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Protein > Beef Protein

Elite Primal is a Beef Protein Powder manufactured by Dymatize. It is a common, animal based alternative to traditional dairy based protein and is good for those who cannot tolerate dairy based products. The additional dietary protein can increase lean muscle tissue and increase fat loss.

See all 7 products in:
Protein > Beef Protein


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The supplement industry is notorious for agressive marketing and misinformation.

Rep: +12
Trust: 0%
  April 21, 2012

I purchased Elite Primal out of curiosity after finding it on sale locally. The profile on this protein is great. The price is higher than other protein sources, but it's not too outrageous.

When you open the container, it seems harmless. There's nothing more than a mild fruit odor and some dull-colored powder.

But, it all goes downhill once it's mixed. If you get any powder on your hands (which is likely), it will feel like glue. In water, the powder settles towards the bottom of the cup, yet there's also a 2" layer of foam on top. If you wait 15 minutes, it settles down to a 1" layer of foam. The smell is horrendous. The others summed it up well. It nearly activates my gag reflex before I even take a sip. If I smell it while drinking it, I struggle to keep it down. The flavor isn't too bad, but it's just difficult to appreciate the adequate taste while being bombarded with foul odors and foam.

As another reviewer said, never leave this in your shaker cup. I've left whey and casein in shaker cups many times and thought it was pretty disgusting. This smells worse than both even after washing it a few times.

If you're curious, give it a shot. I doubt I'll make it through my 2 lb. tub.
  • Help Recovery
  • Real Lean
  • Good Profile
  • 3g Of Creatine In It
  • Smell
  • Alittle Expensive
  • Tastes Horrible
Rep: +1,928
Trust: 100%
  February 28, 2012

This stuff is horrendous. I don't know how many of you have ever been in a place where there is a lot of death, like cattle slaughterhouses, etc. I have, and the taste of the stuff is vaguely reminiscent of the background stench in those places. I am not kidding. And the "Blue Raspberry" flavoring did not help any of this.

Taste: 0

Beef protein- its a complete protein source, and I like that. It also has 3g of creatine in it. But then they go on to advertise this as "375% More Concentrated than an average piece of beef". It had better be for God's sake. Its a protein powder! It better be more condensed than a whole food source! Come on people....Results were what you would expect out of a protein powder...not really specifically notable on their own.

Effectiveness- 4

Side Effects. This is the best part. It has a warning that goes something to the effect of "may get foamy due to specific nature of the protein". Yeah that foaminess, or the "specific nature of the protein" may have some other effects. Really nasty nausea. Every day that I used this stuff, within an hour after consumption, I was on the verge of throwing up, and a couple of times I did. I know what some of you are thinking, "V it is probably all that other..." no stop right there. It isn't. I have been fine up until this point. The worst part about this is that I had to put up with it and finish off the whole tub in order to do this review. My wife told me I was a moron when I explained why I kept taking the stuff. Look at what I sacifice for you SR.

Overall- bad.
  • 3g Of Creatine In It
  • Tastes Horrible
  • Gave Me Nausea
  • Seems Like A Marketing Gimmick
Rep: +36
Trust: 64%
  December 30, 2010

So I've wanted to try Carnivor for a year or so now but no one around my area sells it so ive been SOL. Luckly one of the stores in my area brought this in so I picked up two tubs(2 lbs) one of fruit punch and one of blue rasberry.

Taste- well when you first open the container the power has a very unique smell wouldn't say it was bad or good, once mixed it had a smell like a slaughter house. Not sure if youve ever been to one but has a very strong odor to it, the taste was ok at first it was hard to get down but after a week its grown on me and i dont mind it at all. The flavors need some work the blue rasberry didnt taste like any blue rasberry ive ever had, and the fruit punch tasted more strawberry than anything.

Mixability- Well this was a huge turn off for me at first. For the first week or so I would sure a shaker to mix it and it would foam up to the point I would have to let it sit for 5-10 minutes so I could drink it even though there was still alot of foam. Felt like I was wasting it since there would always be about half and inch left after my shaker sat for and hour and the foam was complelty gone. However if you use the magic bullet to mix this there is no foam which I was very happy to discover so now I just mix it at home if im going to be drinking it on the road or postworkout.

Value- Up in canada I got it for the same price you can get it online in canada ($45 for a 2 lbs) its a bit pricey but for myself I love the profile, 0 fat, 0 cholesterol, less than 1g of carbs. 3 gs of creatine from beef. and added adjipure BCAA's. So its not horrible for 28 servings.

Effectiveness- Ive found its helped with my recovery, ive been on a cut and love how this is real low cal yet still contain lots of recovery agents that have helped with my low carb intake. Can't attribute all of my recovery to this since ive been taking around 30g's of BCAA's a day which helps.

Sides- Havent noticed anything it was real easy on the stomach (if you can get over the smell which might turn a few peoples stomaches). No real gas, that I have experienced occasionally with Whey Proteins.

Overall- Its a slower digesting protein so it may not be your best choice for post workout, however throughout the day it has been great for me to quench my hunger in between meals. I would recomend this to anyone who wants a real lean protein and is looking for something new.

Cautions- try to wash out your shaker right away, if you think day or two old whey smells bad in a shaker. let this sit for a day and smell it, smells like rotting meat, happened to me once and I had to leave my kitchen after opening it and ended up just throwing out the shaker.
  • Help Recovery
  • Real Lean
  • Good Profile
  • Smell
  • Alittle Expensive
  • Takes Time To Get Used To Taste

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