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This product has been reported as discontinued.

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P6 Black is a Natural Testosterone Booster manufactured by Cellucor. It helps optimize your natural testosterone levels, which helps encourage muscle growth and fat loss.

This product has been reported as discontinued.


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The supplement industry is notorious for misleading marketing and misinformation.

Rep: +10
Trust: 15%
  December 8, 2013

Hey guys, this is my first review so I hope I don't fudge it up too bad but here goes. I've been lookin around and researching here on SR for about a year now, asked a few questions, posted in the forum, but now I believe it's time for my first review. I didn't see any reviews for P6 black and I usually do not buy any products without checkin them out on here first, but I got a killer deal so I had to jump on in. I have some experience with natural test boosters and DAA products but I would def not call my experience extensive. I used this product on a bulk, lifting heavy (6-8 reps til failure), and eating as much food as I could fit in there. I took the whole summer off from he gym and got back in there around the beginning of September. Although I believe I should have waited to hit a plateau before adding his to my supp stack, I felt like I wanted to give myself a boost to get back this gains that I lost during the summer off. I was taking P6 along wih all the staples, the only non staple product I ended up adding was erase about halfway through the p6 bottle. More on this later.

-Ingredients- 7
The main ingredient in the product is D aspartic acid. But this is not any old DAA, it is d aspartic acid magnesium chelate. Supposedly it is more absorbable after ingestion then regular DAA. It is a little underdosed compared to regular DAA but the fact that it is magnesium chelated is supposed to make up for the difference in dose.

-Dosing- 10
Suggested to take 3 caps per workout day, 30 minutes before workout and 3 caps with first meal on non workout days. Very easy and simple dosing protocol. I dosed this a little differently to stretch it a little bit. I took a standard 3 cap dose before workouts but I only took 2 caps on non workout days. I only weigh about 180 lbs so I believe I do not need a maximum dose to get full benefit from the supplement. This allowed me to get about 5 extra days out of the bottle.

-Side Effects- 8
Typical sides associated with test boosters. Oily skin, increased aggression, and sky high libido. The oily skin was not much of a problem bc I did not see an increase in acne which I usually experience with other T boosters. Increased aggression was a bit annoying bc I drive around for work all day and I did experience a large increase in road rage. I wanted to beat the crap out of all the slow pokes that cut me off or pulled out in front of me. Increased libido, I am 26 so I don't need much help but this made me feel like I was in high school again. This also did give me that alpha male feeling that is sought out from these products. Even though I'm not nearly the biggest or strongest guy in the gym, I certainly felt like it. About 2 weeks into p6 I got a little concerned because while doing housework I bumped my left nipple against a doorframe and it felt a little sensitive. It was probably all in my head but I wanted to be safe instead of sorry and I had about a half bottle of erase sitting in my arsenal. So i added erase to the final 3 weeks of the p6 run.

-Effectiveness- 9
The sides I experienced and the intensity increase in my workouts led me to believe that this product was indeed effective. The biggest benefit to this product was the workout intensity. I wanted to lift every single weight in the building and I felt like I did. I had to force myself to stop adding workouts to my regimen and avoid overtraining. I added about 10-15 pounds on my compound lifts but keep in mind I was building back up to where I once was in he past. In my experience this comes easier then something that was never there if you know what I mean.

-Value/Price- 3
This is where the product takes a HUGE hit. I purchased this bottle at a major discount that I found posted in the deals forum. I believe it came out to about $35 including shipping. I was just looking online and I was amazed to see the product being sold for $79 not including shipping. This is a ridiculous price. Most natty boosters do not even approach $40 if you go to the right sites so $79 is horrid. At $35 I believe it is a good to average value, at $79 it is a horrible value.

-Overall- 7
In my opinion, this is a quality product. It definitely helped me to jump start my progress to return to where I once was prior to a 3 month break from lifting. Acne was minimal which is a huge plus for me. I believe that it did actually boost my test because of the aggression and increased libido but I did not get any blood work so I canno prove it without a doubt. The only downside to this product is the crazy price. If you could find it on sale I would reccamend giving it a shot but I would stay away at $79 unless your Don Trump.
  • Builds Muscle
  • Strength Gains
  • Motivation
  • Libido
  • Expensive
Rep: +4,289
Trust: 100%
  June 24, 2013

Thanks to Cellucor for the opportunity to try out their newest test booster P6 Black. I had tried the previous couple versions with varying success, so I had decent expectations for this product. The science and explanations of the ingredient profile in P6 Black by Mike over at Cellucor sounded pretty good on paper, however its performance was lackluster in the end.

