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This product has been reported as discontinued.

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N0 Extreme is a Pump Product manufactured by Cellucor. It is meant to increase blood flow, muscle pumps and increase vascularity. It can be stacked with a stimulant based pre-workout for an added stimulant effect. This promotes an environment for increased muscle mass and fat loss.

This product has been reported as discontinued.

See all 77 products in:
Pre-Workout > Pump


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The supplement industry is notorious for agressive marketing and misinformation.

Rep: +215
Trust: 100%
TROOPer Level: 5
  March 18, 2015

Hi SR Community!

It's been some time since I last posted a review but, here I am ready to share my most recent experiences. A reminder about how I supplement and train: I only change 1 thing at a time when it comes to my supplements and I maintain a consistent routine throughout my usage of it.

During my run with Cellucor's N-Zero Extreme I was supplementing with the following:

Orange Triad MultiVitamin, Nutrigold Triple Strength Fish Oil, ON Flaxseed Oil, MRM Smart Blend Advanced (CLA, GLA, Omegas), GNC Vitamin C 500mg (twice a day), ON Creatine (5g), Kirkland Calcium Citrate, On Gold Standard Whey (for my before* and after workout protein shake with Silk Unsweetened Almond Milk) and ON BCAA Caps (I **used to take 5g immediately before working out). I also take Kirkland Aller-tec Cetirizine (for my allergies).

*Timing changed a few days into using the n-Zero - details below
**Timing changed once I started using the n-Zero - details below

For the record: I am a 43 year old male in good health, increasingly good shape, and no health issues or concerns aside from my allergies. I don't smoke, drink socially but, rarely and never more than 1 or 2 drinks. I drink lots of water throughout the day, and limit my intake of juices. I have cut down on my coffee to 2 cups in the morning with breakfast, down from the additional 2 cups I used to drink at night. I eat a balanced diet Monday to Thursday with no variations (built around coffee, tuna, bread, chicken, veggies, string cheese for snacks and extra protein, handful of jasmine rice at lunch or early evening, reduced carbs after working out - mostly a banana or fruit with my protein shake). Fridays to Sundays, I allow variations for eating with my folks, or going out with friends - however, I always get protein rich meals and limit my carbs. I may allow myself to indulge in some cake or pastry only on Saturdays.

So. Why a Pre-Workout and why N-Zero?

Due to my current work, gym and sleep schedule, Monday to Friday: I wake up at 5:30am for work, get home at 5:30pm, take a nap from 6pm to 7:30pm, hit the gym from 9pm to 10:30/11pm, hit the sack around 12, but fall asleep around 1am (I have problems falling asleep). On Fridays I may go to sleep a little later but, I sleep in on Saturdays and Sundays, plus I nap whenever I feel sleepy during the day.

So. I needed a Pre to give me a boost at the gym. I had been mixing my own little concoction: Primaforce Citrulline Malate (2g), Primaforce AAKG (2g), Primaforce Agmatine (750mg), ON Beta Alanine (3.5g) Fruit Punch - which I mixed and took with ProLab Horny Goat Weed 1 hour before I worked out. But, as this took a little time to mix and then wash up after, I thought I would try a pre-made blend. As I already had creatine which I take in the mornings I wanted something without it, and as the N-Zero was on sale I bought it.

----Ingredient Profile----

Supplement Facts Serving Size 1 scoop Servings Per Container 30 Amount Per Serving % DV Calories 5.00 Total Carbohydrate 1.00 g 0% Sugar 0.00 g Vitamin C (as Ascorbic Acid) 500.00 mg 833% N0 Extreme Blend 0.00 ** Arginine Nitrate 2000.00 mg ** Beta Alanine 2000.00 mg ** L-Citrulline Malate 1000.00 mg ** L-Norvaline 100.00 mg ** Thermal Energy Blend 1291.00 mg ** L-Leucine, L-Isoleucine, L-Valine, Caffeine (150mg of caffeine anhydrous), Cinnamon Bark, Theobromine (50mg), Synephrine HCl ** Methyltyramine, Oxovanadium, Vinpocetine ** ** Daily Value (DV) not established Other Ingredients: Natural and Artificial Flavors, Citric Acid, Sucralose, beta-carotene (color), Silica, Acesulfame Potassium, Beet Color.

