VMI Sports® Major Mass™ Lean Protein Gainer Reviews

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Major Mass™ Lean Protein Gainer Reviews
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About Major Mass™ Lean Protein Gainer

Made and sold by VMI Sports, Major Mass Lean Mass Gainer is a “specialized 20:30:10 ratio” blend of protein, carbohydrates and “healthy fats”. It is designed to help users get enough macronutrients to increase lean muscle mass.

Major Mass’s “Mass Muscle Building” is a blend several proteins. Its purpose is to give users the “essential nutrients” they need to enhance muscle growth.

The product’s “Multi-Phase Carb Blend” mixes many different carbohydrates with “moderate to low” glycemic index. Both carbohydrates and fats are included to help users achieve a calorie surplus, which in turn could allow them to gain more muscle.