Vitamin D (As Cholecalciferol) 833%
Vitamin B6 (As Pyridoxal 5-Phosphate) 100%
Zinc (As Zinc Monomethionine) 200%
Copper (As Copper Bis (Glycinate) Chelate) 100%
Nootropic Testosterone Matrix 2105mg
D-Aspartic Acid Magnesium Chelate, D-Serine, Alpha GPC (L-Alpha-Glycerylphosphorylcholine), 3,3'-Diindolymethane, Androstenolone
Androgen Support Matrix 358mg
Zinc Monomethionine, Mucuna Pruriens Seed Extract (Standardized For L-Dihydroxyphenylalanine), Andrographis Paniculata Aerial Parts Extract (Standardized For Andrographolides Content) Cholecalciferol, Copper Bis (Glycinate) Chelate, Pyridoxal 5-Phosphate

An interesting approach to a test boosting product.
There are several effective test boosting ingredients, as well as nootropic/mood enhancing ingredients, however they are all in prop blends leaving the user in the dark in regards to actual amounts of each individual ingredient.
The type of DAA used is supposedly more effective in a lesser quantity, but honestly it did not feel that way.
All in all, it seemed to be a good approach with some sound science behind it, but as we all know what looks good on paper does not always translate to real world results.

Dosing Protocol:
I went with 4caps a day, which allowed for a full 4week run. However, as stated on the bottle experienced users can go up to 6 caps. At the recommended 3cap dose the DAA looks severly underdosed, but according to Cellucor their form of DAA requires less to be effective, yea dont think so...

Effectiveness: 5
Meh not much to say here...
I expected at the very least to see the 'typical' test boosting effects of a product of this type.
In terms of those effects, the most I saw was an increase in acne and a minor libido boost. No hardness, leaning, or strength gains whatsoever. So pretty much a fail in the test boosting department.
What I did get out of P6 Black however, was a better/deeper sleep pattern and some enhanced feelings of focus while working out. By no means where either of these effects greatly pronounced but they were a noticeable, welcomed effect.
In all honesty, this product felt more like a nootropic/sleep aid then a test booster.

Value: 3/10
As always Cellucor has high prices, and P6 Black is no exception.
$65-$80 retail for month supply is ridiculous, especially considering its effectiveness and wide range of dosing protocol(3-6caps daily).
Id venture to guess 6 caps may be more effective, however each bottle would only last 15 days with that dosing protocol, leaving your bank account thoroughly raped.
All in all, not a good value anyway you look at it.

I wanted this one to be a winner, but unfortunately it was a flop for me. I cant recommend P6 Black, simply because the price is too high and the effectiveness was lackluster.
  • Focus
  • Better Sleep
  • Expensive
  • Increased Acne
Rep: +2,615
Trust: 100%
  June 21, 2013

I have not given a product a 0/10 in a long time, but in all seriousness. This products deserves that and even more. I am not a Cellucor hater, I actually have liked a lot of their supplements, but Good Lord this supplement was worthless in every single way possible.

Profile(N/A): first of all, when I first got the bottles of this supplement. I could not really see the details of the ingredients because of the way the non-commercial label was made. However, it disclose the the "size" of the blend and based on that I could tell this supplement was underdosed.

P6 Black is supposed to be the comeback for their legendary anabolic of back in the day. In 2008, the original P6 was an actual prohormoned/DS based supplement. This was the profile

androsta-1, 4-diene-3, 17-dione 200mg
androstene-1-ene-3b-ol, 17-one- 3rd gen adro 175mg
19-norandrosta-4, 9diene-3, 17-dione 90mg

This were some of the claims on the old one:

"P6 BLACK also has and advanced "Hyper-Androgen Transport System" that provides MCTs ensure the lipophilic nature of these prohormones, enhancing absorption into the lymphatic system as well as the blood. N-acetyl-l-cysteine and Andrographis ensure liver health and the activity of the 3b and 17b enzymes. Also, we're debuting the use of Triterpene Glycoside of the Black Cohosh, which has been clinically compared to 6,7dihydroxybergamottin at enhancing prohormone absorption in the body by blocking certain liver enzymes that can destroy them. We've also incorporated diindolylmethane for the proper use and metabolism of the small amount of estrogenic hormones that result from this formula, which will only aid in anabolic growth and noticeable size gains. P6 BLACK will, without a doubt, be the best, single prohormone product you will ever take, specially formulated to be the most powerful, efficient, and safe prohormone combination to be in existence today. The androgens selected were chosen for their potency, specific androgenic and anabolic function, and the lack of side effects involved. With this product you'll get more muscle density, striations, vascularity, and overall lean size than you'll get form any other prohormone product on the market, 100% money back guaranteed. "


This the profile for the new one.

