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(1 lb) - [$16.99/lb]


(2.48 lb) - [$9.55/lb]


(2.47 lb) - [$10.93/lb]

Fitness First USA

(2.47 lb) - [$12.55/lb]

Muscle and Strength

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  February 26, 2016

  • Builds Muscle
  • Tastes Great
  • Good For Bulking Or For Meal Replacements
  • Awesome With Milk!


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    I found out about SR from an online search a while ago when I was trying to find an unbiased, reliable website with reviews on different supplements so I could pick the right supplement for me. I am writing this review because I am a frequent lurker on this website, yet have never contributed, and would like to share my knowledge and experiences with others on here and help the SR community grow! My current fitness goals are to put on lean muscle mass and get stronger. Not really focusing on a bulk, but would like to see the scale go up some as my lifts go up. I plan on reviewing other protein powders, preworkouts, a creatine supp I'm currently taking, protein bars, and a multivitamin.

    Ingredient Profile

    Serving size: 1 scoop (35g)
    Calories: 150
    Total Fat: 6g
    Saturated Fat: 2g
    Total carbs: 9g
    Sugars: 2g
    Protein: 16g

    The protein blend they use is listed under the ingredients as : Protein Blend (Calcium Sodium Caseinate, Milk Protein Isolate, Whey Protein Hydrolysate, Whey Protein Concentrate, Lactoferrin, L-Glutamine, Taurine).

    For what you're paying for, I think this is a solid blend. 16g of protein and 15g of carbs+fat. It's a protein blend, and I would say that they cover that with what they have listed and the macro distribution.


    I had the chocolate flavor of Muscle Milk. I really liked this flavor. It absolutely tastes like chocolate, and when added to milk, I think I'm drinking chocolate milk! It's still great with water as well. No complaints with this category.


    The mixability of the Muscle Milk is questionable. If you add it to water or milk in a cup and try using a spoon to mix it, you're gonna have big clumps and it won't completely mix. HOWEVER, because I really loved the chocolate taste, I didn't mind the clumping that much because it still tasted great! If you use a blender or shaker bottle, it mixes totally fine and there isn't clumping. So it just matters on how you prefer to mix it.


    I used Muscle Milk at different times of days in different amounts depending on several things. I largely used it not only as a post workout protein shake, but also as an additive to my milk or water at meals to help boost my calorie count. So sometimes I would go with 2 scoops post workout, or just 1 scoop to my morning cup of milk in the morning to give me an extra 150 calories. One thing I would caution is that it can be a bit heavy, especially when added to milk. I usually have a tendency to drink it really fast because I love the taste, but if I do that with 2 scoops I feel a little bloated. Better to just not chug it all at once in my opinion.


    I thought the Muscle Milk was pretty effective. I think this category is a bit hard to rate since it's hard to tell how much the protein helped in your recovery and muscle building, but I used this as post workout shake and as a supplement for extra calories at meals and put on 70lbs of weight total to my big three (bench, squat, deadlift) so I think it was pretty effective. Again, not sure if I think that's due to the supplement or just the type of program I was following in the gym. As a blend, it acts as it is advertised and seemed to fit my needs.


    Muscle Milk can be bought at a great value, more so when you buy larger tubs. A 5lb tub can be bought for around $39, which I think is a great value for a protein blend.

    Side Effects

    I had slight bloating when consuming 2 scoops very fast.


    Overall, I think Muscle Milk is a good buy at a great value. It's a protein blend that is very versatile and can be used not only as a post workout shake but also as an added supplement at meals to help you get your macros or give you more calories. The chocolate flavor is extremely tasty and I would buy this product again.
    • Chocolate: 8/10

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