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Blue Up Reviews

By: Controlled Labs

  April 8, 2010

  • Felt Like An Animal
  • Horrible Crash
First let me mention my complete cycle: Blue Gene, White Flood, Green MAGnitude, GlycerGrow, Purple In-Train. For 2 months I combined these with the Stimulant Free version of Blue Up. No complaints at all. After 2 months, I switched to the stimulant version of Blue Up. I have tried this for 2 days now. The first 45 minutes of my first two workouts were insane. I felt like a monster and even got a comment from someone I work out with that said you look absolutely huge today. The last half hour of each workout was awful. I began to crash hard. The following 5 plus hours were excruciating. I was extremely shaky, I had extreme nausea and some dizziness. I didn't feel like this one time when using the stim free version. If you can consume a large amount of stimulants (caffeine and yohimbine) I would suggest this in a heartbeat. If you are sensitive to these ingredients in the SLIGHTEST bit, be careful when using this.

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