Vitamin D (As Cholecalciferol) 3332IU 833%
Vitamin B6 (As Pyridoxal 5-Phosphate) 2mg 100%
Zinc (As Zinc Monomethionine) 30mg 200%
Copper (As Copper Bis (Glycinate) Chelate) 2mg 100%

Nootropic Testosterone Matrix 2105mg " 
D-Aspartic Acid Magnesium Chelate, D-Serine, Alpha GPC (L-Alpha-Glycerylphosphorylcholine), 3,3'-Diindolymethane, Androstenolone

Androgen Support Matrix 358mg " 
Zinc Monomethionine, Mucuna Pruriens Seed Extract (Standardized For L-Dihydroxyphenylalanine), Andrographis Paniculata Aerial Parts Extract (Standardized For Andrographolides Content) Cholecalciferol, Copper Bis (Glycinate) Chelate, Pyridoxal 5-Phosphate

As you can quickly tell, there is a big difference in the profiles, but Cellucor is trying to use the hype of the old p6 and fool people thinking they will get the same results with an all natural and underdosed new P6.

I also have a hard time trying to understand the need of modifying DAA with a magnesium chelate. Regardless if that whole thing about not reacting with the stomach acid is true or not, regular plain old D-Aspartic Acid is the only that has been proven to work, not one of the fancy designer versions. They want to compare to creatine and how some have used the magnesium chelate. Ironically, they used creapure(creatine monohydrate) creatine in their CreaCore; none of that fancy stuff. This should tell you that sometimes, there is no need to change what has been proven to work for so many years.

Effectiveness (0/10): nothing, absolutely nothing. I felt no difference at all while taking this. The whole thing about focus, nootropic effect, strength and all the BS hype they feed you. I was taking this exactly as the instructions said. I even try to make some changes in the way I was taking it just to see if that actually made a diffeerence. However, in the 40 days of taking this supplement, I had no resulsts or "gains."

I was not expecting a magic muscle builder, I did not have high expectations from it, but I did not think it was going to be such a worthless supplement.

Value (0/10): who the *** are they fooling with that price for a whole bunch of ***ty underdosed ingredients? The guys at Cellucor really want us to pay the cost of their labels and containers. I am not going to deny it, they are fancy and they look pretty ***ing awesome on the shelves, but that crap does not fool me anymore. The price for this at GNC is $89.99; is $79.99 plus S&H and Total Nutrition Warehouse is $63.89, but I have no idea who they are and I doubt anybody here knows.

Overall(0/10): Cellucor, wtf is this sh...? seriously. This is a turd all the way, a complete disappointment. Cellucor is a brand that really tries to put quality supplements, even though they are overpriced, but their effectiveness and quality really make up for that. However, I will not pay close to $100.00 for a DAA designer supplement with a whole bunch of of herbs, DHEA and vitamin D. In other words, get something else and skip P6 Black.
    • Expensive
    • Worthless
    Rep: +4,205
    Trust: 100%
      June 9, 2013

    A special thanks to MikeCellucor over at Cellucor for supplying a limited number of the ER team with 4 bottles of P6 Black Legendary. Cellucor is always generous at letting the Experts review new and prerelease products, they are a true standup company. However, some people on this site think Cellucor is infallible, can do no wrong, is even legendary. Well folks, if they product is over hyped, overrated and overpriced I will be the one to burst that "bubble". This site is founded on the belief that unbiased, trusted reviews will be submitted by the members. This is especially important with the ER crew that obtains these products for free. We are under no obligation to write a positive review, no matter how generous a company (like Cellucor) is or will be in the future. Now for the review...

    P6 Black is a revised version of the older P6 Black in 2008, which is not not available for sale as it was a PH/DS stack of 3 compounds if memory serves correct. This new version of P6 replaces the previously mentioned P6 Black with this more DAA/nootropic version.

    How I ran it: The production run bottle states 3 pills once a day, however for experienced users you can run up to 6 pills per day. I essentially split the middle and ended at 4 pills per day for the duration of the 4 week cycle.

