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This product has been reported as discontinued.


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P-Mag is a Prohormone manufactured by Competitive Edge Labs. It is a synthetic version of hormones or hormone precursors that increase muscle strength, size and stamina, and can additionally aid in fat loss.

This product has been reported as discontinued.

See all 30 products in:
Growth Enhancers > Prohormones


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The supplement industry is notorious for agressive marketing and misinformation.

Rep: +3
Trust: 0%
  August 28, 2012

Okay here's what i ran.---2 bottles of P-Mag plus 1 bottle of dermacrine.
P-Mag went 50/75/75/100/75/50
I only had 1 bottle of dermacrine so i took the reccomended dosage from week 2 through week 5.

For a PCT i ran Tamoxifen and Clomiphene together 30/20/20/10 along with CEL's PCT Assist.

I debated whether to preload or not, but im very catious so i did. I preloaded hawthorn and milk thistle 10 day prior to my cycle.

On cycle supports:
- CEL's Cycle Assist
- Opti-mens multi
- Taurine (as needed)
- Glucosamine (as needed)
- For liver support i bought a bottle of Liv.52
- on top of all that i also took milk thistle

Diet intake consisted of:
- about 200-225g of protien.
- 3-4 thousand calories
- low fat. i cant remember how much..

- Tamoxifen and Clomiphene 30/20/20/10
- PCT assist
- Green Magnitude


Great Gains!!!
Went up on every single lift!!! Started having back pumps around week 3 but the taurine zapped that pretty quick

I was very pleased with my cycle! I gained 9lbs solid!! It did cost a pretty penny, but id do it again for my future health. Cant wait to do another one. let me know if anything could be better, i always like constructive criticism. Thanks guys
  • Builds Muscle
  • Increased Strength Greatly
  • Increased Size
  • Increased Aggresion In The Gym
  • Sky High Libido :)
  • Hardens Muscles
  • Normal Stuff
  • Expensive
Rep: +4
Trust: 0%
  July 1, 2012

5 week p-mag cycle

weighing 174 at the start of the cycle and now at 182 near the end of week 5
dosed 50/75/75/100/100
ran cycle assist 8 pills a day spaced somewhat like : 8 am- 2 pmag 12pm-4 cycle assit 4pm- 2pmag 8pm-4 cycle assit and will be running tamoxifen citrate 20-20-10-10 with the pct assist(im to lazy to get up and look at the brand name)

week 1- felt normal but less sex drive

week 2-started @ 75 got lethargic even though i got plenty of sleep( take a good one or 2 hour nap you'll be fine)very low sex drive

week 3- somewhat lethargic bench press went up about 5 pounds everytime i went in for an arm or tricep n chest day also noticed small weight gains in other workouts.libido was very high.

week 4- started @ 100 no lethargy at all a little more alpha-male feeling (im naturally like that)very emotional week but hardly any anger. really no way to put this but to say i was ready to plow every girl i saw,definitely my favorite week

week 5- no lethargy still making strength gains but weight gains have stopped.very angry week, gotta make sure you check yourself every once in a while so you dont do anything stupid. libido is back to what it was before cycle my max bench press went up +40 from the start of the cycle.

2 bottles of p-mag from hardrock about $50 tamoxifen citrate(serm) was about $45
cylce assit $22
pct assist $37
total is about $160 with shipping and all the right precautions.

