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Convictstim Reviews

By: Condemned Labz

  August 24, 2019

  • Increased Energy
  • Focus
  • Pumps
  • Nausea Sometimes
  • Altered State Of Mind
  • Possible Bad Side Effects
  • Hijacked Mind


To begin with i was skeptical about this PWO supplement. I picked from a supplement shop here in India, give a try. I have been working out for almost 7 years, 6 days in a week and i have used pretty good amount of PWO's brands in the market. I can go up to 500MG-700MG of caffein tolerance level. I planned to use this supplement for my morning motivation drive. I woke up on an empty stomach, load on PWO 40min before i hit the gym.
I use to study about the ingredients on any supplement i use, educate my-self to dose & use it properly.

Ingredient Profile

Convict stim by Condemned Labs : Damn i was impressed by the ingredients on the label. First thing that caught my eye was Noopept - 25mg. So let me explain you on the ingredient profile on 1 scoop serving.

Noopept - is a brand name of N-phenylacetyl-L-prolylglycine ethyl ester. Its a form of nootropic (common class of supplements to boost brain functions). Studies show that it has neuroprotective effects during various states of cognitive trauma, including oxidative stress and physical trauma.

Higenamine - Helps in dilating the bronchial tubes by Beta(2)adrenergic agonism. This action is similar to Ephedrine or Clenbuterol (Burn underlying fat)

Yohimbine HCL - Again fat-burner, Pump inducer and increase sex drive by increasing blood flow.

2-aminoisoheptane - 1,4 DMAA used for fat-loss (Jack3d PWO old formula). Some countries have ban on this supplement.

Caffein - For metal focus and concentration

Beta-Alanine - provides endurance during Anaerobic exercise.

L-Citrulline precursor for L-Arginine. Effective than ingesting L-Arginine directly by mouth. Better absorbed into blood stream. Increased pump and blow flow into the muscles.

Bioperine - To efficiently facilitate the absorption rate of other ingredients in Gastrointestinal tract (Stomach).

L-Tyrosine - Increases the dopamine concentration in the body. A Feel good hormone.

Vitamin B3 - Provides endurance during weight training


Taste - I bought green apple flavor. It tasted good, better than other PWO i have tried till date. Tasted just like green apple vodka.

Mixability - No issues at all. It blended perfectly with the water.

Dosing - I started with 1 scoop and sooner bumped upto 3 scoops. I loaded this PWO 40 min before workout session which is mostly weight training daily.


Muscle Pump was amazing.
It started off with good motivation levels and when i am deep into 1hr of workout session my state of mind becomes altered, lost in thoughts with a mild crash feeling. This increased my time between sets.
Initially when i started with this PWO i had nauseated feeling, later my body adapted to it.

On overall i used have good workout sessions with lost mind & thoughts that stayed till afternoon.


Cheapest i could find was 36.30$ ~= 2600INR in an Indian supplement shop for 50 serving tub. This is the only reason i bought it.
Per scoop it costed around 0.73$ ~= 52INR. I don't know how it works outside India, but India this was damn cheap & i think i had a pretty good deal.

Side Effects

Definitely lost in thoughts and my state of mind was altered after 1hr of solid workout session. I think its because of Noopept (This is my first experience with this ingredient). This made me to hate this supplement. Felt like my mind was hijacked for 3hr.
Bitter aftertaste.
Lots of sweating of-course & jittery.


Better to avoid if you are competing in tested sports as it has Higenamine which is a banned substance.
If you hate nootropics hijacking your mind then definitely its not for you.
Got best pumps & workouts in the gym, but lost my mind in the gym to be honest.
I would never take this PWO because of its effects on me. But experience may vary to others.
  • Green Apple: 9/10


  • dmf8625
    Rep: +2,021
    August 25, 2019


    I wouldn't invest too much time writing reviews for this site. It is dead and may be taken offline soon.

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