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This product has been reported as discontinued and replaced with C4 Gen4




Ill Pump You Up


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Is C-4 for Men only or can women take it too, to help lose weight???

March 10, 2013

Can women take this to help lose weight??


Rep: +3,563
Posted March 10, 2013

This isn't a weight-loss product, it's a preworkout optimizer designed to help you get more out of your workouts.

It's safe for women but I'd suggest starting with like half a scoop to assess tolerance.

Also, make sure you use the scooper inside the tub. CRITICAL.
Rep: +2,861
Posted March 10, 2013

The N-Zero(orange tub) from cellucor is actually marketed as a weight loss powder, and it doesnt have creatine

also use the scoop
Rep: +130
Posted March 10, 2013

women can absolutley use this product. although its not titled as a "weight loss" product, it does contain a good amount of caffeine and synephrine which can make a pretty nice combo for burning extra calories at the gym. like mosselini said, N zero is the "fat burning" pre workout by cellucor but C4 is way less money and gives you double the servings. hope this helps :)
Rep: +6,499
Posted March 11, 2013

What Cray really meant is;

Nice Eyes
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