For $160 i would not recommend this but seeing as i will run a havoc cycle(epistane clone) sometime near x-mas, i already have my serm.I will most likely only take half of the pct assist and save the other half for the future epistane cycle which will only cost me 50 dollars to do.BUT i do recommend this if you plan on running future cycles and are just using this as a test to see what sides you're "prone" to getting while on prohormones.
  • Builds Muscle
  • Increased Size
  • Sky High Libido :)
  • Expensive
Rep: +11
Trust: 15%
  December 7, 2011

Hell SR community this will be my first review so bear with me. I will keep it short and sweet.
I ran a lean bulk mostly consisting of chicken,brown rice wheat bread peanut butter, fish, and oatmeal.
P-mag 50/75/75/75/100/100
Cycle assist, fish oil and 100% whey all the way through.
PCT: Nolva 20/20/10/10, animal stak,basic creatine mono and C4
152lbs between 10-12 body fat%

STATS on Day 1 of PCT
168lbs between 12-14 body fat %

CURRENT STATS: about 3 months after day 1 of PCT
Between 8-10 body fat %

Week 1: noticed nothing different from the usual.
Week 2: weight started feeling slightly lighter.nothing major.
Week 3: this is we're things became interesting.started bumping up weight while keeping my steady 6-10 rep ranges. INCREDIBLE pumps. Friends start asking what I'm on.
Week 4: continuing to increase my lifts dramatically. Up 10 pounds on the scale. Still INCREDIBLE pumps. Looking much more thick, and getting compliments from many friends.
Week5: 100mg was definetly my sweet spot. Huge increase in ALL lifts especially my Deadlift. Bulging shoulders, still amazing pumps, and extremely noticeable change in my over all mass.started my rep range at 10-15 reps so I could go heavy during PCT.
Week 6:same as week 5!

Overall I found this product to be Amazing. I had LITERALLY NO sides which was suprising because I had taurine on hand for back pumps which never came. I loved every minute of my cycle.
During pct I noticed that I lost and immediate 5 of the 17 pounds I gained but I noticed that it was mostly water weight. Which I actually thought was a good thing cuz I leaned out a bit. It's been 3 months and I have kept all my strength size gains.

The only problem I note which was a slight rebound gyno I got after pct which I'm currently taking care of. No biggie, nothing a little nolva and erase hasn't been able to handle.

As my first ph this blew my expectations out of the water. Extremely satisfied and I definetly recommend it!

  • Builds Muscle
  • Increased Strength Greatly
  • Increased Size
  • Inexpensive
  • Sky High Libido :)
    Rep: +39
    Trust: 81%
      September 22, 2011

    P-Mag and halotest are one in the same and I used one bottle of each in my last cycle. Hope that helps people, P MAG IS WAY CHEAPER!

    About ME! 27 6foot 208lbs at Start of Halotest/P-mag ( one bottle of each, bought halotest before I knew they were one in the same except for price!!! get P-Mag every time!!! ) Goal is to be 250lb soild scary muscle yet keeping my speed up for simi pro football.

    Diet was a clean 300g+ protein a day and 300g+ carbs
    Pre loaded a week on Milk Thistle-red yeast rice-hawthorn berries and nightly ZMA and took through cycle too.

    Week 1:(50g a day) Felt fat because I doubled my carbs to 300g a day but felt strong and had lots of energy, From the food not the PH I'm sure.

    Week 2:(75g a day ) Very random white heads on for-arm, calf and back. Maybe 8 total but really weird spots and didn't last. Weight is now 211. Get VERY tired right around 4pm which is not like me at all, blame the PH. Diet still going strong!

    Week 3: WOW!(100g a day) Incline bench went from 225lb 3reps to 225lb 10reps! Flat bench went from 315lb 3reps to 315lbs 10reps. Felt really soild and smooth. Weight is now 215 and I can start to see some detail in my upper abs althought I'm still eatting like CRAZY!
    Still REALLY tired right around 4pm but CAN NOT SLEEP because of back pumps!

    Week 4: (100g a day ) Have not had a Zit since end of week 2. Shoulders look alot more CUT and I'm adding 25lbs to EVERY lift! Squated 365lb 5reps first time every. After wek 3 I was just feeling really pumped and focused on lifting big and going to failer! Sleeping is getting better, thank you NyQuil! Back pain comes and goes but really just kind of delt with it!

