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Endorush Drinks Reviews


(Out of 10, after 6 reviews)

Ranks #4 (better than 57%)
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Endorush Drinks is an Energy Drink manufactured by BSN. It is a stimulant based drink designed to give you a boost of energy and increase mental focus.

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The supplement industry is notorious for agressive marketing and misinformation.

Rep: +177
Trust: 100%
  August 9, 2011

as far as energy drinks go this is not one of the best, chugging a redbull or Monster would do a whole lot more for you to achieve an increase in energy..

taste wise i give this energy drink a 7, didnt really taste like fruit punch at all

value 10/10.. for $3.25 or something like that you really cant beat it for decent energy.

effectiveness 7/10.. i drank the first half and placed it in the freezer to finish the rest cold, i had a few tingles kick in and had the urge to chug the second half, after it kicked in I had a short 30 min workout including mostly supersets, however never really felt any pump at all, maybe a little focus

overall I might purchase this energy drink again if i need a little pick me up during the day but for pre workout its a no go.
  • Mental Focus
  • Clean Energy
  • Not Expensive
  • No Pump
  • Mediocre Energy
Rep: +57
Trust: 91%
  July 13, 2011

Coffee won't wake you up? Rockstar won't wake you up? AMP has no effect? You feel groggy in the morning even after drinking a gallon of Mountain Dew?

Endorush is incredible for energy. I'm serious...this stuff will wake you up. I'm not talking about the fairly alert and functional awake...I'm talking about bouncing around and ready to run a 100 yard dash for no reason at all kind of awake! I love my energy drinks. I drink 4 servings of Rockstar a day on a slow I know what I'm talking about as far as what gives energy and what doesn't. A venti iced coffee with 2 extra shots of espresso from starbucks gets me ready for a nap. Endorush gets me ready to do the moonwalk at 6 am after 2 hours of sleep the night before. This is great for energy!

I don't recommend this pre-workout. Personally, it works best simply to Boost alertness levels, but for gym focus and strength, leave this one in the locker.
  • Increased Energy
  • Great Taste
  • Slight Crash Effects
  • Slightly Expensive
Rep: +15
Trust: 30%
  March 13, 2011

This was my first experience with Endorush. Mind you I have had other pre workout energy drinks such as FRS Health energy, Meltdown and Redline to name a few. I actually purchased a case of Meltdown and had very good results. However Endorush is a pre-workout energy drink i would not recommend.

*Please note that i took this before drinking alcohol however I have also taken other workout energy drinks the same way (before drinking) and I have had positive/ intended results.

I was a little tired upon drinking half of the bottle and instantly i felt even more tired almost falling asleep a few different times. The taste was merely "meh," as well as left a bad aftertaste for quite sometime. For the hour or two after my mouth was continuously dry and I was very thirsty. Another thing i did not like about the drink was the ingredient list was not on the label and was nowhere to be found. Of course they listed the nutrients but i like to read the labels and ingredients of beverages i am drinking.

My personal experience with this drink was not good and I would rate it the lowest on the totem pole of other pre workout energy drinks. I should have just got a sugar-free Red Bull and i probably would have been better off.

I do not recommend!
    • Dehydrated Feeling
    • Crash Upon Drinking
    • No Energy
    • Did Not List Ingredients
    Rep: +508
    Trust: 100%
      October 9, 2010

    ZOMG!! SO GOOD!!
    I decided I don't like preworkouts because they tend to upset my stomach so I switched to energy drinks. I started off with xenergy, tried sugar free rockstar, sugar free Monster, Redline (second best), but this stuff rocks the kazbaa.

    Taste isnt too bad. The way I would describe it (I've only had the orange and the blue raspberry) is a watered down 5 hour energy. It still has that bite that those do, but it doesnt make me cringe.

    Effectiveness: VERY effective. I only have to drink half of one of these for my workouts, and sometimes an eighth of one when I'm trying to study. These give me good mental focus, vascularity, help get me in my zone and really just do what a good preworkout should do. All this without creatine or any gastrointestinal upset that I can notice. I poo without fail though after each one of these...take that as you wish.

    Value isn't amazing. It's about as good as most energy drinks. One bottle of this costs double what most energy drinks do, but there's 4 servings in one bottle, or two for me. So the value isnt great, but it's bearable. This is really the only reason I even considered giving it a maybe.

    Overall I would say this is a good product. I REALLY do not like that the energy blend is a proprietary one, but BSN are d!cks so that's bound to happen. Label aside, they really hit the nail on the head with this product.
    • Increased Energy
    • Mental Focus
    • Clean Energy
    • Slightly Expensive
    • Sharp Taste
    Rep: +4,007
    Trust: 100%

      March 29, 2010

    I have been taking Jack3d for the past 5 months but i ran out. Took 2 weeks off pre-workout supps and caffein and then i decided to give this a shot since i didnt wanna buy a whole tub of jack3d just yet. Got off work, went to GNC, got one for three bucks with my gold card. It says on the lid "caution, 4 servings!" so i read the directions and all that and i just went ahead and took 2 servings worth. Took about a half hour to kick in and then i jumped into my bi, tri, and cardio workout (2 hours). Endorush gave me clean energy, no jitters. Jack3d is the clean energy mackdaddy of course but i dont think you can go wrong with this product. About 2 hours after my workout i did feel some slight crash effects but nothing that made me wanna kill myself or anything like that. The taste was excellent. I got Fruit Punch Fix and found myself wanting to keep drinking the 2nd half of the bottle. Keep in mind, this does not contain creatine like most pre workout supps. So any of you youngins out there who wanna take pre workout stims and probably are not old enough to take creatine, maybe this is the one for you. All in all i think BSN did a pretty decent job with this. Unfortunately, they fail to make my margin in any other of their supplement categories besides Pre Workouts. This and N.O. Xplode is all they got in my opinion.
    • Increased Energy
    • Mental Focus
    • Clean Energy
    • Great Taste
    • Slight Crash Effects
    Rep: +1,899
    Trust: 100%
      August 16, 2009

    I like to use this stuff before i do a long cardio session, gives me good energy and endurance! I wouldn't use it before a weightlifting session though, it doesn't give you a pump or anything like that. It has a lot better vitamin profile that any other energy drink. The only bad thing is you only get 4 servings per bottle so its a lil pricey.

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