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Laxo-Var has been reported as discontinued.

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Laxo-Var Reviews

By: Chem-Tek Labs

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Growth Enhancers > Prohormones
Laxo-Var is a Prohormone manufactured by Chem-Tek Labs. It is a synthetic version of hormones or hormone precursors that increase muscle strength, size and stamina, and can additionally aid in fat loss.

Laxo-Var has been reported as discontinued.

Check out the top-ranked products in Growth Enhancers > Prohormones

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  October 31, 2016

    • Not Effective
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    I'm a 27 Y/o Male, have been going to the gym 8 years now.. I've gained 65 pounds during that 8 year span and my lifts have gone up significantly.. I haven't used anything other than whey protein and occasional creatine.. sometimes a pre workout. I've been having success naturally, but have been plateauing alittle bit where I'm at , and wanted to use a product that combined with my already successful routine, can help break some barriers.

    Ingredient Profile

    Ingredient profile : 5a-hydroxy-laxogenin.

    70mg a pill, take 1 pill 3x daily, (4-6 hours a part). This product has the highest dosage of laxogenin per pill compared to any other product, with 70mg a pill, making it 210mg per day.

    This product has very little information online, no reviews online really, and is more of an under ground product, as not many retailers sell it. It is said to mimic the results of "anovar" a popular steroid of the past. I have to say, this product was so ineffective it shouldn't even be used in the same sentence as a steroid.

    I found out about this product after a buddy of mine was having huge success taking prohormones, sold at a supplement store. I spoke to the sales rep, and told him I don't want any prohormones but inquired if there was a product to give me a boost without the pct and side effects of steroids. The guy recommended this product to me. If he didn't make such promising claims about this product, maybe I wouldn't be so upset right now.

    The guy told me this product gives "through the roof strength gains.. gorilla strength.. will get you cut up and lean" and also stated it has no side effects and no pct needed, as its non hormonal. The guy told me it takes about a week to kick in, but many people notice huge strength gains in as little as 3-5 days. He also stated to me that ever customer who bought this product has phenominal gains and this is a hot seller. So I tried it for 30 days, and had really nothing to go off of other than his reviews, as there is really no information on this product online. I have read reviews about other laxo-genin brand products, all which weren't good reviews.. But those products yielded a much lower dosage than this product.

    $60 for a 1 month supply of this.. After 1 month, I noticed absolutely nothing from this product. The product states you wont see any body changes until about week 3.. I saw no changes at all, didn't get any leaner what so ever, which was a huge claim of the product. I mainly took the product for strength, and I did not see any noticeable strength gains from the product. After 2 weeks of this product doing absolutely nothing for me, I purchased creatine HCI and began taking that.. In my 3rd week I noticed slight increases in strength , but nothing significant and can't tell if that's from the product or the creatine. My increases in strength were only in the form of an extra 2-3 reps, or being able to lift a heavier weight that I did once lift in the past but haven't been able to for the weeks prior. Nothing really significant, or worth $60.

    The only reason I don't give this product a total zero, is my tendonitis problems I've had on and off, I didn't experience during the 30 days I used this product, so who knows maybe the product helped with that, as that was another claim it helps reduce inflammation.

    Overall: I paid $60 for a product that has very little to no info or reviews about online. I was promised huge through the roof natural strength gains, and a more leaner physique. This product definatly did not deliver any of those things. No strength gains, on my strongest days on this product my lifts were up a couple reps and that was it. Wasn't adding pounds to my bench while on this, and definatly didn't get any leaner at all. The salesrep made many bold claims about this product that turned out to be down right false. If the guy just told me he likes the product, then maybe I wouldn't be as annoyed, but the guy hyped this product up to such high levels that it didn't remotely live up. I didn't expect this product to mimic a steroid as its been claimed to do (only a steroid can mimic another steroid lol) but I expected that with such bold claims I would get something noticeable from this product, but didn't.

    Side effects: I didn't have any side effects from this product, so as far as I know it was safe to take.

    Bottom line: Wouldn't recommend this product to anyone. $60 for nothing. This product is safe, so if it was given for free and you had nothing to lose then yeah try it for yourself, but this product is not worth any money spent.


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