    Week 5:(100g a day ) 218lbs!!! And feeling great! Can not believe I'm not FAT cause I've never carbed this high this long! Back pains are gone! No Zits, Still tired at 4pm! Getting sick of eatting! Add 10lbs to EVERY lift can getting excited when I lift something that it doesn't give me that over whelming HEAVY feel, like I know I can do it and am psyched up!!

    Just took for 5 weeks and am on my PCT and SERM

    PCT made myself but taking:
    Fenugreek Seed
    Stinging Nettle Root
    D-Aspartic Acid
    Alont with the other supps I pre loaded with and SERM

    Halo/P-Mag is a great starter PH and I really felt after week 3 that I was getting stronger and bigger!
    My work out looked like this

    MON-1pm Chest 8:30pm Legs

    Tues 3pm arms-Abs

    Wed 1pm BACK 8:30pm Chest

    Thurs 3pm arms-Abs

    Fri 1pm Legs 8:30pm Back

    I would go big and heavy on the first time body part and then light with high reps the second time in a week. YES this was alot but my body responded and I was eating ALOT to refuel and rest my body. Did maybe 5 mins cardio before a work out just to warm up other wise I did ZERO cardio. Which really makes me want to take this during cutting cycle cause I was seeing alot of cuts show up even while on a high carb deit!

    CONS: Sex Drive takes a DIVE in week 2. I'm talking BAD!!! Lethargic which I did not like! Headaches randomly which I'm not prone to getting.

    Pros! BUILDS STRENGHT AND MUSCLES!!! IT WORKS! P-Mag is CHEAP! Great starter PH!

    Thoughts? Comments? Questions?
    • Builds Muscle
    • Strength
    • Increased Size
    • Requires Pct
    • No Sex Drive
    Rep: +39
    Trust: 31%
      August 30, 2011

    Well, I'm going to keep this review short and sweet.

    I have done H-Drol a couple times, and this one is a very close relative to it. This is a derivative of methyl-clostebol, while H-Drol is a precursor to turinabol, both of which are 4-chlorinated which prevents 5-alpha reductase activity as well as aromatization.

    A lot of people say this was a better bulker than H-Drol, and while i gained pretty decent bulk on it, i found it was better suited as a cutter. I decided to try P-Mag on a mild bulk dosed at 50mg a day, and i ended up gaining a solid 9 lbs while eating only 500 calories over maintenance.

    Blood work was much better, HDL only dropped a few points while LDL slightly increased, both were still within range. Liver enzymes were elevated, but not quite as much as H-Drol. Its my general opinion that this compound is somehow easier on the body than H-Drol, at least in my case.
    • Builds Muscle
    • Increased Strength Greatly
    • Increased Size
    • Liver Toxic
    • Damages Cholesterol
    • Requires Pct
    Rep: +2,410
    Trust: 100%
      February 13, 2011

    Dear SR community. I have had a fantastic experience with P-Mag.I ran P-Mag with Cycle Assist, Fish Oil, Glucosamine, Milk Thistle, I ran P-Mag at 50/75/75/75/75/75. I started noticing gains at week 3. After week 3 the gains never slowed down.

    Effectiveness: The strength/ size gains were both great for such a mild PH. The weight started feeling lighter and lighter. I knew i loved P-Mag when i did when i shoulder pressed 12 reps of 65lbs and said "this is too easy". Strength gains went up all around for every muscle. I dropped a tad bit of body fat, but i wasn't really expecting or trying too. I had a very high calorie diet. I would train each muscle twice a week, which is something i don't normally do.

    Side effects: Main side effects were blood pressure related. I would have blood when i blow my nose and mild head aches. When ever the headaches would start, i would take 2 extra caps of Cycle Assist. That would normally make the headache go away within a couple of hours. I didn't want to take Tylenol because i didn't want anymore stress on my liver than i should have. Another side was back pumps. The only time i had back pumps was when i did dead lifts. I didn't buy any taurine, i just managed them. I kinda like the pain. A positive side effect was my libido was sky high starting the second week. I also had a Alpha Male feeling in the gym and out of the gym the whole time i was on P-Mag. My mood was very positive the entire cycle.

