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T7 Extreme has been reported as discontinued.

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T7 Extreme Reviews

By: Cellucor

  April 14, 2013

  • Increased Energy
    Write a detailed and thorough review here. Please, no swearing! DO NOT POST QUESTIONS!T7 is natural stimulant free fat burner.

    First lets break the ingrediants down:

    Metabolic activator blend 247mg

    White willow bark extract; is a natural aspirin that when entered the body it is registered as a stimulant which causes a metabolism increase in the body.

    Cayenne; carries a substance called xapsaicin which helps surppress hunger.

    3-iodotyrosine & 3,5 diiodtyrosine - precursors that help support thyroid hormone. Enhancing thyroid output promotes metabolism.

    T7 extreme blend 242mg

    Zinc arginine chelate 100mg
    An essential mineral fused with arginine which helps replenish lowered zinc levels from fucoxanthan.

    Wakame extract ( fucoxanthan ) 75mg
    Prevents new fat cells from forming by inhbiting PPAR-gama that regulates fat storage and metabolism.

    Niacinamide 33.33mg
    Enhances insulin secretion and increasing insulin sensativity.

    5 htp 33.33mg
    Promotes happiness and well being. When your body senses starvation it craves carbs, the use of 5htp helps combat this.

    Methylselenocysteine .1mg
    helps activate key enzymes such as metabolic enzymes and thyroid activity enzymes.

    When I first started using T7 I was on a stim break so I wanted to find something that would help me continue my weightloss journey.
    Now with T7 you take 2 capsules in morning and 1 in the afternoon.

    You really have to watch what you eat while taking this. You also need to remember this is stimulant free so you won't "feel" it working. Now I notices while on this if I ate something that was a little fatty or greasy I would end having to use the bathroom and this is why I mention really watching what you eat.

    During the day and workouts I did sweat a little more but being stim free you have no energy increase. I did notice that it helped keep my appetite down just like a fat burner with stimulants. I found this a plus because I tend to over eat.

    I used T7 for the recommended month and I noticed a slight weight loss of 8lbs but I did tighten up and go down a few pant sizes so it did burn fat off.

    I honestly prefer stimulant based products but T7 did what it says its supposed and a great product for a stim break or people who cant take stimulants.

    I would recommend this product and if you prefer stimulants this would be a great complament to taking with D4 or Super HD

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