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Pure Whey has been reported as discontinued.

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Pure Whey Reviews

By: Champion

  June 15, 2013

  • Great Taste
  • Builds Muscle
  • Good Value
  • There Are Better Products
This has become my to-go protein powder. Main reason: price here in Brazil.

I always get the Vanilla because it has more protein and less carbs per serving. I ran 3 tubs 2 lbs tubs, I'm running another 5 lbs tub

Taste: 8/10. Good vanilla taste, you can mix with another stuff (like banana and milk, with strawberry and milk and make a good shake like a MRP). 90% of the time I drink it solo (with water only) and it's good.

Mixability: 9/10. Mixes very well, small clumps sometimes, you need to shake a little bit more to make it dissolve. No worries here.

Profile: 8/10. Good proportion, but it's only Whey Concentrate (no isolates on the new formula).

Price: for me it's a 10 in Brazil. Just to compare: if I pay 50 dollars on a 5 lbs tub on BB I would pay another 35 dollars just to ship. And if customs tax it here, I'll pay another 30 dollars on taxes (60% tax to import stuff), so it would cost me 115 dollars to buy a 5 lbs tub. So it's just impossible to pay this price on protein!
Here I can get some internet deals and pay around 70-75 dollars on a 5 lbs tub and get a good quality protein.
If you compare with other proteins, it should be cheaper than Optimum Gold Standard IMHO. So I'll give a 7 to U.S. residents (I think 50 dollars on a 5 lb tub is just Ok. If you can get it cheaper it's worth).

Effectiveness: 8/10. It's hard to rate this stuff on protein. I drink it 2 times on training days (1 pre and 1 post, 1 scoop each time). It gives me a good recovery, it's a lean protein (32g scoop: 120 cals, 23 protein, 1.5 fat and 4 carbs). I don't get bloated, I don't need to rush to the bathroom after taking it, I can stack it very well. So it's a good protein for me.

Should I recommend? Yes if you can get it for a good price (like me here, or a good deal). If you want to mix stuff (milk, fruits, oats and make a bigger a long lasting shake) and spare your isolate whey, I also think it's a good option since it's only concentrate.


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