Well, this profile is basic and looks decent enough but, I think it needs more Cit. Malate, Beta Alanine, and I missed the Agmatine. As there is a blend - the N0 Energy Blend, it's hard to quantify what may or may not be lacking. 150mg of caffeine isn't a lot so, I think for anyone sensitive to it, this could be workable. Nothing really exotic or unfamiliar here.


It mixed well, although there could be a little sediment at the bottom so I just swirled the liquid and it all went down easy. The taste was ok. I always took it 30 minutes before working out as suggested and I stuck with 1 scoop.


Overall, I didn't find it effective. It certainly didn't match-up to my own little concoction and my overall performance suffered. I didn't feel much of an energy rush, no tingles. Initially, no warmth but once I did my warm-up I was sweating easier. I did not find it helped me with either strength or stamina during the weight lifting portion of my workouts - I didn't have any expectations but, not getting any kind of boost was a bit of a let down. In fact, I sort of lost some stamina towards the end of my weight workouts - I wasn't able to get as many reps in or at the same weights as I was accustomed to. This made me adjust my training and I had to get spotted more often.

During the cardio aspect of my workouts though I thought it helped. I was able to jog, run, walk faster without as much effort and for the duration of the time I did cardio I didn't get any extra fatigue although I was doing more work.

So, a mixed bag. Maybe if you're doing more cardio, core, hiit - this may actually help you. But, for the weights, and things requiring bursts of energy, I don't think it will do anything for you.


I think it's overpriced and I wouldn't buy it again.

----Side Effects----

I did experience extra dehydration. Mostly dry lips and a thirsty feeling. Now, I normally drink lots of water throughout the day, and also during my workouts. I have a 24oz bottle I always finish. This wasn't enough, and I had to go re-fill at the cooler. I also experienced this really bad ab cramp, which I shared in the forums doing what to me was a regular exercise I usually do. So, I think you are going to have to drink extra water and pay attention to your hydration if using this.

I also had to change the timing of my protein intake.

I normally take a protein shake 1 hour before working out. While using this, I took the protein shake 1 hour before taking it. Well, my stomach was always upset and while I didn't have to rush to the bathroom, it was an uncomfortable feeling and affected my workout. So, I shifted my protein shake to 1 1/2 hours before I took the N-Zero and that was fine. No issues.

I normally take BCAAs just before working out, with water at the gym. Never had an issue. But, same thing here. My stomach was upset. So, I stopped taking them while using the N-Zero.


I wasn't impressed. Didn't find it to be worth the price, or worth taking. Won't be trying again. Can't recommend it.
  • Helps With Cardio
  • Upset Stomach
  • Ab Cramp
Rep: +63
Trust: 75%
  March 7, 2013

Today I am going to review N-zero by cellucor

N-zero is a creatine free pre-workout that really focuses on pumps and energy.

Ok lets start with the ingrediants

NO Ectreme Blend

Arginine Nitrate 2000mg - Does the same thing as L-arginine which helps drive nitric oxide into your muscles and bloodstream, promoting nutrient delivery and pumps.Has a stronger effect using the back door method, unlike in capsule form powder form you can take 30 min pre workout

Beta Alanine 2000mg - β-Alanine is the rate-limiting precursor of carnosine, which is to say carnosine levels are limited by the amount of available β-alanine. Supplementation with β-alanine has been shown to increase the concentration of carnosine in muscles, decrease fatigue in athletes and increase total muscular work done.

L- Citrulline Malate 1000mg - an amino acid which helps your cells eleminate waste products and enhances production of nitric oxide.

