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Liquid L-Carnitine is an Amino Acid Product manufactured by Dymatize Nutrition. It is an amino acid based product that doesn't fall directly into the other categories. The use can vary depending on the specific product.

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  October 2, 2017

  • Aids In Fat Loss
  • Better Endurance
  • Reduced Fatigue
  • Taste Great
  • Increased Energy
  • Needs More Servings
  • Needs More L-carnitine Per Serving


A special thanks to Dymatize Nutrition for their participation here on Today, I discuss my experiences with their L-carnitine liquid supplement. L-carnitine as most if not all of us know is a lone supplement with quite a few benefits. These benefits range from antioxidant activity and fat burning to energy boosting and androgen receptor frequency upregulation. Regardless what you may use it for, it seems to always have a potential place in anyone's fitness regimen. I myself find l-carnitine most helpful in the energy and fat burning department.

Ingredient Profile

Each 15ml serving provides 1,100mg of L-carnitine and 10mg of Vitamin B5.

As I've explained in previous reviews L-carnitine has some interesting benefits. It can aid in fat loss by enabling fat metabolism through increasing the efficiency of lipolysis. Furthermore, it can increase androgen receptor frequency and sensitivity, allowing more efficient utilization and anabolic influence of testosterone. In addition, l-carnitine can support the health and function of the brain and heart, though these benefits are seen mostly from the acetyl form. Lastly, l-carnitine can improve red blood cell production, aid in muscle recovery, and may even help regulate healthy blood glucose levels.

Being that my personal sweet spot dosage range is 3-4mg, at 1,100mg per serving, Dymatize has some underdosing going here, which can be a degrading factor in its value.


I received the berry flavor and I liked it. It tasted a lot like liquid mized berry candy, though not too sweet or tart.

I usually just took it straight up without mixing it in anything, but when I did combine it in water or a sprots drink, it mixed just fine.

I figured the product wouldn't last too long if I took my own preferred dosage so I stuck to using only two servings pre workout on training days and one serving on non training days.


I'm sticking to energy and recovery primarily because while using this product I was not trying to lose any fat at this time.

From an energy standpoint, I did find that I had some more energy in the gym and throughout the day. It was not a significant increase, but I was able to get through my workouts and the day's tasks with more gas in the tank.

Recovery was somewhat improved, but again, nothing significant. I had slightly less fatigue during my workouts with some subtle boosts to my endurance. Next day DOMS was slightly less as well.

Even though my training and diet was and is still not currently geared towards fat bruning or recomposition, Dymatize l-carnitine did seem


The value for this product is a bit on the low scoring side. The cheapest price I found was 10 dollars. That seems cheap, but the issue is that with a low dosage per serving and with 32 servings per container, most typical users will find themselves using more than one serving a day. This means, the bottle won't last very long depending on how many servings are actually used. In comparison to other liquid carnitine products, or even capsules, that value could prove to be a little expensive in the long run per month. It's definitely not the most expensive by any means, but it may have you searching elsewhere for better value in respect to servings and dosage quantity.

Side Effects



While an effective L-carnitine supplement in general, I'd say the major thing that needs to be improved is both the quantity of l-carnitine per serving and the amount of servings that comes in each container. You do get all the benefits you'd expect from l-carnitine, so Dymatize's l-carnitine is most definitely worth a go. They just need to up the servings and dosage and it is an l-carnitine supplement worthwhile.


  • Berry: 8/10


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