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Friend had a seizure from taking Jacked, does C4 carry the same risks?

March 20, 2013

I am a 125lb fitness instructor wanting to build lean muscle. I had tried half a scoop of C4 blue raz and LOVED it. A memeber of our gym had been taking "jacked" for 3 months. ( she would do one scoop, three days of the week). She had a seizure and her doctor told her that Jacked had caused it. He also told her that her that bc of taking the supplement that her urine test had tested positive for Meth. This totally scared me and now I'm afraid to take C4. Is it different than Jacked, is there increase chance for seizure? Will it show up as Meth on drug test?


Rep: +3,529
Posted March 20, 2013

What? That doctor is retarded. There is no way Jack3d resulted in a positive meth test. It likely wasn't the cause of her seizure either... and if it was it was likely an individual reaction. We are talking about a mass produced product here. USP Labs wouldn't be in business if their junk made people die.

C4 doesn't have 1,3 Dime. It has a few other ingredient differences. You're fine to use it. It's not gonna make you test positive for meth. Only meth does that.
Rep: +259
Posted March 20, 2013

Just be careful with the dosage, so you don't go stim crazy and you'll be fine.

Like manimal said, NO supplement will make you have a seizure and cause you to test positive. These things are regulated, people...

Also, if you're looking to build lean muscle, are you sure you want a preworkout?
Rep: +3,529
Posted March 20, 2013

I'm not Manimal. I don't like the Penguins and I have medium sized genitals... not extra small ones.
Posted March 20, 2013

Thanks do much for your input. I don't really know what I should be taking. I've never taken supplements aside from vitamins & protein powder. I've taught fitness classes for awhile but just started lifting seriously. I def want lean muscle, & energy enhancement would be nice. I teach 6 classes a week, 4 of which are strength training. I have a 1 year old & haven't been able to get my energy level up since I've had her. Any suggestions????
Rep: +41
Posted March 20, 2013

idk about the whole positive meth test either , in my opinion , i think you might need more sleep ?

if not , id look into drinking coffee , i wouldnt go so hardcore as in using a pwo , but i dont see a problem with girls using c4 , and id say stay at a half scoop , and cycle off accordingly
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