    Ingredient Listing:
    Vitamin D (As Cholecalciferol) 833%
    Vitamin B6 (As Pyridoxal 5-Phosphate) 100%
    Zinc (As Zinc Monomethionine) 200%
    Copper (As Copper Bis (Glycinate) Chelate) 100%
    Nootropic Testosterone Matrix 2105mg
    D-Aspartic Acid Magnesium Chelate, D-Serine, Alpha GPC (L-Alpha-Glycerylphosphorylcholine), 3,3'-Diindolymethane, Androstenolone
    Androgen Support Matrix 358mg
    Zinc Monomethionine, Mucuna Pruriens Seed Extract (Standardized For L-Dihydroxyphenylalanine), Andrographis Paniculata Aerial Parts Extract (Standardized For Andrographolides Content) Cholecalciferol, Copper Bis (Glycinate) Chelate, Pyridoxal 5-Phosphate

    The first thing will notice from the standard 3 pill per day dosage is that it appears significantly underdosed in the DAA category. You will see that this isn't your standard DAA, as it is a D-Aspartic Acid Magnesium Chelate. This chelated form of DAA features a fusion of D-Aspartic Acid with Magnesium. In the same hopes as Creatine Magnesium Chelate, this DAA version is suppose to not readily react with the stomach acids and instead gets a "free-pass" to the rest of the body for enhanced absorption. Sounds AWESOME on paper, but I am skeptical.

    But, as alot of people know Cellucor products typically perform well, regardless of what the actual label says (similar to the older P6 Red Extreme, which I loved). Let's examine the effectiveness, value and the overall conclusion.

    Additionally, there is a nootropic component to this supplement. The Alpha-GPC and Serine both have been shown to elevate focus and clarity.

    Effectiveness 5: Short answer, very big disappointment. Much more detailed analysis...
    I did not have unreal expectations from what I wanted out of P6 Black. Walking into this relationship with the same expectations as triple compound Ph/Ds gains is very unrealistic. I was expecting a top tier natural test booster given Cellucor's reputation and the price point of the product. Lets examine three specific aspects of natural test boosters: Strength Gains, Side Effects and Sleep. Also we will examine the nootropic effects it provide during workouts.

    Strength Gains 5: Strength gains were on par with normal increases from hard work, good diet and solid sleep. Perhaps a slight increase in strength numbers did exist above and beyond the normal amounts I typically have been seeing. Most of you follow my log and have seen steady progress prior to P6 Black, so I did not see an substantial uptick in strength. This is the most disappointing aspect of the product, as it is the primary selling point. If you want further information regarding my gains, please check my log over the past 4 weeks, but also examine the gains prior to that. Honestly this is on par with any other DAA supplement, but it does have an Androgen Support Matrix which is does support the for better gains.

    Sides 5: Increases in ache on face and torso were evident. Also I noticed an increase in oily skin, nothing as major as some of the other experts but there was a uptick.

    Sleep 7: I had noticeably better sleep and much more REM sleep while on this product. Consistently I slept better night in night out. I know sleep isn't one of the main items you think of with natty test boosters, but this was solid.

    Nootropic 6: A slight increase in focus and "in the zone" feeling was noticable. Workouts generally were longer and duration was increased. This was the first nootropic that I actually felt working, which was a pleasant surprise, since the strength gains were not there.

    Value 3: How do i even begin to rate this product. It is a designer form of DAA, nootropic and and has androgen support. First I can think of is to not charge $80 retail. I know it can be obtained for slightly cheaper on other sites or with coupons at the time of release, but seriously $80 is the going price currently on major sites. For a product that has significant deficiencies, this is outrageous. Well, it is 4 weeks for about 20 dollars a week. You can decide if it was worth the value. Better products out there for less money. Even the Cellucor P6 Red Extreme is much much better than this.

    Conclusion 4: In conclusion, I have to rate this product a 4. The effectiveness really takes a nose dive in terms of strength gains. The nootropic effect works nicely and there were some minor positives to the product, but not in the main areas are purchasing it for. Additionally, the price is really cost prohibitive when you factor in the terrible effectiveness. Cellucor does not have a winner here in my honest and unbiased opinion. Thoughts welcome in the comment section.
    • Focus
    • Alertness
    • Motivation
    • Better Sleep
    • Expensive
    • Limited Strength Gains
    • Increased Acne
    Rep: 0
    Trust: 0%
      May 16, 2013

    Before I start my review I want to give a thanks to Cellucor for supplying me with a product to review. Now that formalities are out of the way let me jump right into the review. I will keep it simple and tell you how I felt. I will review on focus, vascularity, endurance/gains, and mood. I took this product as directed which is 30 minutes before a workout and with your first meal on off days. I am 21 and understand that my testosterone levels are still relatively high but here is my experience.

