The Genius Brand Genius Sleep Aid Reviews

Genius Sleep Aid Reviews
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About Genius Sleep Aid

Genius Sleep Aid is a night-time sleep formula manufactured by The Genius Brand. It was formulated to help the user get to sleep faster, while relieving “stress and anxiety”.

The sleep aid contains five ingredients: L-glycine, L-theanine (as TheaKalm®), rutaecarpine, inositol and melatonin.

According to The Genius Brand, L-glycine could help reduce “next-day fatigue”. L-theanine is thought to reduce anxiety, promote relaxation and improve sleep quality. The manufacturer also says rutaecarpine might help remove “caffeine from the body” and lead to “better sleep”.

The product is free from artificial flavors, dyes, sweeteners, banned substances, proprietary blends and “unnecessary” fillers.

Each tub of Genius Sleep Aid contains 40 vegetarian capsules (20 servings).