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BCAA Complex 5050 Reviews

By: Dymatize

(Out of 10, after 2 reviews)

Ranks #80 (better than 35%)
In: Amino Acids > BCAA/EAA

BCAA Complex 5050 is a BCAA manufactured by Dymatize. BCAA is short for branched chain amino acids. They are the building blocks of protein and can increase protein synthesis, muscle recovery and endurance during workouts and have also been shown to reduce body fat.

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Rep: +111
Trust: 100%
TROOPer Level: 5
  February 22, 2014

Was looking around SR and was pretty amazed that I could not find many reviews on this product as compared to others (xtend, mbcaa, ON) so I thought ill chip in with one. Basically this is a BCAA mix with a pretty generic 2:1:1 ratio from Dymatize.

Ingredients/Profile- 6.5/10- Very very simple BCAA profile. Contains all the three bcaa in the 2:1:1 ratio. Each serving is about 5g. I say about 5 grams as it doesn't come with a scoop. Pretty basic stuff. Does not contain glutamine or electrolytes like some other bcaa mixes so it gets a 7. Also contains silicon dioxide (sand), reason being it helps prevent separation?

Taste/Mixability- 7/10- This product only comes in the unflavoured option so be prepared to taste the classic horrible BCAA powder taste. Does not mix or dissolve well using a spoon in water, much better results when shaken. Pretty horrid tasting in water so I had to use Gatorade powder to mask the taste. Well can't give this a lower than 7 for taste, it's unflavoured, that's how BCAAs taste.

Dosing-8/10- I used 5g-10g of this in Gatorade powder and well, it's pretty simple. Did not feel the need to get intra workouts so this combo became my home-made intra workout for about the whole time using it. The G powder was the source of electrolytes that the BCAA itself was lacking in. A scooper in the tub would have made life easier but I already had one from my creatine so it was easy for me. (do take note if you don't already have a 5g scooper, esp for guys new into supps).

Effectiveness- 8/10- Taking this with G powder during workouts did surely improve my workouts. I felt like my endurance improved while DOMs was decreased significantly (important esp the day after leg day). I certainly felt less fatigued while working out and never felt dehydrated. No dry mouth or anything like that. The fact that soreness and DOMS both were significantly reduced was important as it allowed me to continue to do cardio even the day after heavy squats.

Value- 10/10- For the profile, it is extremely similar to optimum nutrition BCAA 5000. Both are unflavoured. Both has 60 servings. However, Dymatize is only $19 (ON is $27) for 60 servings on before any coupons etc. One of the lowest priced decent BCAAs powder out there.
Overall-8/10- At $19 bucks for 60 servings, it's a pretty cheap BCAA powder. BCAAs are definitely not a necessity imho. Do consider mixing this in Gatorade or something like that for the extra electrolytes and the fact that it masks the horrible BCAA taste. It did help improve my workouts and if anyone is on a tight budget, i would recommend them this.
  • Cheap
  • Great Recovery
  • Builds Muscle. Good Intra Or Post-workout Drink.
  • Reduced Doms
  • Tough Tub
  • Need To Be Mixed With Juice To Be Tolerable
  • Silicon Dioxide
  • No Scooper
Rep: +42
Trust: 36%
  July 8, 2012

It's hard to write a reiew of BCAA aminoacids,but I think that this ones have made excellent job. Dymatize never disappoint me with their products.

I drank it almost every day with 18 ounces of water mixed with sugar-free orange instant drink and taste was wonderful for BCAA's.Usually BCAA's don't taste very good but this ones does quite nice even with plain water.No complaints.

Effectivnes was quite good too. I had very good recovery, sometimes I need only 5 hours of sleep and nex day I was like new. No muscle fatigue after hard training with these and I even gained some extra muscle.Not much but satisfaying.No complaints.

Next good thing was price. For 58 (5g serving)servings was quite cheap.In EU I bought it for 19 euros whitch was very cheap in compare to others simillar products.Worth buying.No complaints.

Well, this product works very good on me.I gained some muscle with this and recovery was very good too.In addition, it was very cheap and effective too, so what could I expected more? Honestly, I didn't expect nothing before I start using it, but when I finished the container resoults came.I don't know if they works the same on you but give it a try.So if you are looking for cheap and pure 100% pharmaceutical grade BCAA's with no extra ingrediants, this product is definitely for you.
P.S - And taste is not that horrible as they say! Just mix it with your favorite sugar-free beverage and you'll get perfect intra or post-workout drink.Worth buying.
  • Cheap
  • Alot Of Servings
  • Great Recovery
  • Builds Muscle. Good Intra Or Post-workout Drink.

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