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Beta-Alanine Reviews


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Beta-Alanine is a Beta-Alanine Product manufactured by BSN. It helps increase carnosine levels, which helps buffer lactic acid and increase muscle endurance by decreasing the 'burn' during exercise. This increse in endurance can translate to increased muscle mass and strength.
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  September 6, 2016

  • Decent Value
  • Little To No Tingling Feeling
  • Only Unflavored
  • Not Effective


I've used plenty of supplements in the past years that've included beta-alanine in it and have become fond of the effects and itchy feeling that comes with taking it, so I frequently buy beta-alanine on its own to side supplement my pre-workouts that either don't contain it or have inadequate amounts.

Ingredient Profile

Carn+ Blend (Beta-Alanine, Beta-Alanine HCL) 3.6g: BSN apparently decided to take a slightly different approach when formulating this new beta-alanine supplement by combining two separate forms of beta-alanine. Beta-alanine is a commonly used supplement for its muscular endurance enhancing capabilities. It does this by being converted into carnosine after it's ingested (probably why it's commonly known as CarnoSyn). Carnosine acts as an acid buffer in the body which helps neutralize pH dropping levels in the body during exercises. By keeping the pH from dropping, it can offer protection from exercised-induced lactic acid production. Lactic acid build-up leads to that unbearable muscular pain feeling you get during intense exercise and since beta-alanine is able to delay that activity, you will be able to get a bit more exercise in before the lactic acid reaches threshold levels.


I believe that only flavor that's available for this supplement is flavorless, so flavor can't reliably be rated for that reason. It does mix well with any liquid and is dosed at the proper amount of 3.6g with clinical doses ranging from 2-5g.


I think that BSN's focus with this supplement was that a blend of two different but essentially the same ingredient must be better then one isolated form of one or the other. I personally don't believe the inclusion of the Beta-Alanine HCl was a wise choice in this product. When I take this supplement I don't get the tingling feeling that I normally get with normal beta-alanine and I also feel like my muscular endurance isn't quite as great either, though this may be a placebo effect. Just observing the supplement price drops for this item in a short period may confirm my theory though. This product was originally on sale earlier this year for $26 and is now extremely easy to find online for $13. The $13 price tag is also extremely cheap compared to any other pure beta-alanine supplement, which leads me to believe that this product was a dud.


It's a great value for beta-alanine, but when you add in the special blend that few people will likely realize until they take it for a while, I believe it's an OK deal for its price point, but definitely not the steal of a deal it may appear to be at first.

Side Effects

Temporary tingling feeling (paresthesia) throughout the body after ingestion.


Beta-alanine is a great supplement in its own right with plenty of legitimate clinical research to back up its exercise enhancing claims. I think it should be a staple supplement for anyone that is trying to get the best bang for their buck on consistent supplements that don't break the bank, but don't let that thrifty behavior blind you from the deceptive nature of this product. BSN Beta-Alanine is a decent supplement that I feel lacks on effectiveness because of its inclusion of Beta-Alanine HCl, so I would recommend others to stick with other beta-alanine products that utilize the plain old beta-alanine (CarnoSyn). At the end of the day your supplemental choices should be made with your brain and not purely by your wallet and more times then not in the supplement world if the price looks too good to be true it's because it is.

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