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MPS Muscle Builder has been reported as discontinued.

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MPS Muscle Builder Reviews

By: Dymatize Nutrition

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Amino Acids > Recovery
MPS Muscle Builder is a Recovery Product manufactured by Dymatize Nutrition. It is an amino acid based product that is designed to assist in workout recovery.

MPS Muscle Builder has been reported as discontinued.

Check out the top-ranked products in Amino Acids > Recovery

(Out of 10, after 2 reviews)


  January 24, 2018

  • Versatile
  • Low Carb
  • No Stomach Issues
  • Bad Taste
  • Too Expensive
  • No Where Near A Proper Post Workout
  • Missing A Lot Of Proven Ingredients


Hey guys, I am an aging mid twenty chap who likes post workouts just as much as pre workouts. MPS struck me as something slightly different. It was a mix of curiosity and hope - in all honesty. The profile was rather simple with a lot of technical terms thrown in there, and with being more or less dead stock I managed to scoop up 2 tubs for more or less dirt cheap!

Ingredient Profile

basically per scoop you get
7g of bcaa
500mg Hica + 250mg KIC (metabolites of Leucine)
2.4g whey protein isolate.

Now yes you read that correctly 2,4g whey protein isolate LMAO. But in all seriousness as a post workout this looks terrible, if it was a intra complex as such maybe it wouldn't get raised eyebrows from myself, but this formula is flawed in many ways. Theres so many ways I would improve this to make this a contender to be a real post workout muscle builder.


Fruit punch
Extremely bitter and a chemical after taste left me with multiple sour faces and it was more or less a chug every time, which was a real appointment. I found it alot more drinkable with a trusty double scoop of vanilla whey which more or less cancelled out the bitterness!


Can't really comment on this aspect as I now use a blender for my post workout (best to be honest here), but the first few times it mixed with more or less no fuss at all.


1 scoop immediately post workout, water varied again as I used MPS with 2 scoops of vanilla whey


Now here is where it gets strongly disappointing, not only did it taste bad and the profile lacked almost everyrhing but effectiveness was so minimal it made question if it even worked.

Now coming off of Postlift really put MPS to the sword and it was no match at all. Recovery was so minimal that I woke up with more stiffness than usual and DOMS persisted. Every morning was a battle and I ain't over exaggerating, I then added 2 scoops of whey protein which helped alot more than just a stand alone scoop of MPS, unlike the claim "1 scoop post workout is all you need" I find this grossly exaggerated.

I noticed very little of everything, strength was flawed and never seemed to increase - now we all know a post workout formula addresses the fundamentals - recovery, strength, restoring lost glycogen levels as well as gaining lean muscle mass. One thing i can say is that I kept lean - but was it all MPS? nope. But this is an advantage, it can be versatile if you are prepping for a show or cutting out carbs etc. But is it a post workout? HELL NO, its more of a BCAA mix with a ridiculous 2.4g of whey iso in it - and worst part is Dymatize is a top notch brand in all fairness especially when it comes down to their protein (their isolate is insanely good!) but this does them buggerall to be honest. Now if they added a carb source (dextrose, dextrin, vitargo), creatine mono, betaine, at least 20g of isolate, astragin, tart cherry and l-carnitine tartrate then heads will be turned and results will be felt. To me this was a cheap shot to get people to buy this by using advanced words that noobs would jump on the bandwagon, but sadly it didn't deliver (not in my books)


This goes for around $30 a tub which lasts 20 servings but then again it is very ineffective - and for me this was just an addition to a make do post workout - I had additional whey protein and added ALA, so is it value for money? if it works for you then great! but I highly doubt it will, especially if your pushing yourself to the limit.

Side Effects

No stomach issues to report, thankfully


I don't really have much to say about MPS, although it sounded great, and looked lack luster (hoping for a miracle of sorts, which never happened) on paper it was an ok experience with very little gain and a lot of loss. If they just kept it to the basics of what a post workout should be, I am sure it would be alot more effective and alot better on paper than MPS. To me MPS was a marketing ploy of just disguising a BCAA (with a leucine metabolites) as a complete post workout - and I am sorry, you cant compare! Postlift was miles ahead of MPS and really shocks me about what a difference a few clinical ingredients can do - so Dymatize please rectify this, you got a winning iso formula so use it to your ability and make a real post, for real gainz!

