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NO-Xplode 2.0 is a Pre-Workout manufactured by BSN. It is designed to help provide a pre-training advantage by increasing mental focus, muscle performance, endurance and blood flow. This creates an environment optimal for increasing muscle mass and losing body fat.

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The supplement industry is notorious for misleading marketing and misinformation.

Rep: +135
Trust: 100%
TROOPer Level: 16
  May 16, 2016

Just got back from vacation, and thought i'd take it back a little to a pwo i picked up quite a while back. I knew this was kind of a mainstream pwo, which I normally steer clear of, but i was fortunate to get a good deal on this so went ahead to try it out, so here we go.

----Ingredient Profile----
Not a whole lot to say here, at 22g you would think this was jammed full of clinically dosed ingredients, but its all prop blends, and even the different blends dont tell you how large each blend is which is disappointing. It does have some nice added vitamins as well, they're just unfortunately the only thing they give exact dosing on.

Everything from the taste & mixability was just bad. I tried 2 flavors, the blue razz which hardly tasted like blue razz at all, and just had a really sour taste to it like an out of date piece of candy. The second flavor i got was green apple, which was by far the worst of the two. I've had plenty of naturally sweetened or unsweetened preworkouts that were nasty, but the green apple tasted like a flat, stale, green apple lager. Nothing about this was enjoyable to drink in the least bit. And the mixability was extremely poor. Regardless of how many shakes you give your bottle you'll be left with particles all around you bottle and plenty of which that will hit your throat by surprise while drinking it. The scoop is roughly 22g, which i think for such a large scoop they should make the product far more mixable. prop blends, so 1/10 on Taste/Mixability/dosing

It's almost hard for me to even comment on the effectiveness, because the majority of the time this made working out a struggle for me. I dont drink carbonated drinks, and this fizz's, bubbles, and pops like a carbonated drink. so everytime i would drink this it would give me pains in my stomach and i would be hunched over with gas trying to get rid of the bloat that this just gave me. There were times i felt it kick in, but i cant say it was ever followed by an amazing workout because this stuff generally made me feel worse.

You can find this online in the mid $20's range for 30 servings, so it's not a bad value, but you have to be somebody who tolerates this well. I never 2 scooped it because the end result just seemed awful, but at 2 scoops it definitely loses all value.

----Side Effects----
Bloat, gas, and upset stomach.

If this doesnt take the cake, it's right in the running for one of my least favorite preworkouts. If you don't drink carbonated beverages or don't drink them often, there's a very slim chance that you'll enjoy this. There are so many better choices for about the same price.
  • No Crash
  • Bad Taste
  • Foamy
  • Upset Stomach First Few Times
  • Big Dosage For No Result
  • Bad Gas Sometimes
Rep: +151
Trust: 100%
  November 14, 2013

Yeah, I'm silly I know!

This is the 3rd Pre-Workout product I've used, having begun with SP 250 & SP Max. And even though BSN has been around for several years, I didn't have the pleasure of trying the original formula, so I can't compare it to that.

Someone told me that this is considered the Coke'a Cola of pre-work-out products. Maybe, but I do believe they (BSN) started the whole category of PW's that we all love and enjoy today.

Not gonna detail ingredients, since so many people where kind enough to do all that in their reviews. But, one thing I'll mention is: besides all the usual aminos, creatine and herbs & stims in NO Explode 2.0, baking soda also features prominently.

So, you can almost count on a cleansing effect to take place within about 30 min. or so after drinking it. Keep that in mind and be prepared to wait till after your bathroom break to start your workout. Obviously, everyone is different and it may not be an issue for some, but just a heads up.

Also, whatever you choose to mix it in, be careful cuz it will fizz, like shaking a soda. If you shake it up, do it lightly...shake, shake, shake, release the pressure. Maybe 2-3 times till mixed well. My friend shook it up all crazy and it blew the lid off his shaker cup and splashed all over my car....idiot!

All that said, it's a real solid product. It tastes decent, even with the baking soda. I personally bought Orange flavor, but have tried samples of Fruit Punch and Lemon, all pretty good. I also tried Blue Razz, but it's a bit too artificial for me.

