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BIUM-D is a Thermogenic Weight Loss Product manufactured by Clinical Sports Labs. It increases the body's temperature and raises metabolism, helping to burn more calories and assist with fat loss.
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  October 12, 2017

  • Low Stim
  • Appetite Suppression
  • Some Body Recomp
  • Prop Blend
  • Too Expensive


Hey SR, here today for a review of Clinical Sport's fat burner called Bium-D. As most of you know, I have been cutting for a very long time after my ACL reconstruction surgery. I'm currently sitting at about 160 lbs, 5'9", and about 7-8% body fat. I am very lean at the moment, follow the carb nite protocol, and really only have the lower abs and some love handles left. This is definitely the most stubborn fat to get off and since I've been cutting so long I think my body is fighting it. I also have been using a lot of stims with preworkouts and fat burners and chose this product as it is a lot lower on the stims to give my body a break. Let's see how this fat burner stacked up.

Ingredient Profile

Attached the supplement facts, and as you can see this is very low stim at only 100 mg per pill. The rest of the pill is unfortunately broken into a prop blend. There are some common ingredients found in most fat burners like Tyrosine for focus and raspberry ketones. Then there's some ingredients that I have had before like I really like such as Forskolin which helps with body composition that I've had in AnaBeta Elite and and a handful of other products. Another ingredient not commonly found is Bovine Serum, which Clinical Sports says help shuttle nutrients into muscle instead of storing as fat which helps preserve muscle as well help maintain/lose weight. I have used nutrient partitioners before with some success so I'm ok with this ingredient. We also have Rauwolscine, the pure form of yohimbine. I don't get yohimbine sides and I'm a big fan of this ingredient. Overall, definitely a low stim fat burner with some body recomp agents which I sounded just about right for my needs. I wish I knew how much for these ingredients but overall a decent profile I think.


No taste or mixability, small easy to swallow red and white caps. Dosing as with most fat burners is assess your tolerance with one cap and then move to two, and a third is max dose. Since this is very low stim and I am very stim tolerant I went with two caps an hour before lunch and one an hour before dinner. You want to space this a little before a meal especially if there's carbs because of the rauwolscine. Not too hard to follow for someone used to it, but not the easiest either.


I like to gauge a fat burner in multiple aspects.

Energy: they say this is not an energy pill and they are not lying. Honestly, I didn't feel anything in terms of energy from this product but I have been on stim overload for quite awhile.

Appetite Suppressant: I thought this worked really well. Because I took this before a meal I felt satiated quicker which allowed me to eat less in terms of portions. I think this is what I look for most in a fat burner these days as diet is what is going to change your body the quickest.

Focus/mood: A slight boost. I really like when fat burners have nootropics and mood elevators because low carb diets can definitely make you cranky. I think this is an area that can be improved upon.

Thermo effect: A slight increase in temp, a little more sweating than normal. Nothing major here either.

Fat loss: So I didn't lose a ton of weight, but I don't have a lot of weight to lose either. I did feel that my body comp changed though, as I look more defined and leaned out around the midsection even more.

So overall, I think Bium-D is a low stim option that can help with fat loss in terms of appetite suppression and body recomp. It was a nice break from the high stim fat burners and allowed me to still take my preworkout early in the morning before I lift.


Premium low/non stim fatburners are pretty expensive because of their ingredients usually, Torem Neco-Adipem is an example. This has some unique and premium ingredients in it so it follows suit at $42 for a 30 day supply (when taking 3 pills a day). At this cost it's more tailored for someone in my situation looking for more of a niche product for cycling off stims/body recomp.

Side Effects



I liked this product, and would definitely recommend it to someone who wants to lean out and have a little bit more control at the dinner table.


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