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Endorush Xtreme has been reported as discontinued.

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Endorush Xtreme Reviews


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  September 13, 2012

  • Good Focus
  • Increased Energy
  • Taste Good
  • Heavy Sweat
  • Great For On The Go. Better Than Some Powdered Preworkouts
  • Can Be Expensive If Bought By The Bottle
  • Can Get More Of The Same Thing For Less From Other Companies
Hello again friends. I'm back again for another review that I've meaning to sit down and type up for some time now. So, I'll start off by saying that I've tried just about all the classic and newer preworkouts out there within the last couple of years. And with all pre-workouts that I use, I have two criteria that I look for in a great product. First, the product must at least give me a decent pump, but of course the more the better. Second, I'm a stim junkie and I love running around the gym like I'm a crack fiend. So the product must give me at least a good stim rush to boost me through my workouts. And out of all the products I've tried, I haven't found any but four that have met my criteria. Endorush Xtreme Strength is one of those four.

Link to product:

Nothing really to explain all that much with this one. Endorush contains your pretty standard run off the mill Nitric Oxide and endurance enhancers that are common ingredients in many of the better pre-workout products out there nowadays. However, Endorush does contain some hydrating polymers and some electrolytes, all intended to help put the user a little bit more on their "A game" in order to go put in work at the gym. Endorush also does have a fair amount of stimulants in it. So it should give enough punch to satisfy stim junkies like myself.

Overall Effectiveness: 9/10
I'm going to break down the effectiveness of this product based on the following three subcategories.

Consistency: 10/10
I first began to use Endorush as a preworkout for something quick and on the go in case I was in a hurry and couldn't get home to grab my preworkout in time. Well in all that time of going back and forth between my preworkout and this, I never noticed a decrease in the effectiveness of Endorush as time went on. Each new bottle I used still felt as great and as strong as the first time I picked one up. Now after taking a month break from stims, and then beginning to use Endorush and black coffee exclusively as preworkouts for the past couple of weeks, I feel the effects of Endorush to be even greater and I've yet to have to seem to build up any tolerance to it thus far.

Pump: 8/10
Now with Endorush, I won't say that the pumps are the best, skin tearing, muscle fiber enlarging ones that I've ever had. However I will say that with Endorush my vascularity increases noticeably and I do experience excellent mind muscle connections during contractions throughout my workouts.

Energy/Endurance/Focus: 9/10
As I mentioned before I'm a stim junkie and I love anything that gives a great kick during my workouts. Endorush always gives me a great boost and sweat during my warm-up runs and lifts. I'm always concentrated on working out and never seem to break my train of thought while on as well. And I always feel like I'm running circles around everybody else at the gym even when I standing still.

Overall Taste: N/A
I don't like to rate the tastes of preworkouts because I really don't care how a product tastes as long as it works. Endorush is definitely one of those rare exceptions where something tastes and works great too. The Green Apple is probably the best tasting apple flavored supplement that I have ever used and has a really tangy and tart aspect to it that I really enjoy. Same thing goes for the Grape Fix flavor as well. The Fruit Punch is also pretty good tasting but is not as tangy or sweet as the other two in my opinion.

Value: 7/10
The cheapest you can find Endorush is online for about 28$ for a pack of 12 bottles, with each bottle containing two servings. Giving a total of 24 workouts for right around 28$. If you pick a bottle up from the store you're looking to pay somewhere between 3.50-5$ per bottle. If you go by the case route, you get about the same amount of servings then some of the more premium preworkout products for a couple bucks less. However, there are definitely some new powdered preworkouts out there that give you more servings for less, and have a similar ingredient profile. But again you're definitely paying for convenience on this one.

Overall: 8/10
I really do pretty much love this product. And I hate BSN so I believe that really is saying something about Endorush. I would definitely recommend this to anyone looking for a quality preworkout while on the go, or to anyone looking for something different. If BSN made a powdered version of this that was just as good, I would be all over it. And maybe even invest in their company. Okay I lied, I would rather invest in Purus or Lecheek but this is still a great product in my opinion.

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