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Endorush Xtreme has been reported as discontinued.

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Endorush Xtreme Reviews


  August 17, 2011

  • Good Focus
  • Increased Energy
  • Good Value
  • Outstanding Pumps
  • Lovin Supersets
    I recently wrote a review for the "non" xtreme endorush but found the "xtreme" endorush at a local GNC store while i was killing some extra time, i wasnt to hyped on the results as the first one but this endorush is 3x better in my opinion..

    taste 8/10
    i bought the grape flavor and actually enjoyed drinking it

    value 8/10
    this endorush was like 3.25 per bottle but they had a deal of buy one get one 50% off so i ended up walking out the store with 2 bottles under 5 dollars, pretty good if you ask me

    effectiveness 10/10
    this is where the product stood out to me, after taking the "non" xtreme endorush i didnt really feel an overwhelming rush of energy or pumps, however this one blew away my expectations, i went ahead and downed both servings 15 min before getting to the gym and soon enough i was looking for something to pick up in my car and start bustin out reps lmao
    once in the gym i was full of energy and had insane pumps even while doing leg presses

    overall i would deffinetly recommend this energy drink as a PWO unlike the other one, I will continue to buy this product for thoes groggy days..

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