L-Norvaline 100mg - inhibitor of the enzyme arginase. Arginase is used to breakdown " remove arginine from the body. Arginine is the precursor for nitric oxide so by increasing arginase you increase the amount of arginine and more is converted to nitric oxide.

Thermal Energy Blend 1291mg blend:

L-leucine - The body's protein structures are made up of about eight percent L-Leucine, which is the fourth most concentrated amino acid in muscle. L-Leucine is not only essential to your health, but is beneficial for bodybuilders. L-Leucine helps maintain muscle tissue through sustaining nitrogen balance, supplies energy to the body even when under the stress of training and preserves muscle glycogen used for muscle contraction. Leucine is essential for a muscle building environment and assists mental ability even when exercise becomes more intense. L-Leucine is the strongest of the BCAA's and if you do not have enough of it in proportion to other amino acids, your body cannot utilise what you ingest. An L-Leucine deficiency will mean that you cannot use protein that you consume, regardless of how much you have.

L-isoleucine - Isoleucine, like Valine is a BCAA, and they both serve as precursors for glutamine and alanine, used during intense weight training. It is used as fuel by muscle cells, sparing other amino acids from being burned up. Like the other BCAAs, Isoleucine plays an important role in protein synthesis, anabolism and anti-catabolism.

L-valine - Valine is commonly used by bodybuilders, in conjunction with isoleucine and leucine to promote muscle growth. It also provides energy and helps to repair tissues that are damaged during physical activity.

Caffeine - 150 mg for energy

Cinnamon bark - helps with digestion and blood sugar regulation.

theobromine - used as a visodialter and diuretic

synephrine HCI - Synephrine HCL has shown to be an impressive ingredient for helping people lose weight. By increasing energy and alertness Synephrine helps with the needed motivation to continue on an exercise and diet plan. Metabolism is also increased with Synephrine which is the major contributor to the weight loss individuals experience when taking Synephrine.

Now on to the review:

I use n-zero when I am cutting weight for a fight. With its dieuretic and weight loss ingrediants and the absecens of creatine this product is a great pre-work out to give you that extra energy boost and to help drop a few pounds.

Before starting this product I was using C4 i did not want to lose the energy and pumps so i was hesitant about trying n-zero, but I had a major weight cut to do so I said what the heck lets give it a try.

I normally use 2 scoops of c4 but being the first time using n-zero I stuck with one scoop. I had tried the orange flavor and let me say the taste was not good at all. This is one product I can say cellucor did not have an amazing flavor, but flavor is not everything if the results are there thats what matters the most.

So I was really surprised with the energy levels and pumps. I thought c4 provided great energy and pumps but in my opinion c4 has nothing on the pumps you get from n-zero. During my workout I did not feel fatigued at all and the product made me sweat like crazy. I never had to go up to 2 scoops 1 was plenty with using n-zero.

I started adding no3 chrome (3 ) to this product. it increased the pumps like you would not believe. with taking them combined you noticed more circulation before even hitting the gym and when you started working out you noticed it even more.

After the full bottle with the exercise and proper diet I was able to drop 8lbs and a pant size but my strength and muscle tone was still there. You will notice yourself urinating more due to the diuretic compounds.

My honest opinion if your looking to cut go with n-zero over c4, besides the taste I believe n-zero gives you better pumps and more sustained energy.

Taste - 4/10
overall - 8/10
  • Increased Energy
  • Brings Out Your Veins
  • Great Focus
  • Taste
Rep: +626
Trust: 100%
  October 9, 2012

I took this a while back when I was doing everything creatine-free. Luckily I saved one serving for when I was ready to write a review so as to help me remember the effects which helped quite a bit.

The Profile was pretty nice for this supplement. There was only one proprietary blend that didn't hide the the amounts of the important ingredients like these:

Arginine Nitrate: 2g
Beta Alanine: 2g
L-Citrulline Malate: 1g
L-Norvaline: 100mg
Caffeine: 150mg

I'm not sure on the recommended dosages for all of these but I sure appreciate how they labelled how much of these ingredients they threw into it.

