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Total Protein Reviews

By: Cutler Nutriton

  February 5, 2015

  • Good Taste


    I've tried quite a few protein powders and this one is just ok.

    Ingredient Profile

    For my personal preference, it is a little high in fat, carbs, and cholesterol. It is also lower in protein per scoop. There aren't any other added goodies like amino acids or vitamins. The last ingredient is ProHydrolas which appears to help with digestion.


    Taste, for me was Chocolate Brownie, is fine if you use 5-6 oz of water. If you start to water it down, the taste definitely gets bad. Mixability is great. It makes decent tasting sludge.


    There is not much value here. You could spend a little more and get a really good protein like PES Select. Or you could spend a little less and get the same stuff. The best value that I have found with a protein blend is Nutrex Muscle Infusion.


    I bought this on a BOGO so I couldn't pass up. For the times I'm not too concerned about calories, I might buy again if it was on buy 1 get 1 50% off. Personally, I'm not too trusting of the Cutler brand.

    COMMENTS (1)

    • rodefeeh
      Rep: +73
      March 4, 2015

      So I got suckered into another BOGO. This time I got Banana Creme Pie. If you've ever had a banana creme pie, this flavor is spot. Very tasty I must say!

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