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Activate Xtreme is a Natural Testosterone Booster manufactured by Driven Sports. It helps optimize your natural testosterone levels, which helps encourage muscle growth and fat loss.

  September 5, 2012

  • Increased Energy
  • Builds Muscle
  • Killer Mood + Libido
  • Gains In Weights + Reps
  • Kinda Expensive
Being 29 years old, I wondered what a test-booster would do for me in terms of benefits. Reading how a male's body slows down the production of testosterone at age 30 got me looking into test boosters, and if you're reading this you know how many of them are out there. I chose to try the AX + Triazole stack.

A little background. As of writing I am 5'8" 181 lbs and have been weightraining for 6 months, four times a week. When I started I was 192 and I've lost 10 lbs of body fat since then, thanks also to a strict diet full of good stuff like chicken breast and brown rice, as well as the classic whey protein + creatine ***tail.

I stacked this with Triazole, taking two of each in the morning, and 2 AX + 1 Triazole in the PM, post workout on training days.

You may have read that it's best to take AX on an empty stomach and I couldn't agree more. I was taking it with food for a week due to scheduling conflicts, then tried taking it on an empty stomach and it started affecting me much faster. You will not feel the effects of Activate Xtreme instantly. This frustrated me at first, then I realized this isn't that kind of supplement, it needs time to see it working. The first night I took the two blue pills, I noticed my body temperature and libido rise dramatically. The libido increase did not come back until a few days later - and it has been great ever since. You cannot look at the ladies the same boring way again, it's great, haven't felt like that since I was a teenager. On the flipside I can't imagine why ladies would want to take AX, but if you're one of these girls trying to gain muscle then more power to you, I have seen females take this supplement and recommend it as well.

Activate Xtreme can make you really hungry at times! I noticed this after two weeks of taking it. So watch out and make sure you have your willpower in check, or you're (intelligently) bulking. When I get moody, tired, or hungry at night it's a sure sign I need to catch some z's and get to sleep. I have been sleeping better since taking Activate Xtreme (and Triazole which may have something to do with this.) I had some crazy-@$$ dreams for a few nights but not all the time.

No mutant acne breakouts to report of, after finishing a bottle. I got some oily skin happening, and more zits on my chest, and that was about it. Two weeks after taking AX I broke a personal record for deadlifting, 250 lbs (this is only after 6 months of weightlifting.) Everytime I go to the gym I now find I can reasonably increase my weights or reps with no problem, since taking Activate Xtreme I've noticed it has really helped me kick up things a notch in and out of the gym.

Some people say this stuff makes you moody, but I have to disagree, if anything it's quick flashes of anger I have to report. This is exactly the kind of side-effect I expected from a test booster, along with the smooth and fluid libido, not a "moody crash" in the middle of the day. Over time you can really feel AX working and along with a good preworkout drink, you will become a ruthless machine in the gym. Before I started drinking PWOs I was taking AX and the pumps, ambition and drive it gives even alone are insane. Anything that makes you want to punch the machine after doing a hard set is good in my book. I was not acting like this before the stack, let's just put it that way. You won't go carousing around the gym looking for a fight, lol, but it does make you more aggressive in and out of the gym, in a good way.

So, four weeks after taking AX + Triazole, I have noticed a steady "feel good" feeling throughout the day as well as noticable definition and growth in my abs, arms, chest and legs. I truly believe that hard training and good diet only accelerated the benefits. Great stuff, I already have another bottle of Activate Xtreme and Triazole on the way. You can find both sold together online for around $70 sometimes.

It is little pricey, hence the value of 6, but as a first test booster I would totally recommend Activate Xtreme, just remember if anything, you won't fully feel its benefits until the near-end of the bottle which is why you should try it for two bottles (which is one whole cycle) like I will do. Peace and good lifting!


  • SSGdimsmash
    Rep: +815
    September 5, 2012

    Wow that was completely an accident. Sorry I fat thumbed it on my phone. Definitely meant to plus this. Nice first review.


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