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Suppress-C has been reported as discontinued.

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Suppress-C Reviews

By: Competitive Edge Labs

  March 18, 2012

  • Multi Purpose Product
  • Can Be Used Bulking/cutting
  • Very Effective
  • Works From Day One
  • Very Easy To Apply
  • Leaned Out
  • Lost Fat And Retained Muscle
  • Cortisol Crushing Feels Horrible
Hey everyone here is my review for Suppress-C, an advanced cortisol control agent. I decided to use it during my cut for 4 weeks. I know a lot of people use it during PCT but, since I am not 21, I ran it with D-Pol and OEP and had really great results. These three products stacked together is an amazing natty stack that I would recommend to anyone who's been hitting the gym hard for a few years and has knowledge about supps already under their belt, as the side effects from each can be harsh for some. (Of course I am taking all the staple supps: protein creatine (kre-alk) fish oil and a multi)

What is it? Suppress-C is B-androstenetriol (Androst 5-ene-3b, 7b,17b-triol) and it is a topical gel. In Chichi's review he explains exactly what this compound is and the studies behind it please look to this review for guidance if you'd like to obtain more info. Basically this product crushes your Cortisol Levels. Cortisol is a steroid your body produces naturally to relieve stress, yet it also has some very nasty effects on building muscle such as putting your muscles into a state of catabolism (or a state where your body uses your muscles as fuel breaking them down, Cortisol also produces a large amount of Visceral Fat (or fat that will be used quickly as energy) which builds up around your internal organs...example love handles. SO Controlling Cortisol is a good thing? Ehh it can go both ways you'll see the effectiveness for me as well as the side effects of this product.

Value 10/10 Even though this product is now discontinued I still managed to find it, and at a steal of a price too. For a full bottle it was $19.99 so right around 24 bucks with shipping, even for a non-discontinued item that is a great price! You get 60 servings of 2 squirts, so this product lasts a full month. Right about 30 cents a use or 60 cents a day.

Dosage 9/10 I really enjoyed the fact that this is a topical cream, especially because it was my first supplement of this kind. I really felt that everything was absorbed quicker due to this and I'll talk about that in the effectiveness section. You are supposed to dose this product at 2 squirts twice daily spaced 8-12 hours apart preferably after a shower once you're dry. It was very simple to use (after the first time...that time I struggled a bit haha) and I felt that it dried fairly quickly. The bottle says to use an area of skin where it is thin so that it may better absorb into your body, such as the inner thigh or the upper inner arm. I used both of these areas in fact. First I used the inner thigh and found that it stayed on my thighs for about 20 mins and after about 2 weeks using this product I switched it my upper inner arm in which it dried in about 3. (Also if you are prone to chaffing you should stay away from using it on your thighs...duh ha I found out the hard way.) Oh and it smells like sun-screen so...have fun explaining that to whomever. It is a pretty strong smell in actuality and towards the end of the bottle it smelled more like alcohol than anything else so make sure you shake it each time you use it.

Effectiveness 10/10 This product began working almost immediately. I knew it would take around 12 or so days for my D-Pol to kick in but man, this started working around day 3 for me. This is the fastest supp I've felt that deals with hormones and the first effects from it were really not too pleasant. (See Side Effects section) I really started to see positive effects from this product at about day 8. I noticed that I was looking more defined in areas that are generally not defined on me, such as the love handles and my arms. Like I said I ran this product on a cut and from the lower calorie intake plus this product (and D-Pol) I felt that I was able to shed the pounds faster but at the same time retain all of my muscle that I had gained from my bulk, and along with that all of my muscles were becoming more defined! After taking this product the effects of it were evident, I lost about eight lbs overall during my 4 week cycle (2lbs a week) and feel that I cut bf as well. I feel that this product enabled me to drop my calories in order to drop weight (in fat) yet at the same time retain my muscle that was gained during my bulk. (You could say the weight lost is due to OEP and cutting calories but the retention of muscle is something that I can safely attribute to Suppress-C as I've taken OEP before on a cut and did not retain as much muscle as this cycle.)

Side Effects 4/10- While the positive Effects of this product may be great (Fat loss, retention of muscle, more definition) the negative side effects of this product almost made me want to stop taking it. The first negative is almost a burning sensation after application...nothing too serious and I could deal with this quite easily. The second negative is where the real problems for me set in. Right around day 10 I started to feel very anxious all the time. Cortisol (as stated above) controls your stress levels and when your body has no Cortisol obviously you will be stressed out most of the day. I felt anxious at all times of the day and because I am currently in school the effects were at least doubled. While I did not have headaches or problems sleeping the anxiety really took its toll on was kind of like a feeling that the entire world was crashing down upon me at all times of the day...pretty awful if you ask me. At about week 3 I decided to drop the dosage down to 1 squirt twice daily and like Chichi said this made the negative effects less noticeable (but still present). Also like Chichi said there is a reason your body produces it and if I take another cortisol control product it will be over the summer when there is much less stress!!

Overall 9/10 Yeah the math doesn't add up...sue me. This product I feel would be a great addition to any PCT and from my experience is a great addition to a natty stack for more experienced gym goers who have yet to (or won't) move into the PH world. There are some really nice positives about this product like: almost targeted fat reduction, retention of muscle, and a real improved body composition/definition, but there are also some real negatives as well...but that is to be expected when you crush something your body naturally produces. This product is worth a try before it is gone for good and for the price I got it at, you can't beat it. I was told from more experienced members on this site that this product is one of the strongest cortisol control products out there and from my experience this is true.

Thank you for reading!


  • ReVengeance
    Rep: +219
    March 18, 2012

    Nice review bro, very informative.

  • AlphandOmega
    Rep: +1,348
    March 18, 2012

    How are you not on the expert reviewers again?

  • March 18, 2012

    @Re Thanks man.

    @A&O Hah ehh I think I need a few more reviews under my belt before they'd pick me for that. Still I take that as a high compliment so thank you man.

  • thinisin
    Rep: +282
    March 18, 2012

    Where did you buy it for that price?? All i can find is about 35

  • March 18, 2012

    A secret place shhh haha pm sent.

  • AlphandOmega
    Rep: +1,348
    March 19, 2012


    Alright with my genetics I definitely have problems with cortisol. Which would you suggest for a beginner to anti-cortisol? Erase, Lean Xtreme, or this?

  • Primal
    Rep: +28
    March 19, 2012

    @A&O I've used both suppress C and lean xtreme. I was able to see results from suppress C faster however I had a pretty bad allergic reaction to it and got pretty terrible itchy rashes on both of my arms that took over a week to go away. For that reason I switched over to lean xtreme 3-4x per day.

  • March 19, 2012

    Awesome review broski, very informative. Does anybody know if Suppress-C can be used with Arom-X, following a cycle of Mass drops with Cycle Assist, thanks in advance for the help

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