Pump: 5/10
With a name like N.O. Extreme, you would definitely expect a solid pump from this but I was a little disappointed. I personally feel like it was a good precursor for pumps but I never felt a really nice pump until I added a pump product(Image Sports VEIN). The two combined gave me incredible pumps.

Energy/Endurance: 7/10
I enjoyed how this product only had 150mg of Caffeine. A lot of PWOs that I see have 250-300mg of caffeine but sometimes I don't like to load myself with that much so it was definitely nice being able to control my caffeine intake. I also personally feel a little bit of an energy kick when the beta alanine kicks in. It might be more of a hype but I always want to start working out when I feel the tingling sensation.
This product could last through a whole workout with solid, sustained energy. My workouts when I took it were around 1.5-2 hours long and I felt it all the way through.

Taste/Mixability: 8/10
I had the fruit punch flavor which was absolutely incredible. I would have given it a 9 for taste but the mixability lacked a little bit. It had some weird bead-like things in it that never would seem to dissolve in the water. They're hard to explain, but that is the best I can sum it up. Other than the bead things, The rest mixed fine.

Value: 4/10
N.O. Extreme is WAY overpriced. I read some articles that recommended it as one of the best creatine-free PWOs so I decided to try it out. Unfortunately, it cost me $60 for 30 servings. It is outrageously priced and that is the only reason why I might not recommend it.

Colon Cleansing: 10/10
Every time I took this product, I had to take a mad dump about 10 minutes later. When I took it consecutively, I thought that I had just made a habit but even on my last scoop some half-year later, it didn't let me down.

Overall: 6/10
N.O. Extreme is a good all-around preworkout without creatine but there are much better ones for a lot less money. Its also marketed as a pump product but I think it didn't give the pump that it claimed so I brought down the overall a little.
  • Increased Energy
  • Great Taste
  • Low Caffeine
  • Lists Amounts Of Ingredients
  • Too Expensive
  • Makes You Have To Go Poop
  • Minimal Pumps
Rep: +1
Trust: 6%
  November 6, 2011

I have taken many other N.O. products and Cellucor NO Extreme is by far the worst N.O. product yet along pre-workout that I have ever taken. This is why:

1. Way too much caffeine. Yes caffeine is good for pre-workouts, but only a little amount. Caffeine is meant to flush out your system and also constrict.. Nitric Oxide is meant to expand your veins, and everything. So with this product having LOTS of caffeine in it it just counter-acts the purpose of the Nitric Oxide

2. Cost way to much for how poor it is. Plain and simple.

3. Gives you the ***s. Take this product 30 minutes before you workout correct? You WILL spend 15 of those 30 minutes on the toilet... No joke

4. Yes it has some good pumps but Super Pump 250 and NO Xplode are still way better.

overall: I will NEVER use this product again.. PERIOD!!

(first ever review btw)
  • Slight Energy Increase
  • Too Expensive
  • Full Of Stimulants
  • Its Not Strong For Experienced People Coming Off High Caffeine Pwos
  • Minimal Energy Increase
  • Gives You The Shits
Rep: +2
Trust: 0%
  May 30, 2011

the guy at GNC convinced me into this product because it was new, and I am a fan of NO products. I have tried White Flood, Jack3d, NO XPLODE, Nitrix, all of them etc etc.

This was by far the WORST NO supplement I have ever tried. Gave headaches, minimal pump, minimal gains, minimal energy, and yet a strong tingle and itch feeling. Keep in mind I am not sensitive to caffeine, infact i have a high tolerance. This stuff is terrible.

I could not believe that this product was so awful. And the taste was decent, so I was really dissapointed.

I am an experienced NO supplement user. If you want quality in an NO product, look into White Flood, Muscle Pharm Assault, etc. DO NOT, DO NOT, DO NOT, get this.