As stated in other reviews, each serving, 1 scoop, contains about 225 milligrams of caffeine. That's pretty potent!
Probably best to begin with 1 scoop and work up from there if you find you need more.

Keep in mind though, with all that baking soda, minerals, herbs and creatine, you are possibly inviting some serious bloating, gas and toilet bowl marathons if you do increase the dosage.

As for me, I stayed with 1 scoop, sometimes level, sometimes heaping, but 1 scoop non-the-less and I had great energy, focus, endurance, pumps, aggression and even an increase in libido later in the day on some days.

I did experience the beta-tingles, but only for the first few minutes of the workout, but one thing that I was pleased to not experience, was water retention or bloating.
Happy to report that I maintained body weight, but managed to gain muscle and strength and even loose 1/2 inch off my waist after one 50 serving tub. And, at about $32.00 it's fairly economical.

Overall, NO-Explode 2.0 worked out well for me and I'd recommend it to anyone who hasn't tried it and is in the market for a solid, established, tried and true Pre-Workout product.

Like some reviewers have warned, it's probably best to use this for weight lifting, strength training and power events.
The caffeine level and stim content might stress the heart too much for cardio, HIIT, and other endurance events.

Coke'a Cola of Pre-workouts, not sure...Perhaps?

Either way....Thanks BSN!

  • Makes You Energized
  • No Crash
  • Increased Energy
  • Builds Muscle
  • Good Value
  • Amazing Strength
  • Good Taste
  • Steady Flow Of Energy
    Rep: +41
    Trust: 33%
      November 9, 2013

    Yo everybody!!
    My second review here, about my first pre workout supplement ever!!!! whoo!!
    Before starting off, I need to get something off my chest. How do you pronounce this??? Like NO XPLODE??? or N.O. XPLODE?? 'cause some people who review this seem to be calling it NO XPLODE, as if preventing something from exploding, which I think contradicts the purpose for which it was made. So am gonna stick to N.O. XPLODE 2.0.
    Now, on to the product.
    Prior to buying this, I was sincerely questioning the necessity of a pre workout in my supplement regimen.I mean, I was okay with it's promised results, but stayed away from it fearing damaged kidney and stuff like that, but anyway, a year later, I ended up buying it, and the experience was totally worth it.
    The key ingredients are the vitamins B6 & B12 along with 225mg of caffeine thrown in. It also has these few proprietary blends, one for the strength with some 6 forms of creatine and beta-alanine, and another one for energy with tyrosine and some 2 other blends with L-arginine and L-cirulline and all(too tough to memorize the names). But, anyway, it's got a solid profile for a good PWO.
    I think I should have rather given a 2 or 3 for this. I bought the "Blue Raz" flavour and the first time I drank it, I instantly wanted to puke.It was that bad. I am seeing that most other people have got a different flavour and had a decent experience drinking it though. But hey, my opinion.
    The mixability was okay-ish, I have to say. It mixed well on certain occasions and did not on others. I mean, I had mumble a silent prayer that "May my supplement mix good today, Lord". On the days that it didn't mix well, there were tiny white particles at the bottom of the shaker, which I had to squish with my spoon and swallow.
    Bang for buck. One of the supplements out there that is priced well and performs as per promise too, I mean, what more can you ask from a supplement company?????? I got the 30 serving tub here in India for about 2000 rupees.
    I had good energy from the product, owing to the caffeine content in it. Whenever I took this, I was working out after nearly 4 hours of eating my last meal, so there was instant energy and focus, and also the caffeine made me wake up and sit proper.I also experienced good power from the creatine. I was lifting hitherto heavy weights for me with a good amount of comfort.The Beta-alanine made me feel like there were ants crawling on my arms and back within seconds of drinking it.So,you know,20 mins after taking it, when I started to workout, I used to feel like I was at a disco and the spotlight was on me. :D.The only real downside from using this(apart from taste and mixabiity) are the frequent rest room trips, both to pee and poo.I mean,I can understand the need to pee 'cause of drinking lotsa water,but poo??? I had to go a minimum of twice during my workout time and people in my gym were giving me weird looks.Made me feel like I was committing a crime.
    To sum up the N.O-XPLODE experience, I would say it was "classic". Leg days were such a pleasure with this. There were days on which I did not get proper rest and still made it to the gym and had a good workout without much hassle. But my only concern about using this product is the frequent restroom trips. I hope BSN does something about it and comes with an N.O. XPLODE 3.0 to satisfy people like me.
    Would I recommend it to a friend???? Yes, but only after getting idea of what kind of person he is and giving him a strenuous warning of it's possible cons. Me on the other hand,I may buy it again in the future...........for more trips to the restroom :D :D :D :D
    • Makes You Energized
    • No Crash
    • Increased Energy
    • Good Value
    • Amazing Strength
    • Bad Taste
    • Foamy
    • Very Itchy!
    • Bad Gas Sometimes
    Rep: +28
    Trust: 23%
      October 10, 2013

