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Blue Gene Reviews

By: Controlled Labs

Blue Gene is a Natural Testosterone Booster manufactured by Controlled Labs. It helps optimize your natural testosterone levels, which helps encourage muscle growth and fat loss.
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  November 24, 2016

  • Blue Is My Favorite Color
  • Slight Libido Boost
  • Heavy Dye
  • Blue Poos
  • Blue Mouth
  • Not Effective
  • Too Expensive


A special thanks to for their own generous support to the ER/TROOPs for providing Blue Gene as a supplement opportunity to try out. Blue Gene is a natural anabolic support agent by Controlled Labs formulated with a blend of several ingredients to support a natural anabolic environment in the body. I don't have an extensive experience with Controlled Labs but I've used their green mag amino product and Glycergrow pump product. Both with fairly good results. Blue Gene is a product that has been around for a while but I've never tried it until now.

So does it work?

Ingredient Profile

Aside of a small amount of niacin and sodium, Blue Gene's main profile consists of two prop blends. (Thumbs down on prop blends as always)

The first blend is the Blue C complex containing a 4050 mg quantified blend of L-Carnitine, Cissus Quadrangularis, Carao Extract, Catuaba 4:1 Extract, and GlycoCarn. Cissus Quadrangularis is noted mostly for joint support. L-Carnitine an GlycoCarn improve pump and endurance. The other plant extract ingredients are touted to improve blood flow and may have aphrodisiac properties, but I found no studies backing these claims.

The second blend is the Blue Sky complex containing a 2200 mg quantified blend consisting of Quercetin, Ginkgo Biloba, Grape Seed, Epimedium Sagittatum (50% Lcariin), Coenzyme Q10 , Griffonia Simplicifolia Extract, Apigenin and Perilla Frutescens (Luteolin source). Most of these ingredients are aimed at improving circulation. Griffonia Simplicifolia is said to have nootropic benefits and Perilla Fructescens is said to have anti-inflammatory effects.

Getting past some of the unfamiliar ingredients, we can definitely assume there is some under dosing in a variety of ingredients like most prop blends, but lets give the product a chance.


There is no taste or mixability being that these are caps. One thing I need to complain about though is the blue dye used in these caps. I kid you not when I say that unless I chased the caps down immediately with water, my mouth would be left with a very apparent blue coating on my lips, tongue, teeth, and inner buccal areas of my mouth. You'd think I was being deprived of oxygen if you'd saw me.

The dosing calls for 5 caps a day taken preferably sometime pre workout. On training days, I took 5 caps about 45 minutes before my workout and on non-training days, I usually just took all 5 in the early morning.


After a complete 30 days of using Blue Gene as directed with my usual training and diet regimen, I can say that I was disappointed with the product. I saw no noticeable improvement in any areas that would compliment my usual results from my training in general. I experienced no increase in endurance, strength, mass, pump, or even recovery.

The only thing I can say I noticed was a slight uptick in my libido, but nothing more.

In summary, Blue Gene was just shy of a complete miss.


The cheapest I was able to find Blue Gene was 33.75. As a side note, don't confuse the product with the other "Blue" products such as Blue Growth or Blue up as these are also my Controlled Labs and seem cheaper. For the lack of benefits and some of the unfamiliar ingredients, I'd say this is NOT a good value whatsoever especially considering that at that same price you'd be better off buying a natural test booster with better known ingredients and reviews.

Side Effects

The staining from the blue dye in both your mouth and occasionally your stool (sorry if that's a little TMI)


In conclusion, Blue Gene is not a supplement I would recommend investing in. If you want a more effective and well-reviewed natural anabolic support agent, look elsewhere especially if you're willing to shell out 34-35 dollars for one. Or just, invest in some other staples like protein, multi-v, etc.




  • davidian
    Rep: +1,047
    November 26, 2016

    Liked this review purely because it says Blue Poos

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