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  April 30, 2013

  • Tastes Great
  • Good Beginner Protein.
  • Cheap
  • Not Enough Protein
  • High Calories
  • High Carbs/fat
  • Garbage.
Alright, just finished the tub not too long ago and figured I should share my experience with you.

First off, I did not pay for my tub of Monster Milk. Which is probably why I'm not all that upset right now. I was given a tub by a buddy who works at GNC and had bought it on closeout for like 12 bucks. I needed a protein to hold me over until payday. So it was 2 long weeks with nothing but "Muscle Milk" to keep me going.

Taste: 8

I'd say the only real upside to this product is the taste. It does kind of taste like a milkshake. Unfortunately, it will give you similar nutritional results as if you were drinking a milkshake as a post workout.

Effectiveness: 3

This bottle is out to trick you. On the front it says 32 grams per serving. However, if you turn the bottle around. You will soon discover that a full serving is 2 full rounded scoops of this crap. Which leaves you with about 2 weeks of this crap to go through. And when you DO use 2 full scoops, the consistency becomes extremely thick and chalky. Even if you use water. You get clumps constantly.

It's high calorie and high fat content should warn you away from this stuff. It is low in protein and high in false promises.

Results you ask?

I lost 2 lbs of what was clearly muscle during my 2 weeks of using this product. I had been using Pro Complex from ON.

If you are new in the gym, or on the field. This could be a good starter protein. But as we all know, as our training progresses. So should our nutrition. So if you're a veteran of the iron arts, steer clear from this tub of lies.

Seriously, don't buy this. If someone gives it to you as a gift. Smile, and then pass it on to someone you seriously don't like. Or a newbie who can't afford protein. I guess it's better than nothing. But only slightly.


  • sdunlimited
    Rep: +2,011
    April 30, 2013

    I appreciate you taking the time to share your experiences but I'm curious if you're reviewing 'Muscle Milk' or 'Monster Milk' - they're two separate products and I have never had anywhere near the negative experiences you've had after using many, many pounds of Muscle Milk.
    Was it past it's expiration and that's why it was only $12?
    Standard Muscle Milk has 150cals per single scoop, 6g fat, 7g net carbs and 16g protein.
    Also, while dieting heavily I have taken Bodyfat measurements twice per week and can no way say that a protein source would be solely responsible for me losing 2lbs of muscle.

    Perhaps the heavy metal content has made me a bit crazy, but our experiences are vastly different. :)

  • Galloway
    Rep: +23
    April 30, 2013

    Nope I was certainly using muscle milk. And yes per ONE scoop you have 150 calories and 16 grams of protein. However a full serving is two scoops.

    And I have to concede, I can't say for sure that it was using this product that caused my loss of weight and visible definition. However, after no change in my routine, lifestyle, or diet. I lost 2 lbs while using this product. That much I can stand by and say is fact.

    I do have a bit of an issue maintaining weight, and I understand each athlete has a different experience. But never the less, this was a bad experience for me. And I think that's what we are here to share right brother?

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