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P-Stanz has been reported as discontinued.

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P-Stanz Reviews

By: Competitive Edge Labs

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Growth Enhancers > Prohormones
P-Stanz is a Prohormone manufactured by Competitive Edge Labs. It is a synthetic version of hormones or hormone precursors that increase muscle strength, size and stamina, and can additionally aid in fat loss.

P-Stanz has been reported as discontinued.

Check out the top-ranked products in Growth Enhancers > Prohormones


Only 1 Review - Waiting for more trustworthy reviews


  March 20, 2011

  • Fat Loss
  • Good Value
  • Builds Muscle
  • Increased Energy
  • Your Gonads Wont Shrink
  • Vascularity
  • Hardness
  • Minimal Sides
  • Increased Strength
  • Good Starter Ph
  • Groin Pimples
  • Anger
  • Back Pumps With Cardio
Wow. Its not often I can actually say I'm impressed with a product I've used. I'm surprised how well my body reacted to this compound. Well on to the review:

Ingredient profile: Orastan e aka prostanozolol aka p-stanz. Dosed at 50 mg a capsule with 90 capsules.

Taste: Sorry blokes there was no taste

effectiveness: Ok, so I ran this compound at 200/200/250/250/300/300, I was using a carb cycling diet, where I would go low carb for 4 days then have a high carb day. I was lifting 3 times a week emphasizing compound movements with high volume rep ranges with minimal rest periods. Then I was doing 2 days a week HIIT at first, then I threw in a day of steady state cardio (running 2 miles) in to help burn more calories.

Week 1: My energy is up thats for sure, can't seem to get tired, no strength or endurance gains yet, but my mind is in the workout and Im crushing every single set.

week 2: the hardness sets in. I can relate it to the test boosters I've been on, but better. Endurance has sky rocketed, not strength so much. Still obliterating my workouts.

week 3: This is where the change starts, My body fat is reducing, but I'm staying the same weight. Strength has gone up in all lifts. Hardness is increasing, as well as veins in my shoulders are starting to become more apparent.

week 4: I actually start to see size gains at this point. I know this product is not known for size, but around this time I see a noticeable gain in my shoulders, arms, traps and chest. My roomates and girlfriend are saying I look alot more cut. I'm destroying every workout. Weights are nothing but feathers. I'm breezing through cardio like kenyan.

Weeks 5 and 6: I believe this is where this product plateaus. Hardness and vascularity increased a little more, strength went up another 5 pounds. My bench finally increased which is my weakest lift. I went from hitting 270 x 5 to 270 x 11 which had me floored.

The cons/sides: There wasn't many but there are a view things I should point out. A good thing was, my boys didn't shrink at all, i think this could be due to the fact P-stanz doesnt shut down the HPTA to the extent other compounds do. The sides i DID experience though, were back pumps during cardio (which really sucked, taurine helped though) some mild anger issues, and groin pimples that hurt like hell. Other than that, no gyno, no balding, no shrinkage, no jaundice.

Value: I got a whole cycle for around 70 bucks (2 90 count bottles) which isn't too bad but when you look at the amount you get in other products for that price, it's a hell of a value.

My PCT is Nolvadex dosed 10/10/10/10 with D-aspartic acid and Reversitol version 1. I'd rather be safe then sorry haha.

All in all, if you're of age, have a proper training program, and have proper PCT and Cycle Support, I HIGHLY recommend this product. You will not be disappointed at all.


  • Mooselini
    Rep: +2,866
    March 20, 2011

    great review man, there is alot of good information in there

  • Showtime88
    Rep: +215
    March 20, 2011

    Thanks man. I wanna be as helpful as possible since this is my first time even using a compound like this.

  • John5516
    Rep: +63
    March 20, 2011

    Great Review, very in-depth and detailed. Makes me want to try it now. haha

  • IamAlex
    Rep: +1,086
    March 20, 2011

    Good review man... I've got 3 bottles of P-stanz sitting in my closet right now..just waiting for my cut. :]

  • MCSyd
    Rep: +452
    March 20, 2011

    Great review, showtime!
    Any idea how much bodyfat % you lost? Or how much overall weight change you experienced on your cycle?

    Like Alex, I've got P-Stanz on hand waiting for my cutting cycle.

  • Manimal
    Rep: +4,022
    March 21, 2011

    Good review showbro

  • Showtime88
    Rep: +215
    March 21, 2011

    @ MCsyd: Yea man I went from 18 percent to 15 without any weight change. My goal for the cycle was to lose 10-12 lbs of bad weight, but the recomp was an unexpected surprise I'm not disapointed in due to the size gains. I'm day 1 into PCT and i actually feel pretty great.

    @ the rest of you, thanks for the props

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