    Focus: Many products advertise their products as being able to increase focus, this one is no different. I'm not going to say that the product made me feel like a monster on the average day. But, on days that I took a preworkout with P6 it was intensified big time. I've been using pre workouts for years and don't get all that much of an effect except some increased vascularity and endurance usually. When I stacked with C4 on leg days I didn't even want to take rests between sets. I absolutely hate leg days, but my workouts was so intense that I was blowing through exercises like it was nothing. By the time I was ending my workouts with dead lifts my body was finally coming down from the rush. I left the gym ready for the drive home and didn't feel any crash effects. It needs to be stated that I would never buy this product for the "focus," do that with a preworkout not a test booster.

    Vascularity: I want to believe that I was incredibly vascular due to increased Test amounts but I wasn't. Instead, my muscles were tighter and more "solid" after about two weeks into the use. Muscle was certainly more dense by the end of the cycle but not incredibly vascular.

    Endurance and gains: Though I won't say that I got huge in a month's time, I can honestly say my gains improved. I moved 30 pounds on bench and 90 pounds on squat by the end of the month. More than enough of a gain to say that it works.

    Mood: This was the biggest effect that I felt both inside and outside of the gym. My mood started off as a little irritable for the first few days and my workouts were scattered. But about a week into the use, I became extremely motivated. I was always wanting to workout and constantly eating. At work (I'm a mechanic) I got into "work mode" before I even left the house. You can attribute this to increased focus or an increase in self-worth but either way I felt great.

    Overall: For the price of this T booster I will definitely continue to run cycles of P6 black. Between the increased appetite, better mood, and increased gains it's definitely worth a try. I am by no means saying it's a miracle product, but it helped me get up, get motivated, and make gains which is what it's designed to do. Not to mention the increased intensity of C4 and Beta Cret while using it. For the price of this T booster I will definitely continue to run cycles of it.

    *As a side note I should add that my libido was increased. I contribute this more to the mood increase than anything else. I'm married and enjoyed my marriage a lot more while on this product. I'll leave it at that. ;)
    • Increased Energy
    • Builds Muscle
    • Motivation
    • Libido
      Rep: +13
      Trust: 0%
        May 7, 2013

