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Core MRP Reviews

By: Core Nutritionals


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Core MRP is a Meal Replacement manufactured by Core Nutritionals. It is a protein based supplement meant to provide additional fats and carbohydrates with the purpose of providing a quick and conveinient meal. It can promote lean muscle mass gain and aid in fat loss. It is not to be used as a sole source of nutrition.
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  September 7, 2018

  • Quality Ingredients
  • Good Micros
  • Digestive Enzymes
  • Not Enough Calories
  • Not Enough Fat
  • Bad Taste

Quick Summary

Core MRP has a nice profile, but the flavor was disappointing and the texture is gritty. The other flavors could be better, but I'm hesitant to get another tub at this price.


I'm a personal trainer who competes in powerlifting and recently started running. I didn't have a fridge or a microwave at work over the summer (have both now), so I wanted an MRP, so that I could have a decent lunch and avoid eating take out/fast food.

I saw Core MRP for sale and decided to try the Blueberry Crumb Cake

Ingredient Profile

One serving is 2 scoops (68g) and will give you 27g protein, 27g carbs (5g fiber, 2g sugar), 3g fat (1g saturated) and 245 calories overall, and also comes with a pretty solid micro profile. We have Vitamin A, C, Calcium, Iron, Vitamin D, E,and K1 to name a few.

The carbs come from oats and barley.

The protein is a blend of from cold-processed whey protein concentrate, Milk protein concentrate, micellar casein, and cold processed whey protein isolate.

There's also a digestive enzyme blend (protease, amylases, lipase, and lactase).

My two critiques are that it could use more calories overall (245 is a small meal) and more fat. You could mix it with milk for more cals and more fat, but I didn't have a fridge at work, so I was mixing it with water. If I had a fridge, I just would have brought a meal.


The taste was not good, 4/10. It tasted like artificial blueberry mixed with a multivitamin. It was chuggable, but the flavor really missed the mark for me.

The texture was also not very pleasing on the tongue. It had a chalky mouth feel and when I used a shaker bottle, I had some clumping issues.

I used 2 scoops at a time with 12 oz of water.


The product was reasonably effective. It would keep me full during my work shift, and it kept me from relying on take out on days I had work.

Where the effectiveness failed, though, was with the flavor. I did not look forward to drinking this product, and I often had gum on hand to keep the taste from lingering.

In terms of recovery, I didn't notice any difference between when I was taking the product and when I wasn't. My overall calories didn't change, so I wasn't expecting to see anything.

I can, though, say the product is easy to digest. I think the added enzymes are useful.


One tub is $36, which is $1.8/serving. This isn't bad for an MRP as they're intended to be a meal replacement vs. a standard protein powder that is usually $1-$1.3/serving.

The only problem was that the calories per serving is low. If a standard meal is 500 calories (just guessing here), then I'd need 4 scoops, which brings me to $3.6/serving. Still less than getting takeout, but not as much. I can get lunch for $5 where I'm am.

Side Effects



This product could have been a go to for me if they fix the flavor. At $36, I'm not willing to get another tub and risk more disappointment. Improve the taste, and we'll talk. Improve the taste and add some more calories/fat, then I will buy.
  • Blueberry Crumb Cake: 4/10

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