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In: Growth Enhancers > Post Cycle Therapy

Cycle Assist is a Post Cycle Therapy Product manufactured by Competitive Edge Labs. It is designed to be used following any synthetic hormone use to help the body recover and return to it's natural hormone balance.

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The supplement industry is notorious for agressive marketing and misinformation.

Rep: +205
Trust: 100%
  December 7, 2012

I'm not going to break down the profile of this,as most of you know it and each ingredients benefit,and if you don't and your reading this,you should.

I love this product,a must have for me on any cycle.Have not ran a cycle without it yet,and will use for any future cycle needs.This product has all the right stuff in it,and is so easy to dose.4 caps twice a day,can't be any easier.

Cycle assist has helped me keep my blood pressure in check,headaches in check,nose bleeds,no organ pain,chest pain!Any negative sides I have experienced ever I feel was without a doubt my fault for how I ran my cycle,cycle assist definitely does its job and well.Also it has helped keep acne to a minimum while on.

Overall this is a great product.For what you get in the profile it can not be beat for price.Helps me keep all my sides in check and a must have in My books.

  • Good Value
  • Your Blood Work Will Love This
  • Very Effective
  • Helpes Prevent Possible Sides
  • Great Ingredients
    Rep: +185
    Trust: 100%
      January 21, 2012

    I know everybody and their Mother have reviewed this product but tough this is a wake up call. Smells funny? Absolutely!When you go the bathroom will you clear the house? Absolutely! Will the bathroom smell like little old lady from now on? Absolutely! Well too bad because this is still the best product of it's kind on the market. It's got NAC/HB/MT all of the crap you need to survive these harsh oral steroids. So quit whining about how bad it smells and suck it up.
    • Good Value
    • Your Blood Work Will Love This
    • Very Effective
    • Helpes Prevent Possible Sides
    • Great Ingredients
      Rep: +341
      Trust: 100%
        June 21, 2011

      Competitive Edge Labs Cycle Assist is all-In-one Cycle Support, Cycle Assist is designed to help provide liver, blood pressure, cholesterol, prostate, and acne support. When cycling a ph you have the possibility of getting side effects, but taking Cycle Assist can help prevent possible side effects. A lot of people think that Cycle Assist is a waste of money, that you can run cycles without it, but why take the risk, I have seen tons of logs were people didn't preload or take Cycle Assist & during their cycle they start having problems & asking for advice & eventually quit, taking Cycle Assist will not guarantee 100% safety, it's just going to help assist & prevent possible side effects that occur. If your ignorant enough not to research what your taking & possible side effects that can occur, & how you can prevent them then you should stay away from all ph even some supplements.

      I preloaded 2 weeks prior & continued straight through PCT (if you want a cheap option you can preload Milk Thistle & hawthorn berry). Cycle Assist really helped prevent any side effects for me, the only side effect that I got for the first couple of days was high blood pressure/ & headaches, but taking another pill of Cycle Assist with each serving for those days really sorted it out, it also helped when I increased my water intake, if you're looking to save Cycle Assist, just pick up some hawthorn berry extract to help with the high blood pressures, which seems to be the most common side. I took 4 capsules twice daily, spaced out 8 hours apart, one serving at 12 & the other at 8; make sure you spread out the Cycle Assist from the ph (4/6 hours apart). My blood work came back better than I thought everything was in a good range, jus some minor cholesterol problems, as for acne I never suffered any major acne problems, just a lil bit of backne. The best thing about Cycle Assist is every herb is a standardized extract and the standardization amount is identified on the label.

      Ingredients per serving 4caps (240caps bottle):
      NAC -750mg (liver)
      Milk Thistle - 500mg (liver)
      Vitamin B-5 – 500mg (cholesterol/acne)
      Hawthorne Berry Extract – 300mg (blood pressure)
      Vitamin B6 – 200mg (cardiovascular function)
      Saw Palmetto – 160mg (prostate)
      Celery Seed Extract – 75mg (blood pressure, cholesterol, & improve circulation)
      Grape Seed Extract – 75mg (antioxidant/cardiovascular and immune function)
      Policosanol – 20mg (cholesterol levels and cardiovascular health)
      Zinc – 15mg (antioxidant)

      Overall Cycle Assist is a must when running a ph, it's a great all in one supp which saves you from having to choke down a lot of pills. Have read online that its due to the NAC. For me it can smell whatever it wants to as long as it works lol.
      • Great Value
      • Very Effective
      • Helpes Prevent Possible Sides
      • Great Ingredients
      • Smells Funny
      Rep: +61
      Trust: 68%
        April 5, 2011

      So I just wrapped up what I thought was going to be a pretty harsh cycle. A bridge with 2 methyl's. I know, I know, multiple methyl's are frowned upon so no need to preach to me please.

      I followed the directions of 4 pills twice a day, and also loaded for 10 days before the cycle. Sides on cycle were certainly minimized greatly. It was almost too good to be true. Skin was no worse than normal, blood pressure only went up briefly at the beginning, and my liver felt great! No really my liver felt great, and I had blood work to prove it!

      I just happen to be starting a new job and their health insurance requires blood work. I was a bit nervous about what was going to showing up. Well guess what? liver values were perfect! You're probably thinking big deal, but I forgot to mention it was a SD-Xtreme to Epivar bridge. My lipids were god awful and my T3 uptake was through the roof, but the lipids were expected. Not sure about the high T3 uptake though.

      Anyone looking into PH cycle needs CEL Cycle Assist. It's inexpensive, and your body will thank you.
      • Good Value
      • Your Blood Work Will Love This
        Rep: 0
        Trust: 2%
          September 24, 2010

        I absolutely love this stuff !!! I've done about 5 PH cycles, and have used Cycle Assist twice. For me, it made a difference. For me, most PH make me very lathargic. Especially if they're methylated. I found both times adding Cycle Assist to my stack, made me way less lathargic. Increase my over-all sense of well-being as well. I wasn't so moody all of the time. Any great thing about this product: it is very in-expensive !!! Now, one bad thing. The pills ... spell like a used litter box. Literally !!!
        • Good Value
        • Your Blood Work Will Love This
        • No Acme

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