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  June 10, 2015

  • Good For Bulking Or For Meal Replacements
  • Bad Taste
  • Not The Best Value
So they started selling more of the mainstream protein powders and supplements at H-E-B (primary grocery store in TX). I had just finished a tub and don’t like to go a day without using whey, ever I have some issues related to gastrointestinal absorption, so the addition of whey allows me to get the 200+ grams of protein I need per day. I had planned to go to the supplement store later in the day after my trip to H-E-B, but saw Muscle Milk Cookies and Cream and decided to give it a try. MM has 32 servings (32g per serving) if you used 2 scoops or 64 servings if you used one (16g). As far as I knew this is a reputable brand that had been around for a while, or at least I have seen their products everywhere (not necessarily an indication of quality).

Mixability-Not good.I tried some as soon as I got home with some vanilla rice milk; I shook it for the normal amount of time and it was still a little clumpy. Shook it some more, still clumpy. Threw it in the magic bullet, I finally thought that battle was over. When I finished drinking it, I noticed there were large clumps at the bottom that took a small amount of force to get out. This, in and of itself is not a deal breaker. Although, if the mixability’s not there; it’s not going to work for an on the go protein (for me). Sometimes when I have long workouts I don’t blend it before I go as I like it to be cold; especially in this case when I know it’s going to taste sub-par.

Taste-The taste in vanilla rice milk was alright, nothing special. The taste in purified water was not good; not terrible, but not enjoyable. The taste with ensure, which obviously has a ton of extra sugar in it was good. The way it tastes though is heavy. Compared to something like Protizyme or IsoPure, this stuff tastes heavy and is mildly difficult to get down (at times). It’s most likely due to all the extra fat and carbs, I suppose I was just not expecting that feeling from what I thought was a traditional protein powder.

Value(2.47lbs)-I bought this from HEB for $27.99; considering the quality the price could have been cheaper. Although HEB will charge about as much as GNC (a lot). Traditionally 2.47lbs for $27.99 would be a good deal, for commercial protein powder. This should have been a red flag; you get what you pay for doubly applies to supplements.
There are additional carbohydrates and fats in the protein, making 2 scoops 310 calories. Making this fall into the category of a protein powder/weight gainer; I’m looking for one or the other in a single product. Years ago when supplements weren’t so mainstream this product was most likely the standard but as the industry changed better products came; this one stayed the same ( my hypothesis).

I was excited to try something new but ended up disappointed on multiple levels. I would only take this again if I got it as part of a promotion.

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