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Muscle Milk Genuine RTD Reviews

By: Cytosport


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Muscle Milk Genuine RTD is a Ready-to-Drink Protein Supplement manufactured by Cytosport. It is a conveinient version of protein meant to be used on the go in a handy, already mixed form. Supplementing with additional dietary proteins can increase muscle mass and increase fat loss.

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  November 30, 2018

  • Convenient
  • Good Taste
  • Stomachdigestive Issues

Quick Summary

Kudos to SR reviewers for making me look more closely at nutrition facts... and you should do the same before trying this RTD


Full disclosure, I'll attach images on the specific RTD I"m reviewing. I picked these up in bulk at a big-box store. The form factor didn't exactly match the picture, but the images clearly display what I'm reviewing. Hey, I'm lazy like most people and am not too proud to add RTDs to my diet if the product is a good fit.

Ingredient Profile

Let's spend some time here. I'll attach an image with the full nutrition facts and highlight some of the big points here. (Apologies if the images aren't oriented correctly - I've had them flip after submitting at times for reasons unknown):
25g Protein - Honestly, that's what appealed to me initially. 25g in an 11oz RTD is something I could certainly live with.
4.5g Total Fat (1g saturated, 0.5g polyunsaturated, 2.5g monounsaturated) - OHHH... people like the taste of Muscle Milk and this could be why. If you watch your macros closely, be aware. This isn't a low-fat option by ANY means.
7g Total Carbs (4g dietary fiber) - This explains some things as well and I'll try to touch on that briefly below. Again, macro counters be aware of what you're consuming.
770mg Potassium - I've certainly read some things about the benefits of potassium consumption and its need for a proper fitness plan, but this is a pretty high amount in a single serving (22% of recommended DV).

Going back to the protein, this is also primarily a casein-based protein, so you're theoretically talking about a product that will be better for slower protein absorption. This wouldn't be a product to drink immediately after a workout. I've been trying them primarily at breakfast.


Taste - They taste pretty good. With the fat content and a mix of natural and artificial flavoring, they should. I can't knock the taste, though.
Mixability - N/A as it's a ready-to-drink. As such, I shook before consuming (as directed) and didn't notice any texture issues.
Dosing - The serving is an 11oz RTD container. I can't imagine needing or wanting to drink more than one of these in a serving.


Maybe there's some effectiveness here, but this is tough to judge given that (1) it's a casein-based protein, so immediate 'effectiveness' isn't something I'm thinking about with this and (2) my specific side effect that I'll note below. It may be effective in some sense, but I can't say as I noticed a huge positive benefit.


I think I got 12 of these in the $14-15 range, so you're at just over $1/serving. To me, that's not a bad value; however, it's also not a "run to the store and grab all they have" value, either.

Side Effects

I think I have one, though I'm hesitant to blame it specifically on this product alone. There could certainly be other factors at play. Maybe it's the 4g of dietary fiber, maybe it's some of the other fats and ingredients noted, maybe it's a big helping of potassium early in the morning... but I found a correlation in the use of this product and the need to head to the bathroom about 20 minutes later. I guess the 'glass half full' crowd would say that it might help keep you regular. To me, there are other ways to get that benefit if you need it.


I hope this product is more compatible with you than it is with me. The side effect and the ingredient profile will have me searching for a different product to add to my supplement regimen.
  • Chocolate: 8/10

  July 20, 2012

  • Builds Muscle
  • Quick And Easy
  • Amazing Taste
  • Convenient
  • Too Expensive
I've been a roll here lately with reviews, so I decided to go ahead a throw in one for Cytosports Muscle Milk, ready to drink.

Taste: 8/10
Lets face it, muscle milk tastes good. There is no going around it. I have tried many flavors of the RTD's (vanilla, chocolate, banana and chocolate malt) all of them tasted pretty good. There was no chemical taste like some proteins have, on the flip side though most flavors were very very sweet. Almost too sweet. If I were to suggest any flavor, I would have to go with Banana. It didn't taste like drinking a milkshake made with extra sugar, but still was sweet enough to satisfy my taste buds.

Profile: 6/10
One bottle (a single serving) of muscle milk RTD has:
-220 calories (80 from fat)
-9g total fat (1.5g saturated)
-9g carbs (3 from sugar)
-25g protein (isolate, concentrate and caseinate)

With that being said, although muscle milk has a slightly high fat and carb ratio for a protein shake, if you are ever caught out and need a quick fix for your protein intake, but do not have time to grab a bite to eat this is for you. With only 9g of fat and carbs, you should easily be able to adjust your macros accordingly on your tight schedule.

Value: 6/10
The price is a little steep on these per unit (I believe around the $3.00 range). Although they are kind of expensive, they can usually be found at most gas stations and convenience stores. Once again, if you're strict on time and all you can do is run in a grab something, it would a lot better for you then a candy bar, or a bag of chips bringing it's value up.

Overall: 7/10
Overall this isn't the greatest possible product out there, but it is not the worst. Muscle milk does what it is supposed to, add protein to your diet, but the added 9g of fat and carbs does make it slightly less appealing however when you're short on time, it's a better option then reaching for that bag of chips.

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