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This product has been reported as discontinued and replaced with P6 Red G3

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Is this a steroid?

December 22, 2009

Is this a steroid? What are the longterm effects of using this product? Are there any negative side effects to using this product?


Posted December 22, 2009

This is not a steroid and have no long term effects. its an all natural test booster. There are no side effects. Its a great healthy product that i would recomend but its a bit priced up $
Posted December 22, 2009

This is defiantly not a steroid and I don�t even think it is a pro-hormone unlike what the site says. It does raise to testosterone levels above normal levels. Unlike what drummer said when doing so, it is possible to have long term effects such as liver and kidney damage. The sort term side effects of increased testosterone are well known and documented on the internet. This product does seen to have some ingredients that seem to offset some of the short term side effects such as an estrogen blocker but personally if you want to go down the root of using Tribulus Terrestris a more known product like Prime or Vitrix.
Posted December 22, 2009

ok, well, let me tell you. this is considered an anabolic steroid. how do i know? ha because i had it tested at my doctors
office. he said hes suprised that they havnt ban it yet. DO NOT USE. CAUSES SEVERE DAMAGE TO LIVER AND HEART.
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