    NO-Xplode 2.0 is an updated version of BSN's older NO-Xplode preworkout formula. I initially became interested in this product because of its excellent ingredient profile and its great value. I was really excited to start using this product as I had just stopped boxing and was finally able to use supplements again.

    Profile: (10/10)

    BSN really put together a wonderful ingredient profile with this product. While a lot of preworkouts focus on either stimulants or pump ingredients, BSN has combined the two. The ingredient list is extensive so I'll just go over some of the highlights: caffeine, creatine, l-arginine, l-citrulline, taurine, MCT's, electrolytes, and beta-alanine. NO-Xplode 2.0 can definitely be classified as a "everything but the kitchen sink" kind of preworkout.

    Taste: (9/10)

    I had the green apple and it had a sweet, slightly sour taste. It has a thick, slightly slimy texture, but in a good way. I actually looked forward to drinking this before my workouts.

    Mixing: (10/10)

    Mixes perfectly, with no residue at the bottom and nothing sticking to the sides.

    Effectiveness: (9/10)

    Gives tons of energy and the pumps were out of this world. Doing bicep curls after taking this product gave me a pump that was so good I felt like my arms were going to explode, and I mean that in the best possible way. While other products have given me more energy (jack3d), none has given me a pump this good.

    Value: (10/10)

    At $33 for 50 servings, this product comes out to $0.66 per serving. This is a bargain for a preworkout product like this. A lot of other popular preworkout products tend to be $1.00 per serving or more(Pump-HD, C4, Assault), making NO-Xplode a less expensive alternative.

    Overall: (9/10)

    I would recommend this preworkout to anyone that lifts weights and wants a little more energy and pump. It is easily my second favorite preworkout (Jack3d is my first), and the best when it comes to getting a pump. If you simply want a preworkout that will give you an insane amount of energy I would probably recommend getting a different product, but for a combination of pump and energy this is hard to beat.
    • Increased Energy
    • Good Value
    • Good Taste
    • Good Pumps
      Rep: +16
      Trust: 5%
        August 19, 2013

      I have tried the previous version of N.O Xplode and my personal thought is that the 2.0 version is nowhere near its predecessor. Here's the breakdown...


      I lift about 5 times a week and I take it only when I feel shattered after a long day of lectures or whenever I feel like it (I try not to depend on PWOs too much) and have a fair tolerance to caffein. Unlike the previous version which actually does what it says on the tub (i.e: increased energy, focus, etc), the 2.0 version was highly inconsistent.

      I could barely feel a thing with one scoop. Two scoops did give me energy for my workouts every once in a while. But the feeling of "Once you train with N.O.-XPLODEâ„¢, you will never train without it!" wasnt present in this product as it did in version 1. A lot of the previous ingredients such as beta-alanine,taurine and of course caffein are supposed to provide you with the pump and energy,but it just didn't happen. How the mighty have fallen.....

      TASTE: 10/10

      Yes, I actually thought it was that good, which was the only reason I stuck to it and didnt give it away. I bought the "Lemonade" flavour and it does have a hint of sour/sweetness mixed with gas. Tasted alot like drinkin a soft drink. Had a mate who bought "Watermelon", wasnt too bad either. But we both agreed that "Lemonade" tasted better.

      MIXABILITY: 4/10

      In my opinion, a quality supplement, whether PWO or whey protein should mix easily. Sad to say, this product didn't mix too well. There was a lot of residue at the bottom of the bottle. I realise that alot of people praise its mixability, but maybe it had something to do with my flavour? It did foam a lil as well, but that goes away after awhile.

