit, it really drove me through session and was gee'ing me up to press more and more, it had me in the zone, focus was good and I wanted to just keep training. For example a simple biceps session for me goes for 45min, I trained them for 1hr30min very hard without noticing. I just wanted to keep pressing and pressing. Very similar energy like jack3d, mesomorph and craze, feelsgoodman.

----Pump / Vascularity----: 9/10
In the gym the first thing I noticed after warm up and first exercise was the pump, my veins and vascularity was insane and nice tingles. My working muscles were really pumped up with blood and were swollen. Something dymatize xpand and nutrabolics swollen gave me but at a higher level. The sensation would usually last well after I finished exercising too. This must have good dosages of Agmatine, AAKG and Creatine Nitrate for that pump/vascularity and also good beta alanine dosage for the tingles. I think the betain must be betain nitrate too.

----Strength----: 8/10
The energy from this pre workout made me feel strong, long lasting energy, but clean energy. Not the high smack feeling. I really liked it, I felt like I could keep throwing weights around. I literally was pressing more from feeling good, pumped and highly energized. I am on Keto so testosterone levels are already high with high fats but the DAA and Creatine HCL were doing a great job upping my strength, drive and endurance.

----Focus----: 8/10
This is an important factor when I chose a pre workout, I like to have that focus, in zone feeling. BUZZ was great, training was intense and felt like I was there for business. Great focus and drive. Literally keep training forever.

----Dosage / Tolerance----: 8/10
Tub is 300g and it states 1 serving is 10g. I was told by Tony at my local supplement shop scooper in BUZZ is like 5g, so 2 scoops is 1 serving. 2 Scoops gives you an amazing hit, but if you want a lighter session, just go with 1 scoop and this will last you 60 serves!!

----After session feeling----: 9/10
I was waiting for that crap, come down hit that Craze, mesomorph and no xplod gave me but it never did. Even after 3-4 scoops towards the end I felt fine. I usually train in the mornings, getting through the day was no problem. Even my evening sessions I had no problem with sleep. Similar with MuscleTech Neurocore which I liked and didn't make me come down, the Rhodiola in Neurocore and BUZZ works wonders for that feeling after a workout and also cortisol control.

-----Overall Effectiveness----: 9/10
This is a great pre workout, reliable and well worth trying and giving it a go considering there are so many pre workouts out there guaranteed dis n dat, but this BUZZ is the real deal it felt great, long lasting clean energy and hands down anyone else trying this will be impressed. Would definitely try again and use the other flavors. Keen to see what this Blue Magic flavor tastes like. The ingredients say its pomegranate flavor...interesting.
  • Clean Energy
  • Increased Energy
  • Zero Sugars And Carbs
  • No Crash
  • Tunnel Vision Focus
  • Huge Strength
  • No Reflux
  • Good Texture
  • Good Taste
  • Vascularity
  • Big Pumps
  • Pricey
  • But Good Servings

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