Transparent Labs Beta-Alanine Reviews

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Beta-Alanine Reviews
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About Beta-Alanine

Transparent Labs Beta-Alanine is part of the manufacturer’s Rawseries line. It is sold as a way to boost athletic performance.

As highlighted by its name, this product contains beta-alanine – its sole ingredient. According to the Transparent Labs website, beta-alanine may help the body produce carnosine, which in turn is said to “block the acid that makes your muscles sore”.

As a result, the modified amino acid is thought to help boost muscular endurance, raise strength, increase lean mass and even reduce fat mass.

Transparent Labs Beta-Alanine is unflavored and each 300g tub provides 100 servings. The product is free from artificial colors, sweeteners and preservatives, as well as GMO and gluten.