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GABA is a Health Product manufactured by Dymatize. It is meant to improve the health of the body at the micronutrient/mineral level.

See all 19 products in:
Health & Wellbeing > Other Vitamins


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The supplement industry is notorious for misleading marketing and misinformation.

Rep: +14
Trust: 20%
  January 21, 2013

Hey guys,
This would be my 4th review I believe.

I have to say I enjoyed my time taking this GABA supplement by Dymatize.
Definately a fun product. Its not like your typical Multivitamin,your T-Booster or your creatine,feeling wise. Totally different book.
Like others have stated you get this rush of a tingly feeling in specific body parts,mine all depended on how much I took that given night. For the most part,
I would take 1 scoop(1gram) of it right before heading to bed and having my eyes glued to until I K-O.
Within about 10 minutes or so I'd get a tingly feeling in my hands and face.
I'd say the last 2 weeks of the bottom of the container I took 2-2.5 scoops and Boy did the tingling amplify.
Im one of those that really dig the feeling,I felt it all over my head and neck,hands and feet.
Effectiveness- 9 ; I would recommend this product due to the sheer fact That in my experience I received alot better sleep quality on it. I typically have a crappy time sleeping,due to restless leg syndrome if I have too much sugar/bread too close to bed,Gaba definately helped me sink into bed and not wake up 5 times a night. If I took 2scoops or so,Id toss and turn about half as much,and when I actually Did get up to *** in the middle of the night,I can feel I was in a deep sleep. I usually combined it with MusclePharms ZMA nightly.

The dreams were vivid as hell- Noticed I have alot more sex dreams since I started the first tub. And I remember the awesome now compared to when you wake up..knowing you had a great dream,but cant remember hardly any of it besides the stupid ass stuff thats not important?
Not while on this stuff.

I honestly do not know if the GH increasing factor played a role(stated on the container that its increased) , I did feel alot more Centered and calmed each day following taking it. I remember missing a day or two of it,just felt a little more strained out mentally in the morning.

Mixability : Mixed easily in water,I usually didnt even need a spoon,anything of the like, Dumped a scoop in and swished it around the glass couple times and Poof-Gaba's gone.
I actually liked the taste of it,even around the 3 scoop mark,it tasted closer to a stronger Spring water taste.

Pricing Is Cheap,Definately not an expensive supplement,hell got it on Ebay the first time for about $13 total,going to be hitting up my usual site along with Lockout) again within the next day or two for another.

So All in all I'd really recommend this product if looking to experiment with a supplement for a better nights Rest.
I hope this all helped someone curious.

Thanks for taking the time to read.
Be safe.

  • Great Sleep
  • Crazy Dreams
  • Relaxed
    Rep: 0
    Trust: 0%
      October 12, 2012

    This supplement is great, it takes 15 minutes and you are completely asleep, wow ...

    value (10/10): relatively cheap, a bargain for the money, a robbery, could buy 10 cans to have plenty of ...

    effectiveness (10/10): Iincreible but true, I was a little skeptical to try it, but I've read some very good things about Gaba and I'm really impressed, nothing has made me sleep like Gaba already, I wake up super well, wanting to work out in the mornings, incredible ...

    Overall (10/10): I recommend it to all those people who have trouble sleeping, I was one of those people, even after my night of basketball games, I could not sleep, I take it now and immediately start feel heavy legs until I can not move, even the arms, so yes, very weird dreams ... great product ...
    • Great Recovery
    • Great Sleep
    • Crazy Dreams
    • Relaxed
      Rep: +19
      Trust: 22%
        August 21, 2012

      First off I'm writin this from my phone so sorry if there are major typos* just finished my first tub and I must say I loved it when it was time for bed just somincould take this. I work graveyard 10pm-8am so I've tried pretty much every type of sleep aid and this has been my favorite by far.

      Taste: (8) I mix it with hardly any water and just take it like a shot but it does leave a funky aftertaste. **Warm water works best**

      Dosing: (10) only calls for 2-3G (scoops) but I did about 4 since I sleep during the day.

      Effectiveness: (10) as I mentioned earlier I work graveyard so it's nice to have something relax me so quick. Within 10-15 minutes I feel like I'm sinking into my bed and feel so calm. I always sleep great I never wake up when on this. I noticed that with the deeper sleep it actually sped up my recovery as well.

      Value: (10) got this off for around 15$ Inthink and you get 35 servings which is incredible.

      Overall: (10) this has to have a ten overall. The price is unmatched, the fact that I could
      Sleep and not get woken up by anything was amazing, and I hate being sore so the fact this sped up recovery for me was fantastic. I would recommend this to anyone before bed. Maybe then people won't hate Monday's do much lol.
      • Builds Muscle
      • Great Recovery
      • Great Sleep
      • Relaxed
      • Makes You Thirsty!
      Rep: +25
      Trust: 23%
        February 4, 2012

      This Product is Amazing! Its recomended 2-5grams for an effective dose. Its pretty much tasteless and easy to mix. And Cheap! I dont know why this isnt being Marketed more or Advertised much because its a great supplement. Increasing Quality Sleep is one of the most important things you can do, not only to help recover and build muscle from tough workouts but it gives you a sense of well being throughout the day.

      My Recommendation: I have used this supplement many times and have found out the best way to take this achieving better sleep and recovery. After my last meal of the day I wait about an hour and a half to 2 hours at the most and then take 2-4 small scoops. I Mix it with warm water because it absorbs better and quicker. For an added benefit I will take this with Melatonin. Within 5minutes you will feel your skin tingling and lose your breath a little bit. Love this feeling. Your Mind will ease into a calmer state and soon youll fall asleep.

      Ive Noticed that while on this, I havent woken up in the middle of the night. Sometimes during my regular sleep mode w/o taking anything I will wake up many times in the night, either hungry or thirsty or bathroom break lol. But Not while on Gaba. You get a Deep restful Sleep through the Whole Night
      • Loss Of Bodyfat
      • Builds Muscle
      • Great Recovery
      • Great Sleep
      • Increased Concentration
        Rep: 0
        Trust: 0%
          August 8, 2011

        This product is underrated, its by far the most effective supplement i have tried, i use 3gram in a shaker, shake it with orange juice just before bed, skin feels funny after some minutes in face and hands.

        In the gym:
        got more strength, sweating more and loosing fat faster.

        gaba claims to Boost your gh level, after using a container i was surprised by the result, this really works.

        hope it was useful
        • Loss Of Bodyfat
        • Builds Muscle

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