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About TwinLab

Founded by David and Jean Blechman in 1968, Twinlab is now based in Hauppauge,  New York.

The company’s name derives from the couple’s two sets of twin sons. Twinlab began life when the family started making a protein shake from their garage.

Despite these humble beginnings, sales of Twinlab protein shakes began to soar when Dr Robert Linn recommended the daily use of liquid protein in his book “The Last Chance Diet — When Everything Else Has Failed: Dr. Linn's Protein-Sparing Fast Program”.

IdeaSphere Inc bought Twinlab Laboratories Inc, Twinlab Corp and Twin Laboratories (UK) Ltd for $65 million in 2003. In August 2014, Twinlab CEO, Tom Tolworthy partnered with the Capstone Financial Group to buy out Twin Lab for $130 million.

In addition to making products under its own name, the Twinlab Corporation also owns the brands Metabolife (energy and diet products) and Alvita (herbal teas), and Reserveage Nutrition (beauty and wellness).

Twinlab conducts contract manufacturing, packaging and labeling through its NutraScience Labs brand, which is based in Farmingdale, New York.  The company’s manufacturing facility is in American Fork, Utah. This facility is FDA registered and complies with current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP). Twinlab also runs a research and development facility in Grand Rapids, Michigan.   

Products using the Twinlab brand name are split into different categories: “Pre-Natal”, “Sports & Fitness”, “Daily Nutrition”, “Multivitamins/Minerals, and “Specialty Formulas”.

In the Sports & Fitness range, customers will find supplements for muscle growth, recovery, energy, and sexual health. 

Twinlab’s best seller is perhaps REAAL, to which the brand marketing refers as “the original essential amino acid muscle multiplier”. In online reviews, several customers give glowing reviews of this product.

Yohimbe Fuel 8.0 is another big seller in the Twinlab range. The brand markets this herbal formula to promote “stamina and energy” and to “support healthy sexual function”.