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Endure Reviews

By: eFlow Nutrition


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Endure is a BCAA/Intra-Workout manufactured by eFlow Nutrition. BCAA is short for branched chain amino acids. They are the building blocks of protein and can increase protein synthesis, muscle recovery and endurance during workouts and have also been shown to reduce body fat.
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  August 21, 2017

  • Better Hydration
  • Reduced Muscle Fatigue
  • Improves Recovery
  • Increased Energy
  • Builds Muscle


    First off I want to thank EFlow Nutrition for letting me have the chance to give this product a try. I was checking out their product line and they were willing to send me this to try if I would do a review for it and then possible send me more products later on to review for them. I was more than happy to give this a try and do a review for it because I am always up for trying different amino products. I would like to see them put some of their products on the trooper program so others can have the chance to try them.

    Ingredient Profile

    This is broke down into two categories. First you get Warrior BCAA Matrix 3:1:1 5,000mg and then you get Warrior Endure Matrix 3,100mg. I posted the ingredient profile below so you can see what's in both of these two sections. In the BCAA matrix the amount of Leucine they use I think is a decent amount. The Isoleucine and Valine I think are just a little low on dosage and would like to see the dosage upped a little on both of them. In the Warrior Endure Matrix There are four ingredients they use. I really like what they have in this but I feel the dosages they use is a low on each ingredient and would like to see each of these upped a bit. A little improvement on the ingredient profile I think would only help make this a better product


    This comes in 4 flavors Watermelon, Raging Rocket Pop, Warrior Gummy Bear and their new flavor Sour Warrior Gummy Bear. I requested the Warrior Gummy Bear and that is what I was sent. This reminded me more of a blue raspberry taste to it. I did notice the gummy bear taste but it was not very strong like and there was a little bit of a chemical taste I noticed also. It was decent on flavor I thought but nothing that really wowed me in terms of tasting amazing. You should have no problem at all drinking this but there were just some small things about this flavored I noticed but would not be enough to stop me from wanting to have this flavor again.

    Mixing was very good. There is a little bit of foam you get when mixed. When mixed this has a light blue color to it. Everything in this seemed to mix well and no left over little pieces to deal with. I normally take my aminos during my workout. I would do just one scoop each time but with some of the dosages being a little on the low side I could see doing 11/2 to 2 scoops instead of 1 scoop. You could take this pretty much whenever you wanted but I think aminos are best to take during your workouts. If you feel you need some extra recovery then go ahead and take them whenever it is you need more of them.


    Overall I felt my recovery was improved and better with this. I won't say it was amazing on my recovery but it did help me. I felt less issues with any DOMs that I might get from some of my more intense workouts and if I did notice them later on it was a lot less and my soreness would not last as long. I felt I was able to keep and gain more muscle mass. I felt this helped me make some good gains on my lifts and made me feel a lot better when working out. The amount of time it usually takes me between sets I feel was a lot shorter because of how I felt and was more ready a lot quicker which was nice. I also noticed a lot less muscle fatigue between sets. Usually when I go real quick between sets it's harder for me to do all the sets because I get a lot of muscle fatigue in my muscles but not so much with this. I noticed after I would start to drink this I really went through it a lot faster and had to keep filling up my shaker bottle when I would get about half way through my shaker bottle. I really liked the fact this caused me to drink a lot more water because lately I have not been drinking that much water and need to be doing that especially with all the different supplements I take. The reason I could tell I was drinking a lot more water was because later on I would have to make a lot of trips to the bathroom which I did not like lol.

    I love the glutamine they use in this for recovery and to help with your immune system but I feel the amount they use is a little on the low side. I think if they could up this a bit it would really improve this a lot more. I am glad to see they use this but just need a little more of it to be more effective. The rest of the ingredients they use in this I feel helped me more with pumps. I don't feel the pumps were really improved that much more to where I could feel them start to hurt like but just made them last a little longer so I could still feel some kind of pump. I felt this was pretty good on my stomach and never caused me any unwanted stomach issues. Even with drinking a lot more water I did not notice a lot of extra bloating in my stomach which was nice. Usually when I start to drink a lot of excess water I start to bloat a lot more but not so much with this.


    The cheapest I could find this was on for $36.99 for 30 servings. On EFlow's website they want $39.99. I think the $36.99 price is ok. I would like to see it lowered to around low 30's at most. If they upped some of the dosages a bit then I could see the price being just a little higher. I would like to see a few more sites start carrying this produce line because then it would help lower the price a little.

    Side Effects

    Nothing I noticed.


    I thought overall this was a decent product. This was nothing that really wowed me in terms of effectiveness but did help me get the job done. I think the overall ingredient profile for this is pretty good for what's all in this but just need to up some of the dosages a bit more. I think with a little tweeking of the ingredient profile would only help to improve this a little more. I feel this is worth giving a try at least once. I would also like to see some more sites start carrying this product line because it's not widely available to purchase. Again I want to give a big shout out to EFlow Nutrition for making this product and letting me try it.
    • Warrior Gummy Bear: 7/10

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    • Wis3guy
      Rep: +3,099
      August 22, 2017

      Nice review, and description of how it effected you.

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