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White Flood Reviews

By: Controlled Labs

  August 19, 2013

  • Good Value
  • Focus
  • No Bloat
  • Solid Pumps
  • Upset Stomach
Used as a PW during my last cutting, chose it beacuse it doesn't have creatine and the price was very good. Got it on a BOGO at BB for around 17 bucks. 2x 20 servs for 17!

Price: 9. Each scoop was 42 cents for me. Using 2 scoops I could keep it under 1 dollar (0.84). Think it's very good.

Ingredients: 6. Good profile but with some proprietary blends. So I'm taking 1 point here due blends. For me it was sub-dosed. 2 scoops will do the job very well.

Taste: 7. Got the "furious fruit punch". Good taste but a weird beet juice aftertaste. No complains here. Should add more water to keep it less sweet and better to drink.

Mixability: 7. Few clumps when used with less water. No big deal.

Effectiveness: 8. Good pumps, good vascularity. Does the job! I could feel the tingles from beta alanine, the focus was good too. But I think the stims aren't that strong (at least for me!). So it became a good choice because I work out after 6pm 80% of my time. Could take it around 6pm and didn't mess with my sleep.

Side-Effects: 5 (less is better). When I increased from 1 to 2 scoops (on the 3rd day) I spent the next 3 days going at least 5 times to the bathroom. Then it was ok.

Recommend? Yes.

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