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C4 Neuro Reviews

By: Cellucor

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C4 Neuro is a Pre-Workout manufactured by Cellucor. It is designed to help provide a pre-training advantage by increasing mental focus, muscle performance, endurance and blood flow. This creates an environment optimal for increasing muscle mass and losing body fat.
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Full-Container Received through SR TROOPs.
Thanks to Cellucor for sending it out!
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  February 24, 2016

  • Focus
  • Energy
  • Ingredients
  • Pricey At 2 Scoops
- Introduction -
Simple diet, simple workouts would explain my fitness regime. 5x5 workouts(using the app) with some added power cleans and snatches. My diet is a simple fish, eggs and milk diet with green vegetables mixed in to my dismay. As far as supplementation goes, my favorites are preworkouts and the kind that provide solid focus, and nice clean energy which is why I decided to give C4 Neuro a try.

- Ingredient Profile: 7.8/10
Starting with the ingredients, the base in C4 Neuro is pretty much the same as the rest of the C4's. There's the beta alanine at 1.6 grams per serving, creatine nitrate 1 gram per serving and finally arginine AKG at 1 gram per serving. It just really seems like Cellucor is suggesting 2 servings at once, being that beta alanine's clinical dosage is 3.2 grams. The truly unique ingredients for C4 Neuro is the "C4 Neuro Blend" that has some great ingredients covered up by a prop blend. They have some of my favorites in Alpha GPC and Huperzine A, and I think these are some of the most effective cogitative enhancing supplements on the market, and I applaud Cellucor on using them in C4 Neuro. Some of the other ingredients I like are the Zembrin which I had a positive experience previously with Cellucor's P6 Xtreme. Another thing I like about their ingredients is that caffeine is disclosed at 150 mg per serving, when company's use prop blends, the very least they can do is disclose the caffeine amount and Cellucor did that.

- Taste: 9/10
Had the Icy Blue Razz and just like about every Cellucor flavor, it was amazing. They truly do a great job on taste, and this has nice balanced flavor when mixed with at least 6-8oz of water per serving.

- Mixability: 8/10
Mixes pretty well with minimal residue left over. About 3-4 shakes and you're good to go.

- Dosing -
30 servings total at 1 scoop, however depending on your stim tolerance 2 scoops might be the path you take cutting this down to a total of 15 servings.

- Effectiveness -
I took this three different ways in order to judge which dose worked the best for me, so I am breaking this down into different sections depending on dosage. Another thing to note is I will not be factoring pump into the overall rating since this does not claim to be a skin splitting pump product, more of a focus and stim one.

(1 Scoop) 7.3/10
Energy: 6.5/10
At 1 scoop with a total of 150 mg of caffeine the energy was decent, not mind blowing but I felt like it was a solid amount of energy to get through a 45-60 min workout. The energy also does not seem to fade for a while either, probably due to the addition of TeaCor.

Focus: 8/10
The main reason for trying this was the focus part. Focus is my favorite affect from a preworkout and thus that is the reason I wanted to try C4 Neuro when I first saw it coming out and I was not disappointed. The focus from 1 scoop was more than I expected, judging from the ingredients and prop blends I figured 2 scoops was manditory, however at 1 scoop there was smooth focus that hits about 30-40 minutes after ingesting it and continues for about 3-4 hours. I would notice on days that I work after the gym, I would get a lot more work done 2 hours after the gym

Pump: -
Not taking this into the rating consideration, but will speak on it since I am sure you might be curious. At 1 scoop the pump was okay, nothing special or veins popping out where you never noticed before. If given a rating it would be a 6.5/10 at 1 scoop.

(1.5 Scoop) 8.3/10
Energy: 7.8/10
This was the sweet spot for me with the original C4 Gen4, and I figured it would be the same with Neuro. The energy I got from that extra 75mg of caffeine really showed up. My workouts were longer on 1.5 scoops than 1(roughly 70-80 mins) and I was able to sustain a higher level of performance longer in to my workouts, even sometimes playing basketball after a workout due to which I credit C4 Neruo.

Focus: 8.6/10
Just like the energy got better, so did the focus. I would not say it was as noticeable of a difference as the energy was, but the focus was better and it seemed to last longer(4-4.5 hours) as well at 1.5 scoops.

Pump: -
The pump got better, arms looked fuller about a 7/10.

(2 Scoops) 8.9/10
Energy: 8.7/10
At 2 scoops this did a its job at supplying energy and some. If I was not careful my workouts could go as long as 3 hours(happened the last time I used it). The energy was on the upper echelon of smooth about to crossover to jittery. I felt like the energizer bunny and kept going and going, having to convince myself to leave the gym eventually. My rest periods decreased between sets with little to no loss in strength because I would get bored and want to keep going. Near the end of my workouts I would find myself looking for more to do or playing basketball because I still felt like I had too much in the tank to leave the gym.

