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By: Core Nutritionals


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Pump is a Pump Product manufactured by Core Nutritionals. It is meant to increase blood flow, muscle pumps and increase vascularity. It can be stacked with a stimulant based pre-workout for an added stimulant effect. This promotes an environment for increased muscle mass and fat loss.
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  May 16, 2018

  • Open Label
  • Strong Profile
  • Not Effective
  • Too Expensive

Quick Summary

Core Pump has a great profile, but my results were lackluster, and given that the product is expensive, I would not recommend it.


I'm a competing powerlifter, and I train five days a week. I start with my main lifts and then go on to do my accessory/fluff work. Although I don't primarily train for hypertrophy, I do enjoy chasing the pump at the end of my workouts. A bigger muscle is a stronger muscle.

Ingredient Profile

Core Pump is a stim-free pump product. It is an open-label product, which I like.

In one scoop (10.9g), you get:

1g agmatine- This is a metabolite of arginine. It's often used as a pump enhancer and a glucose disposal agent. 1g is a solid dose.

3g citrulline- This is a precursor of arginine (will turn to arginine in the kidneys). It is considered a better pump enhancer than arginine as it is more bioavailable. 3g is a bit light. I like to see at least 4g.

2g hydromax- This is a stable form of glycerol monosterate. It is often used to increase hydration and improve pumps. Alas, people need a lot more for hydration (30-40g) than what you will get in a supplement product. I personally have never seen much from it in terms of pumps, and it can make products sticky in the summer.

1.5g nitrosigine- The new kid on the block. This is a patented form of arginine and is bonded to a silicate to improve the bioavailability. 1.5g is a clinical dose.

Overall, this is one of the strongest profiles for a pump product that I've seen.


I got the sour green apple flavor. The taste was fine 7/10. It tasted like a sour apple candy, but it had a bit of a bitter aftertaste, probably from the agmatine.

The product mixed well. I would add it 6-8oz of water and use a shaker.

For dosing, I used 1 scoop at a time, and I used a food scale to make sure I was getting the right amount.


I had high hopes for this product. In the past, I have responded well to citrulline, agmatine, and nitrogsigine, so seeing all three of them in one product was exciting. Before now, I've only used 1-2 of the ingredients at one time

Unfortunately, when it came down to it, I just didn't get much in terms of pumps, 6/10, and I saw nothing in terms of vascularity. There was some effect. It was better than not having a pre-workout at all, but I have seen better results (bigger pumps that lasted longer, increased vascularity) from other products, e.g. Big Noise, Stim-Free Conqu3r Unleashed (now discontinued).

I'm not sure why I didn't respond to this one. Maybe, some of the ingredients contraindicated each other.


This is not a cheap product. Core Pump typically costs $40, and each tub is 28 servings, which brings you to $1.43/serving. That's a lot for a pre-workout, especially considering the less than satisfactory results. I actually paid $36 for my tub and the cheapest I've seen it sell is $33.60. Even that price is high though, considering you can get Big Noise for $26.

Side Effects



This was was a dud for me, I'm sorry to say. A great profile, but the results just didn't follow.
  • Sour Apple: 7/10


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