      VALUE : 6/10

      I give it a 6 because supplements in Malaysia are probs one of the cheapest in the world. Bought this for 20 pounds i think. But I'm sure this gets pricey in other countries.

      Overall: 3/10

      A 'NO' for me. I love BSN supps but this one was kind of a disappointment for me. Was really hoping to replicate the same results as the first version. Would only prob recommend this to someone who's extremely sensitive to caffein. But hey, even the best makes mistakes. Maybe next time BSN..

      P/S: If you're wondering why I didnt list the side effects such as stomach upset and gas its because I'm pretty lucky that my body is able to tolerate such products without much problems. But if you have a sensitive stomach, I'd advice you to be careful with the dosage from the reviews i've read from other users.
      • Good Taste
      • Not Consistent
      • First Version Was Better
      • Doesn't Mix Too Well
      Rep: +122
      Trust: 100%
        August 14, 2013

      I have been using NO-Xplode and NO-Xplode 2.0 since it came out and it has been my favorite PWO. I usually will use a tub of NO and then use a different PWO for about a month but I always end up going back to NO. NO does not give me the jitters or the itch that some of the other PWO give. I personally do not like either of those qualities in a PWO. With NO I usually do not feel a huge rush but instead sustained focus and endurance throughout my workouts. With others I find that they hit really hard but I am not sustained throughout my whole workout, which my workouts tend to be about an hour and a half to two hours. The other PWO I have tried are C4, Mr. Hyde, Assault, Muscle Marinade, Jack3d, and a few more. Overall NO Xplode 2.0 is what I always tend to go back to and get the best lifts from. But, everyone is different and their bodies will respond to different preworkouts differently so you just have to find which one fits you best and what you like most, but I would recommend NO Xplode.

      Taste: 7/10 I have tried just about every flavor and I do not mind the taste but a lot of people do complain about it.

      Price: 8/10 the price is really good and a lot of the time you can find it for around 28.00 on the internet for fifty servings.

      Energy: 7/10 The energy as mentioned above is not an overwhelming rush like I had experienced with MR. Hyde but I usually do have sustained energy throughout my whole workout.

      Side Effects: If I take this in the afternoon, four or five, I usually will not be able to fall asleep until at least one in the morning and I do not get that from other PWO I have tried.

      Overall: This is my favorite PWO, I will try others but usually always end up coming back to NO Xplode. If anyone has any suggestions on there favorite PWO let me know so I can try it!

      • No Crash
      • Increased Energy
      • Good Value
      • Amazing Strength
      • Good Taste
      • Foamy
      • Bad Gas Sometimes
      Rep: +10
      Trust: 0%
        August 14, 2013

      My experience was really good at the start until I started noticing some annoying side effect I couldn't ignore.

      Side effects 1/10
      At first I came to the gym with my mouth all colored by the PWO and didn't notice until I smiled and felt really ashamed, I had to carry my toothbrush and brush my teeth after taking my PWO, what is that about?
      Then I started loosing libido while taking this, on Fridays, Sat and Sundays was the days I did cardio the good old fashion sexed way and I had to stop taking it by wednesday to have that libido back by Friday. I wasn't worth it.

      I got this for a really expensive price for PWO around 60 dlls, I must remind you that here in my country, almost all supplements are overpriced but this one, really hurt my wallet.

      Effectiveness 8.4/10
      I give it an 8.4 because it does deliver energy, and pumps, but there is no tunnel vision or focus with this, nor crashes.
      The energy is solid and feels a lot like a fat burner, which I really like, and the first times you won't notice the side effects... until you start noticing them.

      This product works but the side effects are not worth it and notice I didn't complain about crashes or other PWO side effects, this one is really annoying
      • Increased Energy
      • Overpriced
      • Affects Libido
      • Foamy
      • 2 Scoops
      • Bad Gas Sometimes
      Rep: +487
      Trust: 100%
        June 23, 2013

      Now its no secret that I am a BSN fan, I think a lot of their products are highly effective and even though some, or even most may have some massively under dosed ingredients, that normally doesnt stop them from being top notch in my opinion. N.O. Xplode is unfortunately the exception in this, as you will find out with my review.

