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Ursobolic is a Health Product manufactured by E-pharm. It is meant to improve the health of the body at the micronutrient/mineral level.

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The supplement industry is notorious for misleading marketing and misinformation.

Rep: +6,973
Trust: 100%

  August 18, 2012

Ursobolic is E-Pharm/Patrick Arnold's extract of ursolic acid (UA). The promised benefits of UA: a plant-based non-hormonal fat burner, muscle builder, anti-catabolic, and estrogen controlling recomp agent.

However, what isn't always pointed out is that UA has absolutely TERRIBLE absorption and bio-availability when taken orally.

----- Dosage 6/10 -----
The bottle lists dosage as 3-6 caps, 3 times daily. For best results, you really have to take 18 caps dosed 6/6/6 with a meal containing at least some fat since UA is fat-soluble. Taken as such, each bottle lasts 1 week. Since it is non-hormonal there is no need to cycle off, but most people will use 4 bottles and do a 1 month run.

-----Effectiveness 8/10 -----
The effects that I saw were not so much in the leaning out category but more like the results I saw from ecdysterones - increased muscle density/hardness, increased definition and a slight increase in muscle/strength.

While I didn't see much fat loss, it did let me eat larger meals; sometimes with some pretty crappy foods and not add fat. And this is no small benefit so that alone makes UA very useful; perhaps perfect for a lean bulk.

----- Value 6/10 ------
You can score a bottle for anywhere from $13 - $15 bucks online. But becuase of the really poor absorption and the need to take 18 pills per day, one month will run you somewhere in the $50-60 dollar range. That's just too high for me to rate it well.

----- Overall 7/10 -----
I'll balance the benefits of UA against the poor delivery of oral pills and give it a 7. Personally I think that UA is well worth experimenting with, however, even Patrick Arnold has moved to a topical product called UR Spray offered by his boutique company, Prototype Nutrition. This form overcomes the poor bio-availability issues and as a result I would recommend trying the spray form before spending the money on the caps.

So I'm giving this a no-buy rating because for basically the same price and the same manufacturer, you can get a form that is much more effective.

  • Builds Muscle
  • Recomp Effect
  • Poor Value
Rep: +6
Trust: 0%
  May 5, 2012

Care for a female perspective on Ursobolic? Here's one!

This is the second time I'm taking Ursobolic, so you could say I'm a happy customer. First of all, a word of warning: do NOT take (or let your girlfriend take) Ursobolic while on the birth control pill, because you might be having babies... How do I know? Let's just say that, when you've been on it for a week, the same thing happens as when you stop taking the pill... I don't know why this is the case, but I assume it's because it changes your hormone levels.

Now, Im 5'3'' and wheigh about 120 pounds now and I've been taking 12 caps a day (3x4). Why? Dunno... Just made sense: 120 caps per bottle equals a bottle for ten days and for me, 1 cap per 10 pounds of bodyweight. I have no trouble at all swallowing the caps and have not experienced these "smokey burps" everyone talks about. I religiously take them in the middle of my meal that always contains a little fat (mostly olive oil in the cooking process).

What did Ursobolic do for me last time and what is it doing again? I do not lose more than two pounds of weight while slimming down spectacularly. I don't think it means that I'm gaining so much muscle, but I do feel my -tiny little- muscles changing. I think that is beacuse of the increased glycogen storage in the muscles. Because of this, I feel much "stronger" and active.

Next to that, I'm absolutely convinced Ursobolic works as a mood enhancer: about half an hour after taking the caps, I clearly feel happy and excited.

Another pro for me is the fact that it suppresses my appetite, but that does not really kick in to the full effect before taking it for about 3-4 weeks. Overall, I would say that Ursobolic works better the longer you take it.

The price is pretty okay: here in Belgium I can buy 3 bottles for about 37 dollars, this lasts me for 30 days.

In short, Ursobolic helps me to lose fat much faster while on a diet with rather few calories (between 800-1100 a day) without losing (much) muscle. It makes me feel happy and active and suppresses my appetite. Everything you could wish for in a supplement for a diet!
  • Increased Energy
  • Good Value
  • Maintained Strength
  • Lost Body Fat
    Rep: +1,058
    Trust: 100%
      April 10, 2012

    Man, I'm really starting to dig this product!

    Ursobolic is simply a supplement which contains a quality extract of Ursolic Acid. There is a lot of research behind Ursolic Acid, but the parts we are concerned about is what benefits it can provide to bodybuilders. Usolic acid was found to be a weak aromatase inhibitor, and it has been found to reduce muscle atrophy and to stimulate muscle growth in mice.
    My reasoning for using this product was to keep as much muscle from my PH cycle, and to lean out a bit.

