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Will I gain or lose weight on Muscle Milk?

June 19, 2010

does anyone no if this product is for people who want to gain wait or can u also lose weight if used correctley?


Posted June 19, 2010

this musclemilk product its only for gaining weight because of all the calories, this will not help you lose weight because it dosent burn fat...
Rep: +1,711
Posted June 19, 2010

Hey bud, there are much better proteins available to you that will work much better for you. Try Optimum Nutrition products like 100% Whey or better yet Pro Complex. These products are the best out there in my opinion. Pro Complex is a little pricier, but the glutamine and amino profile are truly awesome. Muscle Milk is alright, weve all used it, but like I said, go get a tub of 100 % whey or Pro Complex. Itll do more for you.
Rep: +4,323
Posted June 19, 2010

Most people miss the point of why they make the claims that they do. It does burn fat if you use it a certain way so they aren't really lying. It's a poor choice for post workout, but you use it in between meals to keep your metabolism up instead of just eating 3 meals a day. Then again, you could have a protein shake without the excess fat and carbs that will do the same effect.

Posted June 20, 2010

wow i need to learn more about alot of supplements that claim to do something like this one.. i have learn more thanks to you petey..
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