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Noxitropin Pm Reviews

By: CTD Sports

  November 9, 2015

  • Amazing Rest
  • Great Recovery
  • Awesome Dreams
  • Need A Full 8hrs Of Sleep
  • Anxiety


Hey guys, this review is long over due. I'd like to thank Momo, and CTD Sports for making this available to the SR community. I received this as part of a monthly contest, we were allowed to select any product from their line, so I chose Noxitropin pm.

I feel sleep, and recovery are the most over looked aspect of training for almost everyone. All of us (or most) bust our butts at the gym, try to eat right, but when it comes to sleep and recovery, we all seem to be okay with performing less then optimally in this aspect. Or atleast I know I do. That was why I was interested in this product.

The major claims of this product are rest full sleep (R.E.M.), HGH production, Muscle recovery, and leaner and harder physique, as stated on the tub.

Ingredient Profile

I like the profile. I will post the picture of all the ingredients below. The only thing I wish it had was melatonin. I am by no means a chemist, but I did do a bit of research before I committed to this review, and I'll share what I found on some of what I believe to be some of the more interesting ingredients:

4-amino-3phenylbutyric acid, also known as phenibut, is a derivative of GABA(GABA, listed as gama amino butyric acid is the second ingredient). However, phenibut seems to be able to cross the blood barrier more effectively then GABA itself. With Phenibut, the additional phenyl-ring allows greater blood-brain-barrier permeability and attaches to the GABA receptor complex. It is also a primary central nervous system inhibitory neurotransmitter.

It has many uses, including treatment for anxiety, PTSD, depression, insomnia, as well as a host of others. I also read that it may have potential to increase HGH levels, but I did not find to much evidence to support this. My guess is that it causes drowsiness, making you fall asleep, which is why it helps to produce HGH. It also has potential use as a nootropic, which I thought was interesting.

Macuna Pruriens, is a bit more common of an ingredient these days we see in more products. It contains L-dopa, which is used to treat Parkinson's. Other uses include anxiety, arthritis, as well has hyperprolactinemia, or high levels of prolactin. This is what interest us in our quest for gains. If I'm not mistaken, prolactin is necessary in small amounts, but at high levels of prolactin causes higher levels of estrogen. Lowering prolactin levels, lowers estrogen hence raising testosterone.
I also read about dopamine increasing your sleep quality, helping to enter REM sleep, therefore increasing HGH levels, which should aid in muscle recovery and growth. I also found a study that suggested people who are deprived of REM sleep, benefited more from this then people who enter REM regularly.

Also noteworthy, for people who take many stimulants such as myself, you may have low levels of dopamine, so the L-dopa from mucana Pruriens may increase your dopamine levels, as well as aid I'm sleep, and increase positive mood as well.

Some of this was a bit tricky, so some of my interpretation may be slightly off, so please feel free to delve into a few of the sources I used more thoroughly if you are interested.

They also listed beta-phenyl-y-aminobutyric acid ethyl ester hcl, as well as gama-beta-hydroxybutryic acid in addition to the pheiubit and GABA earlier in the list of ingredients. These are the same things, just a different form of the compound to my understanding.


It is reccomnded to use 1-2 scoops 30 minutes prior to bed time. Easy enough. I recommend starting with less then 1 scoop, as this stuff is potent. I ended up finding my sweet spot to be 10 grams (7.5g serving) and only went higher when I knew I had plenty of time to sleep. I didn't take this on days I got less than 6 hours of sleep, as I know I would not have woken up.

Taste was pretty good, and it grows on you. I had the berry banana flavor, and it tasted as expected. A bit chemically, but I believe this is to be expected from the ingredients in this product. If you ever had the old school version of noxipro, this reminded of of that flavor.
My only gripe is there was always some settling at the bottom. Shake as you may, it will always be there, and the granules that don't dissolve taste disgusting.


Plain and simple, this stuff works well. I woke up well rested, and ready for the day. I truly believe it delivers in all categories it claims, except for the leaner harder physique.
This stuff didn't put me to sleep, but man once I was out, I was out cold. I don't usually dream, or atleast remember them, but I had vivid dreams every single time I took this, which to me is a sign that I have reached REM. And they were long dreams, they seemed to never end, which to signifies reaching REM several times, and staying in REM longer.
From other research I have done, REM is when your body is releasing HGH, so the longer I am in REM, the more HGH that should be released.

However where I feel this really shines, is recovery. I didn't even really notice it until I stopped takin this. I was never excessively sore when I took it, even after hard leg days. I waited a few weeks after finishing the tub to write this, and I can say I definitely notice the difference. This to me was the best part, and also a clear sign of the HGH being released, as well as just attesting to better quality sleep, therefore the recovery.


40 serving tub, on average goes for about $30. This seems on par with other products in its category. Even considering I used slightly more then a serving, and I know some people have used 2 scoops, considering the effectiveness I believe this is a solid value. I have a few other things I want to try, but I would definitely buy this for myself, as well as recommend it to others.

Side Effects

The only side I experienced was slight anxiety the first few nights of dosing. Perhaps it was just me getting nervous, as I was never s fan of things like NyQuil that force you to sleep, but either way it subsided after about a week and never happened throughout the rest of my usage.
I did not get the "hangover" that others experienced with this. I was cautious not to take it if I didn't think I'd get enough sleep, because I saw others had this problem. Also, I waited several weeks to write this as I mentioned before, and I did not find this addictive as other reviewers claimed. Maybe it was because I skipped a few nights here and there, but once the tub was gone, I had no problems falling asleep. The quality of sleep was slightly worse, but it was the same as it was before I started this product, so no complaints from me here.


Plain and simple, this delivers. If you want better sleep, and faster recovery, give this a go. I don't think you'll be disappointed.
  • Berry Banana: 7/10


  • Momo1
    Rep: +3,136
    November 10, 2015

    Great review, thank you for the feedback; glad you enjoyed it!

  • K5Mathews
    Rep: +122
    November 11, 2015

    Great review! Thank you so much for taking part in the contest and for taking the time to review Noxitropin PM. I am very happy to hear that it worked well for you.

  • killaz5
    Rep: +402
    November 11, 2015

    Thanks to you for the opportunity!

  • December 4, 2015

    might have to try this

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