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This product has been reported as discontinued and replaced with C4 Gen4


Ill Pump You Up

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which product is better?

July 7, 2013

Cellucor C4 Extreme or Citrulline Malate of Primaforce


Rep: +4,726
Posted July 7, 2013

well this is a full spectrem PWO as the citrulline is mainly just for pumps and it is mild at that. C4 is a great pre-work out and also gives a pretty good pump so no need to add anything else to it.
Rep: +3,690
Posted July 7, 2013

I would take C4 by itself or combine the two. Both would be great now that I think of it.

By themselves, C4 is by far the better product
Rep: +6,983
Posted July 7, 2013

Clipper + C4 is better than Clipper alone
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