      Mixability 9/10 this mixed really well, did not take long to mix at all and there isn't much else to say about this.

      Taste 7/10 I was given the Cherry Limeade flavor, the smell of it is absolutely incredible, the taste is pretty decent, especially for a pwo. Not sure how to describe it, but as I tend to describe supplement flavors, it tastes like a watered down (insert cherry limeade drink here).

      Effectiveness will be rated in 3 sections.

      1 scoop 0/10 My exact experience with 1 scoop can be said in one sentence.

      *gulp* ... *30 minutes later* "Oh hey, Im starting to feel someth-oh there it went"

      Unfortunately that is the truth, for about 20 seconds I thought I might have felt something but it was gone as soon as I noticed it. As for beta-alanine, I felt it on my lips for the first 10 minutes, no effect elsewhere. I took this the first time on a day that I again, got little sleep and was just looking for a boost to wake me up (day off with NOTHING planned but relaxing on the couch), after taking this I actually found myself taking a nap. No different on Lift days, just no extra energy at all.

      2 scoops 2/10 It didnt give me much of an energy boost, but it did help sustain what energy I did have. I could feel the BA across my face a little bit but not much.

      3 scoops 3.5/10 It gave me a TINY boost of energy and again helped to sustain what little energy I did have. The BA was more noticeable at 3 scoops and I actually felt it across my face finally and even across my shoulders and halfway down my back.

      Side effects: Every time I took this it never failed to make me sick. I honestly have no idea what is in it that makes me feel this way but roughly 60-90 minutes after taking this I always felt really weak, like I havent eaten anything in 24 hours or more, made my stomach ache, and gave me the runs. I know it wasnt a bad coincidence because it happened every single time and the more scoops I took the worse I felt.

      Dosing 4/10 I had to give this a low score because I felt that if I had to use 3 scoops, and I still felt very little energy than it just doesnt deserve a high score. Each scoop you are suppose to use 5-6 ounces of water, 3 scoops means 15-18oz of water for the pwo alone before you hit the gym. Add to that the fact that most people will drink something else (BCAA for example) AND all the water AT the gym means you will most likely be using the bathroom a couple times during your workout.

      Profile (to be completely honest here, I simply copy and pasted this time since its a long list)

      Calories 40
      Carbohydrates 10mg
      Vitamin B6 (as Pyridoxine HCL) 20mg
      Folate (Folic Acid)300mcg 300mcg
      Vitamin B12 (Cyanocobalamin) 120mcg
      Calcium 65mg
      Phosphorous 175mg
      Magnesium 55mg
      Sodium 350mg
      Potassium 85mg 2
      N.O.-Xplode 2.0 Proprietary Blend 19.6g
      -Advanced Strength & Performance Matrix
      --Modified glucose polymers (maltodextrin), beta-alanine (CarnoSyn)
      --Di-creatine-malic acid interfusion, betaine HCl, sodium bicarbonate
      --creatine-Sodium Phosphate matrix,
      --Creatinol-O-Phosphate-Malic Acid Interfusion, Glycocyamine, Creatine Ethyl Ester HCL
      --Guanidino Propionic Acid, Cinnamon Extract (Bark) (Cinnulin PF), Ketoisocaproate Potassium
      --Creatine-Alpha-Aminobutyric Acid Matrix (Creatine AAB)
      -Ener-Tropic Xplosion
      --L-Tyrosine, Taurine, Glucuronolactone, Methylxanthine (Caffeine)
      --L-Tyrosine-Alpha Ketoglutaric Acid, MCT's (Medium Chain Triglycerides)
      --Lesser Periwinkle (95% Vinpocetine, 98% Vincamine, 98% Vinburnine [Whole Plant])
      -N.O. Meta-Fusion
      --L-Arginine-Alpha Ketoglutaric Acid, L-Citrulline-Malic Acid Interfusion
      --L-Citrulline-Alpha Ketoglutaric Acid, L-Histidine-Alpha Ketoglutaric Acid
      --NAD (Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide), Gynostemma (90% Gypenosides) (Leaves & Stem)
      -Phospho-Electrolyte Composite
      --Di-Calcium Phosphate, Di-Potassium Phosphate, Di-Sodium Phosphate
      -Glycerol Polymer Complex
      --Potassium Glycerophosphate, Magnesium Glycerophosphate, Glycerol Stearate

      Price/value: 3/10 you can find a 30 servings container for around $26, which for a preworkout is not a terrible price but since I needed 3 scoops and that still barely worked for me, thats a total of 10 workouts total so this is not worth it.