Focus: 9/10
The focus increased as well, that tunnel vision would set in when I was ramping up for power cleans at the beginning of my workouts. So much so, I would lift without headphones because it seemed like a distraction which I never did before. The focus was more aggressive at 2 scoops, and I felt like I was getting glimpse into the old days of jack3d. As far as focus goes, this is in my top 5 of focus preworkouts that I have taken thus far.

Again pump improved at 2 scoops, to about a 7.5/10. Arms looked fuller, and my abs popped a little more than normal.

Overall: 8.6
C4 Neuro did an outstanding job at 2 scoops, and a above average job at 1.

- Value: 6.9/10
This is where it gets tricky. At $35 for a 30 serving of C4 Neuro it is already slightly above the average price of preworkouts($30) mainly due to the addition of Hup A and Alpha GPC so you're paying extra for solid ingredients. So at 1 scoop its an okay value, however I felt like the most effective dosage was 2 scoops and that would send this into the overpriced realm of preworkouts. Its great preworkout at 2 scoops, but you will be paying over $2 per serving at that point which is more than I would prefer.

- Side Effects -

- Conclusion -
Cellucor again delivers with a solid supplement engineered for those who are looking for a more focus based pre. I would recommend this to anyone looking for a great focus based pre, who is not worried so much about price. Thanks to Cellucor for putting this up for review, enjoyed C4 Neuro quite a bit.
  • Icy blue razz: 9/10

Full-Container Received through SR TROOPs.
Thanks to Cellucor for sending it out!
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  February 13, 2016

  • Increased Energy
  • Good Value
  • Builds Muscle


    (About yourself, 1-3 sentences maximum)
    Huge thank you to Cellucor for their support of the SR troop program. I've had great success with the different products that cellucor makes. When C-4 neuro came up for grabs I was really looking forward to trying it. I've tried C-4 gen4, C-450x, and I was really looking to try C-4 neuro. Cellucor C-4 neuro is there newest and latest version of the C-4 family but with more of focus side. Now let's see how it does.

    Ingredient Profile

    Everything is pretty much straight forward with C-4 neuro with what you are getting cellucor did a really good job listing everything. Except with their C4 neuro blend. First we have beta alanine at 1.6g per scoop but you take up to two scoop of neuro which would give you 3.2g of beta alanine. Next you have creatine nitrate (NO3-T) which is 1 to 2g depending on how many scoops you are taking. NO3-t is a pump product that is used in a variety of cellucor products. Next you have arginine akg at 1 to 2g once again depending on serving size. AAKG is primary pump ingredient. Now you have the two main ingredients for C-4 neuro. You have the C-4 neuro blend of 665mg in this you will find. Alpha GPC this potent nootropic show it not only boosts mood and focus, but also increases the "mind muscle connection." Alpha GPC is a choline-containing compound that boosts production of the "learning neurotransmitter" acetylcholine. Then you have Zembrin offers everything you want in a nootropicbetter focus, mood, and cognition, all with less stress and anxiety. Finally you have the explosive energy blend which is 350mg the energy blend has 150mg of caffeine but it also features TeaCor. This is the ingredient that helps provide long-lasting energy and makes caffeine hit "like the first time" so you're not going to continually needing to further increase the dosage. It will also prevent tolerance buildup to caffeine helping to promote a longer, smoother energy with lower doses of caffeine


    No issues with mixing it. The flavor I received was icy blue razz and like most cellucor products it's full of dyes but it did taste pretty good. Mix 1 to 2 scoops 30mins before working out with 6oz of water.


    C4 neuro is no joke it focus and energy was spot on. Each time I took it the effects just kept getting better while my workouts lasted longer with more sets and reps. the alpha GPC was crazy it really helped with the focus of wanting to train more. I also found myself training longer in the gym while taking neuro. A usual workout would be about 45mins but while on this stuff I found myself wanting to train longer. I was having to force myself to leave the gym. My workouts went from 45mins to an hour or 1.5hr it was just non-stop. It was nice seeing TeaCor in it too which is fairly new ingredient in pre-workouts. I didn't find myself needing to take multiple scoops one scoop was pretty good. But two scoops took it to a whole new level of crazy town. With two scoops it was exercise after exercise. I would go from cable lateral raises straight to dumbell for front raises then do shoulder press 5 working sets starting at 20reps. Neuro just kept you muscles running a fueled up for each workout no matter how long you wanted to train you never had a bad workout.


    On the cellucor website C4 neuro goes for 49.99 for 30 servings which is a 1.66 a serving or 2.66 if you take 2 servings.

    Side Effects

    Other than feeling great in the gym. None


    If you are on the market for something a little different with your pre-workout give C4 neuro a try. If you are lacking metal focus an energy in the gym give C4 a try. What I'm saying is C4 neuro is a solid pre-workout for anyone looking for a nootropic feeling while crushing those weights in the gym. I would definitely buy this again.
    • Icy blue razz: 9/10

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