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Endorush Xtreme has been reported as discontinued.

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Endorush Xtreme Reviews


  April 9, 2012

  • Good Focus
  • Increased Energy
  • Outstanding Pumps
  • Taste Good
  • Makes Me Really Thirsty!
When it comes to preworkouts, its gotten to the point that no matter what product i take or how long i stay off of them i seem to barley get pumps anymore. but i would have never thought this product be as good as it has been to me for the past 3 weeks..


Taste- I had gotten the Fruit Punch Fix flavor i really enjoyed drinking it and to me it tasted very simular to N.O Xplode

Pump/Energy- like i said most pre-workouts dont do much for me anymore but Endorush Xtreme gave me a overall great and clean pump i didnt get jittery at all, and the pump and energy throughout my workout was perfect. i would drink half of the bottle on my way to the gym, and then about 15 minutes into my workout drink the rest(each half is equal to one serving). the energy was great and had me wanting not to stop my workout. Honestly i havent drank only half of the bottle and neither do i plan too lol...

Price-Not the cheapest RTD Preworkout around but hey! if it works i dont mind paying the $$$ i first bought 2 bottles from the vitamin shoppe for 5 dollars and from there i loved it which led me to later buying the box which comes with 12 bottles for $29.99 but im sure you could find it cheaper online.

Overall- Overall i would forsure recommend this product to anyone looking for a nice clean boost. while drinking it i always noticed alot better workouts compared to when i didnt. i felt stronger,more pumped,focused, and had more endurance during cardio.only con i could honestly say is that throughout my workout i always seemed to be alot more thirsty then normal whch led me to walking to the water fountain more then usual but beside that one and only con this product is a very good one!

hope this helps anyone that has not tryed it yet!!!!

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