      I'm a pretty normal dude at the gym. I'm 6'1"-6'2", weighing in around 190-195. I hit the gym about 4xs/wk and am usually there for 60-90 mins at a time. I wasn't looking to get MASSIVE on P6 Black. I was looking to increase strength, decrease fat and put on a few lbs of muscle while I was at it. I have tried P6 Extreme (2 mo cycle), and to be VERY honest, I didn't like the stuff at all. Did it work? Yes. But I was extremely irritable for 1.5 months of the 2 months I took it. I had some great gains with it, but the side effects were not worth it IMO. P6 Black is A WHOLE NEW BALL GAME!
      P6 Black: I'm sure you've looked at the label, seen the ingredients and though, " what does that even mean?". It can be very dangerous to just trust the labels of products that aren't extremely regulated by the FDA (and even those that are regulated by them), so I approached this product with caution. I have a degree in neuroscience, so the science behind hormone and nootropic products is right up my alley.
      Nootropic: So what in the world is a nootropic? Well, really it's anything that has a cognitive-enhancement function, whether that be memory, processing speed or an overall sense of awareness. In P6 Black the "nootropic effect" is from Alpha-GPC (aGPC) and D-Serine (Ser). aGPC is basically a choline. Acetyl Choline is actually the main signaling molecule in the nervous system...for example, it is what your brain sends to your muscles to get them to having more choline around allows you to produce more acetyl choline which means the brain can work more efficiently (it doesn't have to produce quite so much in order to get the same effect). D-Serine though is where my interest was sparked with this product. If you know anything about neurotransmission, you know that neurons communicate in localized areas called synapses where they sent a molecule (neurotransmitter) to another neuron, which will then pass that info along. The neurons control what they "hear" from other neurons by channels that let these neurotransmitters either pass through to induce their effect, or block out. D-Serine opens these NMDA channels (which are typically only activated if you place an larger-than-normal emphasis on whatever you're doing) and it opens it better than the neurotransmitter that usually opens it! (Ser is also a precursor to many other amino acids) For example, to memorize something you often have to repeat it over and over and over. This exaggerated effort would open NMDA channels to increase that particular synapse and increase your memory. The more NMDA channels you have open, the longer that memory or effect will last. So, will P6 Black increase my memory? In all honesty, maybe! The brain is very complex (duh!) so it has very complex regulation systems that might not allow these products to enter as well as Cellucor "hopes". After my month trial of P6 Black, did I notice any nootropic effect? Not really. But maybe it's because it was just a slight effect and I wasn't able to discriminate between my baseline and the change. I still think it's a cool way to approach this type of product, though, and I am definitely endorsing it to my gym buddies.
      Strength Gains: Everyone knows that more testosterone equals (usually) more strength and more mass. So what is different about P6 Black from the other testosterone boosters? This is again where my interest was sparked with this is using the brain and the rest of the nervous system to increase testosterone in a natural way. Some people have been afraid of illegal supplementation and the pro-hormone approach (with good reason) because they didn't want to decrease their body's own ability to produce hormones. This IS the problem with typical test boosters...if you directly give you body hormones, it senses the increase in these hormones via negative feedback mechanisms and eventually shuts off its own production of them. P6 Black has a different approach. D-Aspartate (aka D-Aspartic Acid, or DAA) is an amino acid that the body can produce on its own (hence "non-essential", even though it's necessary for correct function) that has many effects. The role Cellucor is apparently most interested in for this product is that it actually is a neurotransmitter. It can help open those NMDA receptors that we talked about earlier, which increase the response down the line in the "cascade" of events that follows because of that channel being opened. Increased hormone synthesis is one of those effects.
      Overall: Did I see an effect after taking P6 Black? I absolutely did! I was really surprised by this too, because I really did not like P6 Extreme. This time I've had ABSOLUTELY ZERO problems with anger/rage, and yet I've had crazy gains in strength! I wasn't expecting this so I didn't take any baseline measurements (bad scientist, I know), but I know I've at LEAST gained 10 pounds this month and my physique is much more cut. To put this in terms you married guys might understand, after getting out of the shower last week my wife says, "Dang! Have you been doing something different??!!" Once you're married for a number of years (like myself) you significant other stops noticing little changes. That means the changes I saw with P6 Black were MORE than just in my own mind. They were large enough that even my wife noticed without me having told her I was using this product. Do I recommend this stuff? Absolutely!
      • Increased Energy
      • Builds Muscle
      • Focus
      • Alertness
      • Strength Gains
      • Motivation
      • Libido
        Rep: +35
        Trust: 18%
          May 6, 2013

        For an in-depth analysis of each ingredient in P6 Black, see my full review:

        Most people will buy this product with hopes of improving libido, building muscle, losing body fat, and increasing gym performance. Older users with testosterone levels below normal may experience physical benefits, whereas I believe the benefits are going to be psychological for younger users, such as feeling more confident and ambitious. In addition to improving quality of life, these effects could positively impact a person's training, leading to a body that looks better naked.

        Of the ingredients that have yet to be yanked off the market, DAA is arguably the most effective for increasing testosterone. In P6 Black, it's the only ingredient that has been shown to boost testosterone in healthy subjects who are rather young (ranging in age from 27 to 37), and most of the hype surrounding DAA emerged as a result of this study. Despite the boost, its effectiveness for making changes in body composition is highly debatable. I'm impatiently waiting for researchers to investigate the effects of DAA on muscle mass, fat loss, strength, endurance, etc. over the course of a study. However, P6 Black is more than just DAA by itself, and every ingredient in the Nootropic Testosterone Matrix is proven to play a role in testosterone production.

        Serum testosterone levels decline gradually and progressively with aging in men. Many manifestations are associated with testosterone deficiency, including muscle atrophy and weakness, osteoporosis, reduced sexual functioning, and increased fat mass. P6 Black offers the potential to prevent or reverse the symptoms of low testosterone. In younger individuals, P6 Black may improve general sense of well-being and lead to higher intensity workouts. I haven't tried many testosterone boosting supplements, but based on the ingredients, I believe P6 Black is at the top of its class. Purchasing DAA on its own would be a more affordable option, but if you have the cash to spend and you want the best possible results, the array of ingredients in P6 Black appears to be worth the added expense.