    Price: I got this a birthday gift, but the price was 30 dollars a bottle on

    PCT: My PCT will consist of Tamoxifen Citrate (liquid)
    Post Cycle Support-Anabolic Innovations
    Tribulus- NOW
    Glycobol- Anabolic Innovations
    Green MAGnitude- Controlled Labs
    Glutamine- Optimum Nutrition
    ModernBCAA- USP Labs
    Jack3d- USP Labs
    Yok3d- USP Labs

    I will run the Tamoxifen 20/20/10/10.

    I have a full rundown of P-Mag in my before and after thread:

    If you guys got any questions, just ask me.
    • Builds Muscle
    • Increased Strength Greatly
    • Increased Size
    • Increased Aggresion In The Gym
    • Inexpensive
    • Sky High Libido :)
      Rep: +26
      Trust: 35%
        January 30, 2011

      I ran P-Mag a lil over 3 months ago and LOVED IT!!! did a 6 week cycle and ran it at 50/50/75/75/75/75.I think a 6 week cycle is idea for this one, began to feel it kick in around the middle of week 2 or beginning of week 3.

      First thing i noticed was strength going up, me and my friend were doing bench press one day when he pointed out i could probably go another 15 to 20 lbs heavier,something i couldnt do prior to starting the P-Mag cycle.all my lifts went up with weight varying on different lifts.

      let me mention real quick the only other supps i took were support supps,was not even using creatine at the time.I feel the best way to give a honest and accurate review of a product is to run it by itself. I notice people who write reviews or who are logging a product while they are taking so many different things,its like how can you tell what is exactly working?anyways,just wanted to clear that up.

      i did the run on a bulking program,i was doing the Stronglifts 5x5 program at the time.i will say by the time i ended my cycle i had put on about 8 lbs of boby weight.I was really pushing the eating part alot.I would get so ***ed off if i went more than 2 1/2 hours without eating,i was damn near obsessed with if you want to bulk,give P-Mag a try,if you can find it now :(

      value was awesome,60 pills for about 28 bucks,you couldnt beat it with a hammer.So bottom line, i recommend this product and was very pleased,i will be running it again before summer,if i can find it then,peace.
      • Increased Strength Greatly
      • Increased Size
      • Inexpensive
        Rep: 0
        Trust: 0%
          October 14, 2010

        Have done a few PH cycles at this point and have always dont them right, support sups, diet, no drinking, proper doses, and most importantly **proper** PCT. That all baing said i will never touch SD again, great gains while on but sides were rough and had some trouble keeping some of the gains.

        PMAG was great, ran 5 weeks 50/75/75/75/75 saw modest gains (5-7 lbs ish, and btw im a VERY hard gainer so some people consider 5-7 to be nothing but for me thats 1 year of gainers and training). Great lean gains good strength increases maintainable in Post Cycle and best of all **NO** sides.
        • Builds Muscle
        • Increased Size
        • Inexpensive
          Rep: +25
          Trust: 45%
            May 27, 2010

          I started at 179 lbs 9 % BF and took the P-Mag 50/75/75/75/100/75 and ended at 186 lbs-9 % BF. My chest went from 39' to 40' with my new bench max being 265-prior max was 225. My arms increased 1/2 in. I didn't measure my legs but they definately increased in and size and strength substantially as my prior leg press was about 410 x 6-8 and now it is 630 x5. I loved this product and was suprised at how good it worked. Countless people were telling me how bigger and fuller i looked. The only side effect was moderate back acne. Highly recommended to beginners and people curious about PHs.
          • Increased Strength Greatly
          • Increased Size
          • Increased Aggresion In The Gym
          • Inexpensive
          • Builds Muscle

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