  January 30, 2017

  • DOMS Reduction
  • Increased Hydration
  • Prop Blend
  • Bad Taste
  • Too Expensive
Hi Guys, today im going to review a product that I picked up on a super special and thought hey you know what, Dymatize are a pretty good brand, it's worth a punt. What you'll find out through this review is that sometimes it's better to keep your money in your pocket, no matter how good the deal looks.


For the time I was using MPS Muscle Builder I was at the end of my cutting phase and was getting very low on energy and strength reserves, so an intra/post product like MPS Muscle Builder that worked would be a huge benefit to me. For the second tub of MPS Muscle Builder I was on a maintenance diet and utilising a 5x5 program to start getting some of that strength I lost during my cut back.


Yeah, im going to can this product right here. So the serving size is 1 scoop/18grams, and it actually is about 18g, so that's good. You get 3 grams of carbs, 2g of protein, but this I dont get, because in the bottom section of the label there's 2.4g of 'pH targeted' WPI. So is this 2g just your 'standard' protein thrown in for fun? Either they are double-dipping on their protein level and counting it twice, or they are adding in 2 different types of protein, for whatever reason. 7g of a prop blend BCAA mix is good, apart from the prop blend but I can take it with BCAAs as the ratios arent really a secret to anyone, and a couple of novel ingredients thrown in to help with hydration at the end. There are very minimal dyes in this, which is a tick in my book because aint nobody got any time for dyes staining their shaker and ass all up.

Anyway, so I said I was going to can the product? Well you take into account a scoop is 18g, 10.2g of that is the MPS Matrix with the BCAA's and 'pH targeted' WPI, and you're left with 9.8g of stuff. 3g of that is 'carbs', so now you're left with 6.8g of 'stuff'. Even if you take the protein on the top section of the label into account, that's still 4.8g, or almost 5g of 'stuff'. That's just not acceptable in my book. I cant honestly put this stuff into my body knowing that in every scoop there's 5g of stuff I dont know what it is going into me. Sorry Dymatize, but you need to re-work the formulation to not have so much unknown stuff in it, or list it on the label.

TASTE - 7/10

For something with 5g of unknown stuff, you'd reckon at least some of that would be put to good use to make this taste better than the tears of a crying Pats fan when they lose the SuperBowl next weekend. Unfortunately, you'd be disappointed. I had the Fruit Punch flavour, and it tastes very medicinal with a nasty after taste. You could chug it down, but you would want to do it rather quick so you could get over the taste quickly. Nowhere near any of the best tasting BCAA/intra supps out there.


Mixing was OK, if you left it in the shaker it would settle (probably some of that 'stuff') and you would need to swirl it around again, but not too bad.


I took 1 scoop initially as an intra-workout, but I seem to have an issue taking carbs and sugars during my workout, as they give me a nasty headache/blood pressure issues. This product did that but it's not the products' fault, I know this is just how my body responds so I wont be taking marks off here.


MPS Muscle Builder was a solid without being spectacular performer in terms of a recovery product. I did feel that my DOMS was reduced whilst taking this product. I did feel some hydration improvement, especially post workout where I would slam this and then want to drink water aswell, trying to rehydrate myself again. I cant really comment too much on MPS Muscle Builder as an intra product, as I didnt take it enough times to make proper judgement.

It's always tough to judge the effectiveness of these sorts of products. Unless you get an elimination of DOMS, or amazing recovery and strength gains, I always feel like there's a bit of 'yeah, it may be working, but I may also have just changed my diet a bit, or trained a little differently' with them. Having said that, when I switched to 5x5 workouts again and was trying to push heavy weight, I thought my DOMS would be worse, and for that I have to give MPS Muscle Builder some credit.


Nothing to report here. Aside from a pretty average taste, I never had an upset stomach or needed to do a dunny stop half way through a workout or an explosive dump after a workout or anything like that. I had no issues stacking MPS Muscle Builder with pre's, and other posts if required.

VALUE - 7/10

It's tough to find this product anywhere online at the moment, most retailers are saying it's out of stock, which leads me to think it may be discontinued soon. M&S are flogging it for $25 a tub (20 servings) which is too much. I picked it up on sale for $9.95 a tub, which was good value on the face of it, but with so much unknown stuff in it I wouldnt pay for this product again.


Sometimes when you see stuff on sale and you think hey this looks good I might try this out, you get lucky. Other times you get MPS Muscle Builder. With a very suspicious ingredient profile, average at best taste, although the effectiveness was good enough, I still couldnt see myself looking at this product again in the future. Would I buy this product again with my own money? No. Would I recommend this product to others? No. Thanks for reading guys.
  • Fruit Punch: 7/10

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