If you waste your money on this product, I feel bad for you.
  • Slight Energy Increase
  • Minimal Energy Increase
  • Headaches
  • Lack Of Pumps
  • Lack Of Vasodilation
  • Lack Of Lean Muscle Building
Rep: +31
Trust: 15%
  May 12, 2011

This is a wierd product.

When it first came out it was marketed as a No2 only - now it's being marketed as a non-stim PWO.

So i'll judge this both ways.

First as a twice a day true NO2 Product.
I would say amazing for this. Perpetual pumps were sick, chest on monday pumped through Wed. Wicked Endurance, for anything from running to weight training.

Taste 4/10:
Weeeellll ya - no.. lol - Not bad - had to mix with Gatorade to get it down, and I had the orange which i thought was the better choice.

Value 6/10:
Being the owener of a store, it did not cost me money - but i'll judge it as if it cost me the $50 that i sell it for. if you're taking this twice daily - well 15 days for $50 pricey, but honestly not all that bad.

Overall 8/10
as true NO2 - I would say I liked it, I think i prefered BioRhythms Big Blue, but this would be a close second in my opinion.

Now as a pre-workout:
After running BPI's 1MR for 2 months, I switched it up to using this as a once only pwo. Overall - not too bad, but would have wished for something more energy wise. I work out first thing in the am - so it def sucked without the rush for me. Obviosuly there is only so much without caffiene or 1,3 dimeth but....... I def noticed pep - and great endurance.

Value 6/10:
as a $50 PWO - eh - not worth the money, BioRhythms O2 Positive for $40 was better for me. I think if they lowered the price for 30 servings to maybe $40, at that point then maybe it would be a better deal.

Overall 7/10:
Overall as a PWO - I gave it a 8 because I did feel rush of endurance, great pump while working out, and it def made me have a better workout without a doubt. Endurance I get off of this product is second to none with any other non-stim PWO.

Both Ways - vasularity during a post workout were wicked. Pump was GREAT - Endurance was amazing.

For $50 - Try it. See what you notice
  • Brings Out Your Veins
  • Makes Muscles Rock Hard
  • Great For A Greenhorn Or Somebody Mixing Things Up
  • Its Not Strong For Experienced People Coming Off High Caffeine Pwos
Rep: +522
Trust: 100%
  February 11, 2011

I didnt pay for this, it was a gift that i was very fortunate to receive. That said, my value rating isnt accurate for the normal purchasing opportunity.

Overall: 7/10
I gave this a 7 because it did provide me with good energy and focus, but i was quite let down by the pump. As this is a pump based pre-workout, i was expecting some good things, but i never got a great pump from this, so i was let down. It tastes good for a pre-workout, although like other Cellucor products ive tasted, there is a chalky texture. The fruit punch and orange flavored NO extreme were a pleasure to drink, as the chalky texture isnt too bad IMO.

Effectiveness: 6
This got a 6 because it didnt give me good pumps. clear and simple. Im not saying this product is worthless, as it did provide me with good energy and Drive to tear up my workouts, it simply didnt do what i was expecting out of an NO product.

Final though: If your looking for a great pump, this isnt the product i would recommend. If your looking for something to pep you up and energize you for your workout and you stack this with say Nitrox II or something that does give you a pump, youll be good to go.
  • Increased Energy
  • No Pump
Rep: +899
Trust: 10%
  March 18, 2010

I can't recommend this to anyone. First is the price and Second is the effect this has on someone who has high-blood pressure or if your wound a little to tight. Be sure and READ the INGREDIENTS to this stuff is chock full of stimulants and Nitric Oxide. I had great pumps almost to the end of my workout but could hardly finish becuase of dizzy spells and difficulty breathing. The guy at my local GNC told me to take half which is what I did and gotthe same results.... I took it back and got supplements I could use. This product gets an F. You want the same effect: Eat a high "good carb" meal an hour before workout and have a double shot of espresso from Starbuck's 10min before workout and then take Afterglow post workout. That gets the job done with money to spare...
  • Increased Energy
  • Too Expensive
  • Full Of Stimulants
  • Good If Your A Drug Addict

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