    Pill Size/Taste/Dosage : 7/10 - The pills are half red/half black, do not have a taste or aftertaste, and are normal sized. The issue I had with this product was how vague E-pharm is with the dosing protocol. The bottle says 3-6 pills a day, three times a day. But thats a big difference for me, 9 pills compared to 18 pills. And at that dosage, a bottle lasts 7 days... no joke. But that is what I took, 18 pills a day, 6 pills with every meal.

    Effectiveness : 9/10 - I'm giving this product a really high rating, but I want to come out and say that I did take this with raspberry ketones, but some may argue that shouldn't be too much of a factor anyways. Also the first 10 days I was taking a thermogenic product, but it proved out to be bunk anyways.
    Something I noticed around day 5 was my physique was starting to look better. It was strange, because I would wake up in the mornings looking lean and cut,but as the day progressed, that went away.
    So I went through a bottle the first week, thinking "Is this going to be worth at at 15 bucks a week?" but I kept going.

    The end of week two is when I became a believer. In a two week span, I lost 2 pounds, all fat. My arms were becoming more defined, and I was really tripping out if this was all from the ursobolic or not. Regardless, I bought 3 more bottles to continue it.

    So today is a full month of taking ursobolic at 18 caps per day, and I must say, I think I'm going to order some more, because it is seriously helping me get rid of some excess body fat around my hips, and my diet is kind of wack right now, but yet I'm not losing muscle or getting fat. Apparently Patrick Arnold took it all summer long when he wasn't working out and was eating like crap, but maintained his build throughout that time through the use of ursolic acid. But then again, it is his product, he can say whatever he wants about it.

    Value : 6/10 - It does cost around 12-15 bucks a bottle online, and you have to take 18 pills a day to perhaps see the results that I did. People have argued on online forums how E-Pharm needs to just make it a bulk powder or make it cheaper, but UA is hygroscopic, so it needs to be in a pill form to avoid moisture retention apparently.

    Overall : 9/10 - I know this is a really high rating, especially coming from an Expert Reviewer, but this product works for me. I am debating on purchasing more and taking it for a couple months to see where it can take me. This product is great for retaining lean mass, helped me with shedding some fat, and it allows me to hold on to strength gains even through a cutting cycle where I was lifting a lot less than usual. This product had me seeing results fairly early on, but I have a friend who is also taking it and he is just now seeing results after 5 weeks. So the dosage is high, the price is decent, but the results are worth it in my opinion.
    • Builds Muscle
    • Recomp Effect
    • Maintained Strength
    • Lost Body Fat
    • Too Many Pills
    Rep: +87
    Trust: 100%
      March 1, 2012

    Ursobolic Acid is billed as a recompositioning agent that works by enhancing the expression of muscular IGF-1 gene.

    I dosed UA at 10 caps/day. Four with breakfast, two with lunch, and four with dinner. I did 3 full bottles for a total of 36 days - just over 5 weeks. I did a 4 day/week split with about 3 hours cardio spread out over 6 days in the week.

    Taste 7/10
    As they're capsules, there was no taste. But, I did experience "smokey burps" quite often. Once, I even mistakenly thought my shirt was smoldering. Quite embarrassing.

    Value 7/10
    I got these from Lockout Supps on a special for about $13/bottle. Regular price was $13.95 at Lockout last time I checked. The bottle price wasn't bad, but at 10 caps/day, it wasn't cheap either.

    Results 8/10
    First let me say that I've been tracking my food intake for over a year now. I've found it to be the most helpful thing I do to help with my fitness. I'm no saint with my diet. I do indulge from time to time. But, in general, I have no problem controlling my caloric intake. But, while on UA, I could not control my appetite. I ate on average about 400 calories a day more than my target. I was very surprised that my weight did not change at all over the 5 week cycle. Furthermore, my body fat reduced by 1% (body calipers). I did feel that my upper body seemed slightly more defined. While I think that a one percent BF reduction over 5 weeks is very possible without UA, I don't think I would have been able to do it while eating as much as I did.

    I can't say from my results alone that UA was responsible for my recomp, but if enough people have similar results, I'd be willing to give it another try. I would recommend an appetite supressant if anyone wants to run this.
    • Recomp Effect
    • Felt Relaxed
    • Too Many Pills
    Rep: +27
    Trust: 33%
      November 4, 2011

    Well I finished my first bottle at 3 caps, 3 times per day w/ food and I would have to say that I am a believer!

    Every since I started this supp. I have felt an over all feeling of well-being and would have to say that I have deffinatly noticed an increase in my overall health and muscle mass.

    I am currently stacking this with DAA Pure and it is hard to equate all the gains to this supp alone but combining the two has deff been good for me!
    I am not saying that this is a miracle supp but as far as I am concerned, I will continue to include this as a staple in my regimine.

    I have just started recording my gains and will post them once I have finished my DAA Pure/Ursobolic Stack.
    • Increased Energy
    • Builds Muscle
    • Good Value

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