      Bottom line: I know I am a stim tolerant person, but still, I felt this was about as effective as kool-aid. Sorry BSN, but this is one product I would only recommend to someone that is EXTREMELY stim-sensitive. Add to this the fact it made me sick every time, my vote is no.
      • Decent Taste
      • 3 Scoops
      • Big Dosage For No Result
      • Sick Every Time
      • Diarrhea
      Rep: 0
      Trust: 0%
        February 13, 2013


      First sorry for my English but i will try my best.

      It have been two month i using NO-Xplode 2.0 and before this i tryed a fat burner called Stimulant X from Anabolic Xtreme and MuscleTech Hydroxycut Hardcore Elite Thermogenic Fat Burner after (saparate review on them will be posted here) and i can say that i am a bit disappointed .

      Taste: 9/10
      I take fruit taste ( remind a strawbary) and it's pretty good and refreshing.

      Energy: 5/10
      At first it was cool, i feel a bit diffrend and some energy add but not a huge sensation and my workouts was almost as normal.
      I usually take two scoops and still feel sleepy and last time i take the product i fall a sleep and sleep for 2 hours missing my workout.

      Price: 7/10
      I think the price is not to much and not cheep,

      Side effects / crash:

      After i take 2 scoops i feel as my face is itching or asking for a massage (it is hard to explain) but it is strange feel and not wonted one. another is sometimes you can get a crash (feel very sleepy and week) if you do not take the product for a few days.

      Final line:
      I read another reviews and see how people excited about product they try, how much it give for the money. Here is not the case, here you almost do not feel any difrance and i think it is just a waste of money.

      I think to try jack3d or Super Charge Xtreme N.O as the review are VERY positive.

      • Good Taste
      • Very Itchy!
      • Crash (weaknes)
      • No Energy
      • Sleepnes
      Rep: 0
      Trust: 0%
        February 8, 2013

      I've been around the block in many energy supplements ranging from pre workouts to fat burners. I have 2 bottles of this that i got for free as trials so i have 20 scoops (10 per tub) i have used approximately 3 and the 3 times that I put down the Epic by LG sciences (which is not bad actually) and tried this...

      Pre workout meal
      - 1 capsule Slintensity 20 mins later 1/2 cup of oats 1 scoop of truetein Vanilla flavor.
      - 6 tablets of Vasotropin (I consistently take this on workout days)

      Pre Workout
      -1 Scoop of No Xplode
      - 1 gram of Vitamin C
      -2 Mechabol caps

      Stimulant/Energy 3/10: Way too strong at 1 entire scoop for me and I do not have a problem handling Clen and ECA at all infact i tend to over do it with those two stimulants and yet somehow the stuff in No Xplode 2.0 Just completely made me feel like my heart was about to xplode :). Anyways not a good feeling and completely threw me off the couple times i used it.

      Pumps 8/10: I carried through my workout as much as i could and i got okay pumps nothing earth shattering or out of the ordinary, lets keep in mind the Vasotropin and vitamin C probably contributed a little. Good strength nice pumps and if it wasnt for me feeling like i was gonna die i would give this an 8.

      Profile 9/10: BSN does not provide us with exact oamounts of each ingredient but it does hae 22g per scoop and does have some quality ingredients and i feel safe in saying they out a ton of active ingredients and overall I like the approach which is slightly different from Hyper FX which is almost kinda like a pre workout but different.

      Taste 1/10: Absolutely disgusting watermelon, Hemavol Watermelon is 100000000x better tasting, Xtend Watermelon is 20000000000000000x better tasting, dont buy it for taste. Im actually consider capping it.
      • Makes You Energized
      • Increased Energy
      • Bad Taste
      • Foamy
      • Horrible Stimulant Energy

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