Transparent Labs Betaine Anhydrous Reviews

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Betaine Anhydrous Reviews
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About Betaine Anhydrous

Transparent Labs Betaine Anhydrous is part of the manufacturer’s Rawseries line. The brand website, the product offers a “multitude of muscle building benefits”.

As the name of this product suggests, this single-ingredient formula features betaine anhydrous (2.5g per serving). Also known as trimethylglycine, this choline metabolite is said to help increase “muscle endurance”, “force”, “power” and “strength”.

The manufacturer also states that betaine anhydrous may raise the “total repetitions and volume load” during compound exercises (those that work multiple muscle groups at once).

This supplement does not contain artificial sweeteners, colors, or preservatives. It is also free from gluten and GMO. There are 200 servings in each 500g container.