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Fitness First USA

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Muscle and Strength

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  June 6, 2013

  • Builds Muscle
  • Good Beginner Protein.
  • Good For Bulking Or For Meal Replacements
  • Helps Promote Good Health
  • Variety Of Flavors
  • Not The Best Value
  • Weak Taste
  • Chalky Texture
So I've tried so many brands of protein powder I figured what's one more. I went to GNC expecting to get a tub of Syntha6 orange smoothie. Instead I bought the Muscle Milk. I like orange smoothie so much I figured I'd see if Muscle Milk has a superior taste, that and I'm a little tired of the 200 calories a scoop of the Syntha6. I supplement a lot with whey protein so the calories rack up fast.

So onto the review. It smells phenomenal. I was eagerly anticipating the taste that was associated with this aroma. Now, understand I mix all my whey with ice water. Having said that, I found the taste to be acceptable, but not a good powerful orange taste. Where the Syntha6 tastes just like an Orange Julius, the Muscle Milk seems weak and maybe like a melted orange ice cream flavor. The texture isn't great either. It's a bit chalky in consistency. This is most likely due to calcium caseinate and sodium caseinate being the top two protein ingredients. They tend to be chalky but I do think Cytosport did a great job of covering up for it. Next on the ingredient list is whey isolate. So right off the bat you see the majority of the protein content is good, high quality protein. I'm a little discouraged though at the lower than normal per scoop protein content. That the calories are 150 per scoop it's not terribly bad though.

The taste isn't horrible, the protein make-up is top notch, it's easily found even at WalMart, they have tons of flavors, the price is acceptable, and it mixes easily with a blender bottle. I haven't had one clump yet.

All in all it's a good solid protein product. I would buy it again but if taste is a huge issue I suggest you stick with or try Syntha6 by BSN.

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