        In summary, my thoughts on P6 Black are as follows:
        *As with any testosterone booster, P6 Black holds the most value for those with low testosterone levels who wish to achieve higher testosterone levels.
        *For guys in their 20"²s, an increase in testosterone might take place, but positive benefits will be more difficult to recognize.
        *Older men who naturally produce less testosterone are most likely to benefit from P6 Black, as it may help restore semi-youthful levels of testosterone.
        *Changes in mood and mental state should be experienced, such as feeling more peppy and motivated, but there is a much lesser chance that P6 Black will cause a large enough shift in testosterone levels to give any testosterone-related bodily changes.
        *P6 Black is certainly worth experimenting with, even for the younger crowd.
        *If you're having issues with your desire to hop on the good foot and do the bad thing, P6 Black may help you gain back your mojo.
        • Libido
        • Increased Energy
        • Motivation
          Rep: +63
          Trust: 75%
            May 5, 2013

          Vitamin D3 3332 iu

          There are many reason for this, but one which is very often ignored by almost all bodybuilders is the importance of Vitamin D for their body.
          Many bodybuilders, especially novice one tend to pay a big attention to what type of training to choose, how many sets and reps to do, how often should they work out, what protein supplements to choose, what diet to follow, while namely the necessity of vitamin D for people who want to build up big muscle and high strength is a less discussed subject. And this is not the way it should be. As vitamin D in your body determine the level of testosterone, libido, and other highly important functions of your body.

          Vitamin b6 2mg
          is necessary for protein metabolism and for fuel metabolism during exercise. What's more, recent research reveals it to be one of the important nutrients in controlling homocysteine in the body, helping keep it below artery-damaging levels. The lesson here is that lie is important to everyone and that tampering with foods as nature intended them can result in dire consequences. Even so, vitamin B6's benefits don't stop there, as it has a special bonus for bodybuilders. Taken at higher levels and combined with exercise. B6 can increase growth hormone levels.

          Zinc 30mg

          Zinc has numerous benefits, some of which include improved immune function. Other benefits include lowering blood sugar, improved brain function, and stimulating libido. This mineral is also responsible for energy metabolism and weight loss.
          Zinc is known to be closely related with testosterone, which is the most effective anabolic produced naturally by the body. On a cellular level, zinc may govern testosterone metabolism.
          Zinc is also crucial for enzymes regulation. It is a component of numerous enzymes, which are essential in the regulation of cell growth, hormonal level, energy metabolism and protein synthesis. Zinc is also beneficial for the detoxification of alcohol in the liver.
          Zinc aids in the natural production of testosterone, so getting enough of this mineral is crucial for people who are bodybuilders.
          Because of its effects on the immune system, zinc is important in bodybuilding. Many athletes don't eat enough of the foods that contain this important mineral, leaving them deficient.
          Another role zinc plays in bodybuilding is through the production of testosterone. It is proven that increasing testosterone in the body helps build lean muscle mass. Much of the zinc found in the body is contained within the muscle tissues.

          Copper 10mg

          The reason why copper is important for body is that it helps in transportation of oxygen in the blood stream. The mineral had been previously ignored, but latest research has proved its significance from bodybuilding perspective.
          The researches have proven that copper is of extreme importance during bodybuilding. The mineral possesses enzymatic reaction properties, thus when body building, its quantity increases in the bloodstream leading to better contraction of muscles.

          Nootropic testosterone matrix 2105mg blend


          D-amino acids have a different molecular form compared to L-amino acids, which have been thought to be the only naturally existing compounds. L-amino acids are converted to their D form via their respective enzymes called racemases. D-amino acids especially D-Aspartic acid (DAA) have been identified to have important biological roles in the neurological and endocrine systems. DAA is released from nerve endings to increase cAMP levels thus mediating neuronal transmission. In the endocrine system, DAA forms the precursor to N-methyl-D-aspartate(NMDA) which induces the release of gonadotropin releasing hormone (GnRH) from the hypothalamus. GnRH then stimulates the anterior pituitary gland to produce luteinising hormone (LH) which then acts on specific Leydig cells of the male testes to ultimately increase testosterone.


          D-Serine is an amino acid that serves as a key regulator in the formation of memories. It is synthesized in types of brain cells called astrocytes, and its production is essential in the process of long term potentiation. Long term potentiation is a process wherein neurological pathways are enhanced in response to certain environmental stimuli – in other words it is the process by which long term memories are consolidated in the brain.

          Administration of D-Serine leads to accumulation of the amino acid in the cerebral cortex and hippocampus.These are areas of the brain involved in memory consolidation, and D-Serine acts via NMDA receptors on neurons in these areas. Administration of D-Serine to animals has been demonstrated to enhance learning and working memory.Prototype Nutrition's D-Serine powder can be used to optimize the brain's ability to learn and recall complex functions and may be a valuable asset to students, workers or anyone who may have to process or memorize difficult material.

          Alpha GPC

          Alpha GPC enhances the mind-body connection by improving neural function in the brain. It allows your body to utilize more of your muscle fibers during exercise, typically prohibited by your brain's natural "safety mechanisms" to prevent injury.


          DIM is the primary metabolite of Indole3 Carbinol(I3C), a compound found in cruciferous vegetables (like broccoli, cauliflower, radishes and turnips)(6). It has been widely studied for its anti-carcinogenic effects(17), in particular in protecting against or halting the progression of estrogen and androgen-sensitive cancers like breast and prostate cancer. DIM is also used to treat respiratory papillomas(18) and has an anti-proliferative effect onthyroid goiter cells, contrary to the belief that DIM is goitrogenic(15).
          DIM demonstrates an anti-androgenic effect in prostate cancer by inhibiting effects of dihydrotestosterone (DHT)(9), likely by directly competing for DHT at the androgen receptor(3, 9). Like its parent compound I3C, DIM has diverse effects on estrogen metabolism, favoring the formation of anti-estrogenic metabolites at the expense of estrogenic ones(7, 11). Interestingly, DIM in and of itself is actually an agonist (activator) of the human estrogen receptor (3), which may explain the notion that DIM "balances" estrogen's effects. DIM may be superior as a supplement to I3C for those minimizing estrogenic effects, because, unlike I3C, DIM does not affect metabolism of the anti-breast cancer drug (estrogen receptor antagonist) tamoxifen or increase its toxic metabolites(11). Additionally, at least in rats, DIM does not disrupt the hypothalamic pituitary ovarian axis (involved in estrogen synthesis) in the manner that I3C does


          is synonymous with Dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA). DHEA, with its sulphate conjugate (DHEAS), represent the most abundant adrenal steroids in circulation Although DHEA is considered a weak androgen, it can be converted to the more potent androgens testosterone and dihydrotestosterone in tissues. Adrenal production of DHEA begins to decline with aging beginning around age 25, resulting in a plasma DHEA level by age 75 that is about 80% lower than at 20. For this reason, research suggests that DHEA supplementation can restore levels that decline in the body with age, and provide other health benefits in older individuals or those wi th endocrine deficiencies (2). However, research in young healthy adults has been a different story.

          First let me start by saying I can not accurtly state wether this helped with my test levels. The reason why i can not say if it helped me or not is I did not have bloodwork done before and after cycle to see if it actually raised my test levels. I can though give you a review on what P6 black extreme actually did for me while on my cycle.

          Week 1: The first few days of being on P6 black I got extremely tired within an hour of taking this product so tired I wasn't able to work out to my normal ability. I also noticed that I did have some change in the color of my urine. On about my 4th day I was actually not getting tired any more and was able to resume my normal workout routines.

          Week 2: My focus really started to pick up towards the end of the 2nd week. I felt more focus and it gave me intense tunnel vision and 100% focus on whatever I was doing at the time. I did get a little acne but not a lot just a little more than usual. I was also noticing an increase in my libido.

          Week 3: I was starting to be able to lift more than I usually did with an increase in my sled pull and bench press. I was noticing I was getting a little more toned and gaining some more lean muscle. The focus was still just as intense as in week 2 but the acne has disappeared. My urine was still a different shade.

          Week 4: Towards the end of the cycle I did hit some PR's i was intensly focused during my Muay Thai training and it seemed my stamina went up and I was able to lift longer and train longer. I had dropped a pant size but it looked like I increased my lean muscle and lowered my fat.

          I was 16% body fat before starting and at the end of the cycle I was 12% body fat. I had also cleaned up my diet really well before starting this cycle. So with me increasing my workout and cleaning up my diet it helped to contribute to the results I got from p6. How much of this can I say was from P6 and how much was from increased exercise and clean eating? I can not actually tell.

          I think p6 was a good AID to my diet and exercise routine to help me hit the results that I wanted. As a test booster I can not actually tell if it helped with that or not due to the fact that I do not know what my test levels began and ended at.

          I would recommend p6 as an AID to a great diet and exercise routine to help you get the results you need. When it comes to you wanting to take p6 to raise test levels I can not answer that question for you but anything is worth giving a shot.

          I rate P6 black a 7/10 - it is a great aid to what you are all ready doing but again I can not gauge its result as a test booster
          • Increased Energy
          • Builds Muscle

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